Summer Giveaway – Enter to Win Pendleton Blankets

Posted By Paul G August 13th, 2018 Blog

Last month we gave away a Pendleton blanket.

The response to the giveaway was amazing with several thousand people entering for a chance to win.

So this month we are going to do it again….but double!

2 Pendleton Blankets!

Thanks to our friends at Pendleton!

Enter to win below – we are giving away 2 Pendleton Blankets.

You have a chance to win either of these two blankets:

American Indian College Fund Blanket

Celebrate the Horse Blanket

Open to people in the US and Canada only.

Sponsored by Pendleton

Gathering of Nations Buckskin Dancing Video

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65 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway – Enter to Win Pendleton Blankets

    • To be Native is to have one drop of blood..but to prove who you are requires no blood but lots of paperwork…i would rather give blood 🙁 i cant prove to anyone

    • Alisha Joseph says:

      I will be ordering my ancestry DNA. What I do know is I am of the Cherokee Indians. I love meditating to native American sounds and my favorite is Woman’s Song. It would be nice to win a blanket that I can pass down to my children.


      I would like to win a PENDLETON blanket . The blanket look to be soft and comfortable.

  1. Crystal says:

    My amazing people I love watching and going to powwows . Thank you for going live .

  2. Crystal says:

    My amazing people thank you for going live I love watching and going to powwows ..

  3. Lil Lu dy says:

    So love going to Powwows- it’s been a long time since ive been to one, but will always remember the strength i felt from their songs & drums

  4. Lynda L. Faber says:

    I would love to win one those beautiful Pendleton Blankets!! It would mean a lot to me, as when i was in my 20’s, i was on the Reservations in S.D. for church work with kids! I spent one Summer there. It was one of the Greatest experiences of my life!!

  5. Hopefully, this how you sign up!
    P makes the most excellent blankets I have ever seen. I have been at some trading posts where they have blankets going back to Pendeltons first production blankets. VERY OLD! VERY EXPENSIVE!

  6. Sherry Horn says:

    I love Pendleton blankets. I have a couple of the National Park series. I would love to win another blanket.

  7. I’ve never seen a Pendleton Blanket in person, but I’ve always heard of the Pendleton name. Both of the blankets shown above are very nice looking. I would be thrilled to win either of them.

  8. Barbara Antez says:

    I would like a Pendleton blanket. I never had a Pendleton blanket before.

  9. CJ Bradshaw-Utt says:

    I have owned Pendleton blankets since I can remember. I still have the one I got when I was 6 years old. It is still beautiful and warm!

  10. Theresa Coulter says:

    I would love a blanket to keep and cherish as a reminder of our heritage.

  11. Kathryn McClure says:

    I am very glad to have the chance to enter the drawing for the giveaway!

  12. My heart just stopped when I saw the Beautiful Native American blankets exhibiting their passion for sharing with us all. An example of truly gifted culture surviving the tests of time.

  13. Audrey Hamberg says:

    I just found a brother that is half native. Mike just found out that he is half native and is interested in finding out about the culture of his native side

  14. David Koch says:

    I could sure use a couple of Pendleton Blankets since the Cowlitz Tribe are my people and gave away personal design blankets to all members but some of us got screwed out of enrollment, I being one of the few who’s mother is enrolled along with my brother (same amount of blood) and that also doesn’t allow me to enroll my child.

  15. Sheila Christensen says:

    Pendleton plaid shirts were adored for the men in our lives the past few decades.

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