Sturgeon Lake Pow Wow 2014

Posted By Becky Hope August 13th, 2014 Last Updated on: August 13th, 2014

Category Name Place
JR. Girl's Jingle Cree Delorme 1
JR. Girl's Jingle Daisy Speidel 2
JR. Girl's Jingle Kaydence Benson 3
JR. Girl's Jingle Omiyisow Warren 4
JR. Girl's Jingle Cia Sutherland 5
JR. Girl's Fancy Kisa Chamakese 1
JR. Girl's Fancy Jenna Kaiswatum 2
JR. Girl's Fancy Kaylin Delorime 3
JR. Girl's Fancy Harmony Special 4
JR. Girl's Fancy Nih- Tanis Dustyhorn 5
JR. Girl's Traditional Jacey Chamakese 1
JR. Girl's Traditional Sistene Yuzicappi 2
JR. Girl's Traditional Danisha Harris 3
JR. Girl's Traditional Emily Lavallee 4
JR. Girl's Traditional Gracie Dustyhorn 5
JR. Boy's Fancy Linden Gamble 1
JR. Boy's Fancy Dawson Gamble 2
JR. Boy's Fancy Vincet Obey 3
JR. Boy's Fancy Brent Keenatch 4
JR. Boy's Fancy RJ. Standing 5
JR. Boy's Grass Raynen Micnab 1
JR. Boy's Grass Rande;;. JR Strongarm 2
JR. Boy's Grass Xander Des Jaraus 3
JR. Boy's Grass Eli Dreaver 4
JR. Boy's Grass Louie Mcadam 5
JR. Boy's Traditional Jericho Constant 1
JR. Boy's Traditional Chaske Daniels 2
JR. Boy's Traditional Blazing Sky Carrier 3
JR. Boy's Traditional Isaiah Mcnab 4
JR. Boy's Traditional Bison Mcnab 5
JR. Boy's Chicken Boomer Keewatin 1
JR. Boy's Chicken Kean Littlechild 2
JR. Boy's Chicken Nazuund Friday Goodwill 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Isiah Kaiswatum 4
JR. Boy's Chicken 986 5
Women's Golden Age Melinda Goodwill 1
Women's Golden Age Linda Standing 2
Women's Golden Age Virgina Dreaver 3
Women's Golden Age Teresa Bradfeld 4
Women's Golden Age Sharon Severight 5
Men's Golden Age Elyn Nicotine 1
Men's Golden Age Laughing Horse Beardy 2
Men's Golden Age Bruce Thurnderchild 3
Men's Golden Age Dexter Asapace 4
Men's Golden Age Frank Asapace 5
Teen Girl's Fancy Cheyenne Finday 1
Teen Girl's Fancy Prairie Rose Littletent 2
Teen Girl's Fancy Suraya Yuzicapi 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Shanna Baptiste 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Carolyn Daniels 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Taylor Fineday 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Kiara Pahtaykan 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Dominique Kaiswatum 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Payton Swiftwolfe 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Jolene Creely 5
Teen Girl's Traditional Tansha Pahtaykan 1
Teen Girl's Traditional Shalyn Poorman 2
Teen Girl's Traditional Faith Goodstriker 3
Teen Girl's Traditional Jessica Kaiswatum 4
Teen Girl's Traditional Jessica Friday 5
Teen Boy's Fancy Darrell Bretton 1
Teen Boy's Fancy Keanu Noon 2
Teen Boy's Fancy Byron Nballantyne 3
Teen Boy's Grass CJ Kaiswatum 1
Teen Boy's Grass Eljah Poorman 2
Teen Boy's Grass Treian Whitehead 3
Teen Boy's Grass Dwayne Moostoos 4
Teen Boy's Grass Dallon Yuzicapi 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Duelly Littlesky 1
