Stolen Regalia? Learn How to Track Your Items!

Posted By Paul G August 27th, 2017 Last Updated on: August 27th, 2017

Too many times PowWows.com has posted stories about stolen beadwork, missing regalia or stolen feathers.  Our Pow Wow regalia takes hours of time and energy to create and is priceless.  Unfortunately, whenever there is something of value, even on the Pow Wow Trail, there will be someone who wants to take it!

Don’t panic just yet—these things can help you keep track of anything and everything, even bring back your lost or stolen items!


Slightly larger than a coin with three available devices such as the Plus, Clip and Sticker, Chipolo products feature a lightweight disc, Bluetooth technology and a crowd GPS tracker that can be used by downloading the Chipolo app to your Android or iOs phone. Just attach the disc to your wallet, luggage or anything you want to keep track off, pair it through the Bluetooth using your smartphone and press the button in the Chipolo app which will make a loud sound to help you locate your misplaced items.

Current price: $24.95

Trackr Bravo

A coin-sized Bluetooth device to monitor or find your missing valuables using the app distance indicator. To use, simply download the Trackr Bravo app to your iOS or Android smartphone, attach it to your important items and open the app to start tracking or locating your missing stuff. It has a specific button for anything you want to track so you can choose a default name for the item you've linked it to.

Current price: $24.99


Another awesome tracking gizmo for iOS smartphones to keep an eye on your valuables or locate your missing items using your phone or other phones. Comes with a well-designed tile-like appearance, with almost a size of your keys, this lost-and-found gadget features a passive network allowing other tile apps to anonymously look for your lost item in case yours doesn’t work through the help of the Tile community.

Current price: $24.75


Comes with three finder tools; Finder, Honey and Stone, Pebblebee is a sleek and small Bluetooth enabled tracker you can attach to any items you don't want to lose. Boasting individual features for each finder, you can expect longest tracking range, a convenient button for your smart devices and through the app, you can trigger the tracker to beep or light up.

Current price: $29.99

Lugloc Luggage Locator

When traveling, one of our biggest worries is our luggage. When it fails to appear at the baggage claim area, you're guaranteed a day full of hassle and stress. To avoid that from happening, make sure you have a Lugloc luggage locator at hand. Lugloc features 15 days tracking service in just one full charge, giving you more than enough time to enjoy a worry-free trip. Through the Lugloc app, you can track your belongings by simply putting it inside your suitcase and immediately check its location using the app’s map view with the help of its Automatic GPS tracker and Bluetooth proximity.

Current price: $69.99

Duet By Protag

Promising decent range and two-way tracking performance, this super thin Bluetooth tracker works for both an Android and iOS phone with different alert options through a beep or a radar, a Wi-fi zone to keep those alerts from functioning and a map with a crowd-sourced locator to check where the tracker was last recorded. Definitely, it’s a stylish and efficient way to keep track of your personal items.

Current price: $45.81

Bluesmart Series 2

Bluesmart is an advanced luggage system that offers a secure and well-monitored travel case for smart travelers which can be controlled using your Android or iOS smartphone app that is connected to the case through a Bluetooth technology. This second generation Bluesmart product also features a suitcase that you can personalize with a name and an international travel adapter to ensure power connectivity anywhere. Indeed, a clever investment if you’re looking for a reliable item finder and a quality suitcase in one.

Current price: $249.00


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Craig Apelbaum

Stealing is wrong.

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