Supaman Goes To Google

Posted By Paul G March 15th, 2015 Last Updated on: March 15th, 2015

It has been a year since Christian Takes Gun Parrish aka Supaman released his video “Prayer Loop Song” that spread like wildfire throughout Native country and around the world. Since then Michelle Rodriguez from the movie Fast and the Furious has shared it, along with professional athletes and world renowned websites such as upworthy.com There's no doubt that a buzz was created and has opened many doors and opportunities for the Apsaalooke fancy dancer from Crow Agency Mt.

We recently caught up with him in the middle of his tour titled the “I Rap for Change Tour” and learned that Google had found out he was in the area performing at UC Berkeley and invited him to their headquarters in San Francisco to perform for some of their employees. They told him that he was the first Native American to have performed for the company. “It was a great honor to represent Native people in a positive way there, and I hope they will continue with acknowledging Native talent and just Native people in general” Supaman said. You can keep up with the hip hop artist/comedian touring around the country this spring and summer. Be on the lookout for a new cd which is in the works scheduled to be released this year.

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Thurman Balchinclowing

Where does one find the Supaman Google theme?

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