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Category Name Place


JR. Girl's Fancy Nicole Dashner 1


JR. Girl's Fancy Avery Sutherland 2


JR. Girl's Fancy Francesca Pheasant 3


JR. Girl's Fancy Lashawnee Myo 4


JR. Girl's Fancy Noelani Wilson 5


JR. Girl's Jingle Acadna Soloman 1


JR. Girl's Jingle Isabelle Wilson 2


JR. Girl's Jingle Seirra Doxtaor 3


JR. Girl's Jingle Rane Naponse 4


JR. Girl's Jingle Delia Proham 5


JR. Girl's Traditional Clarty Smoke 1


JR. Girl's Traditional Dana Lewis 2


JR. Boy's Fancy Mashton Newashish 1


JR. Boy's Fancy Chaske Hill 2


JR. Boy's Grass TheLand Kicknosway 1


JR. Boy's Grass Sikomik Boivim 2


JR. Boy's Grass Tristan Dreaver 3


JR. Boy's Traditional Creed Big Mountain 1


JR. Boy's Traditional Marlon Wemigans 2


JR. Boy's Traditional Warick Newashin 3


JR. Boy's Traditional Trystan Poulin 4


Women's Golden Age Bernice Montour 1


Women's Golden Age Brenda Thomas -GATTO 2


Men's Golden Age Mike Dashiner 1


Men's Golden Age Dennis Francis 2


Men's Golden Age Bill Constant 3


Teen Girl's Fancy Kristen Martin 1


Teen Girl's Fancy Leti'tsionn'juni Pompana 2


Teen Girl's Fancy Christie Saulis 3


Teen Girl's Fancy Anie Wemigans 4


Teen Girl's Jingle Tarlynn Tone- Pah- Hote 1


Teen Girl's Jingle Emily Meeches 2


Teen Girl's Jingle Seven Big Mountain 3


Teen Girl's Jingle Sabrina Trudeau 4


Teen Girl's Jingle Angel Armstrong 5


Teen Boy's Fancy Jacob Martin 1


Teen Boy's Fancy Tyler Dashne 2


Teen Boy's Fancy Adran Trudeau 3


Teen Boy's Fancy James Saulis 4


Teen Boy's Grass Miles Sutherland 1


Teen Boy's Grass Destin Smoke 2


Teen Boy's Grass Wyatt Bell 3


Teen Boy's Grass Semmee Bondy 4


Teen Boy's Grass Carlos Wemgwans 5


Teen Boy's Traditional Preston (Buddy) Tone – Pah 1


Teen Boy's Traditional Mathew Sohkabewisens 2


Teen Boy's Traditional Wabam Boivim 3


Teen Boy's Traditional Colton Trudeau 4


JR. Women's Fancy Katy Isnock 1


JR. Women's Fancy Denne Hopfield 2


JR. Women's Fancy Amanda Larock 3


JR. Women's Fancy Pamela Soloman 4


JR. Women's Fancy Jullian Sutherland 5


JR. women's Jingle Tona Jo Hall 1


JR. women's Jingle Lisa Lavailee 2


JR. women's Jingle Winter Opxlator 3


JR. women's Jingle Sophie Pheasant 4


JR. women's Jingle Shannon ManiTobabi 5


JR. Women's Traditional Khadljah Meeches 1


JR. Women's Traditional Sara Loft 2


JR. Women's Traditional Stehanie Pongowish 3


JR. Women's Traditional Lynn Smoke 4


JR. Women's Traditional Sarah Obey 5


JR. Men's Fancy Nigel Skyler 1


JR. Men's Fancy Paskwa Lightining 2


JR. Men's Fancy Sampson Sinquah 3


JR. Men's Fancy Scott Sinquah 4


JR. Men's Fancy Jody John 5


JR. Men's Grass Mathew Phesant 1


JR. Men's Grass Joel Omeasoo 2


JR. Men's Grass Qunton Wilson 3


JR. Men's Grass Crag Issac 4


JR. Men's Grass John Hopfield 5


JR. Men's Traditional Dwight Little John 1


JR. Men's Traditional Lenland Red Eagle 2


JR. Men's Traditional Shady Hafey 3


JR. Men's Traditional Gabriel Whiteduck 4


JR. Men's Traditional Mackenzie Otter Eyes Eag 5


SR. Women's Fancy Mariette Sutherland 1


SR. Women's Fancy Selina Cada Masawagon 2


SR. Women's Fancy Naomi Martin 3


SR. Women's Jingle Katrna Fisher 1


SR. Women's Jingle Cheryl Redeagle 2


SR. Women's Jingle Vicki Monitour 3


SR. Women's Jingle Noreen sack 4


SR. Women's Jingle Lisa Charette 5


SR. Womans Traditional Malane Tone- PAH- HOTE 1


SR. Womans Traditional Patrisha Smoke 2


SR. Womans Traditional Alanna Trudeau 3


SR. Mens Fancy Derek Martin 1


SR. Mens Fancy Tobb Wilson 2


SR. Mens Fancy Michael Julian 3


SR. Mans Grass Moontee Sinqujah 1


SR. Mans Grass Steven Pelter 2


SR. Mens Traditional Preston Tone- Pah- Note 1


SR. Mens Traditional Bruce Smoke 2


SR. Mens Traditional Lee hannigan 3+

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