Stop Apache Land Grab!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown December 9th, 2014 Last Updated on: December 11th, 2014

Photo via Arizona Mining Reform Coalition

Photo via Arizona Mining Reform Coalition

This made me so angry when I read about it last week. According to reports from multiple sources, a recent defense bill was hiding a provision that would grant an illegal land swap near Superior, Arizona, so foreign company Rio Tinto PLC could mine copper.

Nicole Nesberg created a petition at WhiteHouse.GOV to stop the transfer of land. From the petition:

Resolution Copper — a Rio Tinto venture with BHP Billiton Ltd. — would be given more than 2,000 acres of federal land in return for more than 5,000 acres of company land.

Conservation advocates and American Indian groups, particularly the San Carlos Apache Tribe, have for years been trying to block the swap, saying the mine would damage natural resources and culturally sensitive areas. A site called Apache Leap in the Tonto National Forest has been of particular concern.

I don't know how well these petitions work, but I'm signing!


The Senate is set to vote on the National Defense Authorization Act this week and it is expected to pass.

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Susan ( Sunrize) Bell

The government has not kept any treaties with the Natives. They will take what they want and we all be dammed. but only until “the grass no longer grows and the rivers no longer flows.” by then they will still not understand. Spirit help us all.


have a barbecue use them as solid fuel hahaha

running wolf

Am,san Carlos apache,it makes me sick of hearing the government is giving away are land,how much more treaties do the have to break,since the 1800″s to now,let’s put a stop too this…

Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour

B.I.A.= Boss Indians Around. I guess Congress still believes that the “white” race is the only civilized race. I’m white, and though I’m not ashamed to be white, I’m apalled at what a so-called “intelligent” race has done, and is doing to other human beings they consider “inferior”. Where does it say in the white man’s Bible that mankind will persecute and destroy mankind for personal gain? Manifest Destiny my a$$. When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?


Just wanting to understand better. The land is owned by Federal govt? correct? …and the Feds are giving it to Rio Tinto Mining in return for “company land” ?? Not sure what “company land” means or where it’s at. Now, the Apache Indians are protesting this exchange of land, right? because their land borders the Federal lands, right? I’m only asking because I spoke up on the side of the Apache Nation, on FB, and now people are insinuating that someone in the Apache Nation likely set up the sale to the mining company in order to make big bucks. I’m trying to push back against that insinuation with proper information. Anyone?


The land was first stolen in the 1800’s by the US Fed Gov’t when it initially was established as a National Forest as Public Trust land. Since it is public land, the Apache people have had access to it. If it is lost to a private entity they will lose all public access to their original homelands. This is basically the second time this land has been stolen from the Apache people. Now it might be lost to them forever and for good, very sad and troubling.

KeDay Star Dustin

Both Democrat and Republican are marching in goose steps in order to enlarge the pockets of government, but neither party cares anything for The People or The Land … it is what it has always been, and The People and The Land are STILL getting “plucked.” Pun definitely intended. Their plan is, I think, genocide in slow motion.

Someone said that “Republicans and Democrats are right-or-left cheeks on the same butt!”


Time for the Apache tribe to go on the warpath against these greedy Republicans! And scalping any members of the GOP who dare show up on tribal lands works for me!

Francine Parker

The company that has been granted the mining rights Rio Tin Tin is the same company that sell uranium to Iran. I would like to know which republicans have stock in this despicable company.

Mark Kundrick

What does copper mining have to do with defense..Nothing take it out.. Republicans should take a Apache Leap.

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