Teen Boy's Traditional Dane Sutherland 2
Teen Boy's Traditional Brendan Joeseph 3
Teen Boy's Traditional Bobby Badger JR 4
Teen Boy's Traditional Terrance moosehunter 5
Teen Boy's chicken Brayden Severight 1
Teen Boy's chicken Kirby Buffalo 2
Teen Boy's chicken Waylon Mcnab 3
Teen Boy's chicken kehew Buffalo 4
Teen Boy's chicken Mathew Dreaver 5
JR. Women's fancy Tshanna Baptise 1
JR. Women's fancy Nadine Obey 2
JR. Women's fancy Kaitlyn Mcarthur 3
JR. Women's fancy Shannon Chamakese 4
JR. Women's fancy Tianna Bradfield 5
JR. Women's Jingle Cyrina Bull 1
JR. Women's Jingle Dabney Warren 2
JR. Women's Jingle Alice Fineday 3
JR. Women's Jingle Amanda Ironstar 4
JR. Women's Jingle Kyle Sanderson 5
JR. Women's traditional Meguan Oksasikewyn 1
JR. Women's traditional Tamara Bradfield 2
JR. Women's traditional Cree Sanderson 3
JR. Women's traditional Sage Speidel 4
JR. Women's traditional Sunshine Dreaver 5
JR. Men's Fancy River Thunderchild 1
JR. Men's Fancy Jarret Whitefish 2
JR. Men's Fancy Quannah Henry 3
JR. Men's Fancy Dustin Stringarm 4
JR. Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 1
JR. Men's Grass Ira Mcnab 2
JR. Men's Grass Jesse Osawamk 3
JR. Men's Grass Bradley Goodwill 4
JR. Men's Grass Aj Redman 5
JR. Men's Traditional Kirk Gamble 1
JR. Men's Traditional Marcuis Mcadam 2
JR. Men's Traditional Moses Carrier 3
JR. Men's Traditional Nathaniel Deegan 4
JR. Men's Traditional Brad Duquette 5
JR. Men's Chicken Alwyn Foureyes 1
JR. Men's Chicken T.J Warren 2
JR. Men's Chicken Jake Stonechild 3
JR. Men's Chicken Lance Mcnabb 4
JR. Men's Chicken Douglas Morn 5
Sr. Womens Fancy Melissa Tootoosis 1
Sr. Womens Fancy Yvette Duquette 2
Sr. Womens Fancy Gna Daniels 3
Sr. Womens Fancy Lisa Ewack 4
Sr. Womens Fancy Amanda Woodward 5
Sr. Womans Traditional Raylene Medicine Rope 1
Sr. Womans Traditional Andrea Redman 2
Sr. Womans Traditional Nadine Deegan 3
Sr. Womans Traditional Melody Goodstriker 4
Sr. Womans Traditional Dawn Mcadam 5
Sr. Mens fancy Sim Thunderchild 1
Sr. Mens fancy Donnie Spediel 2
Sr. Mens fancy Lawrence Piche 3
Sr. Mens fancy Travis Thunderchild 4
Sr. Mens Grass Terrance Goodwill 1
Sr. Mens Grass Ron Mcnab 2
Sr. Mens Grass Jeff Downing 3
Sr. Mens Grass Elvis Cyr 4
Sr. Mens Traditional Conrad Medicine Rope 1
Sr. Mens Traditional Denzel Chief 2
Sr. Mens Traditional Partick Mcnab 3
Sr. Mens Traditional Alden Pompana 4
Sr. Mens Traditional Steven Jim 5
Sr. Mens chicken Kevin Buffalo 1
Sr. Mens chicken Bobby Badger 2
Sr. Mens chicken Claude Friday 3
Sr. Mens chicken Paul Partridge 4
Sr. Womens Jingle Sharlene Swiftwolf 1
Sr. Womens Jingle Memory Delorme- Antoine 2
Sr. Womens Jingle Michelle Sanderson 3
Sr. Womens Jingle Jolene Redman 4
Sr. Womens Jingle Delores Bradfield 5

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Hey brent sup ha Good dancer lol

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