Stereotype Proved incorrect: Natives drink LESS than European Americans

Posted By PowWow Articles September 25th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

There has been a perpetuated stereotype that Native Americans drink alcohol more than European Americans. This stereotype dates back to the introduction of colonialism in North America.

A study conducted by The University of Arizona's Family and Community Medicine dept, as well as the Native American Research and Training Center, found that Natives had LOWER comparable rates to that of European Americans.

From Raw Story:

The study helps to shatter the notion that Native Americans are genetically more susceptible to alcoholism than other groups. In a 2015 article explaining how the violent colonial occupation of North America contributed to alcoholism among Native Americans, Influence columnist Maia Szalavitz dissected the popular narrative that European colonizers introduced indigenous people to booze and widespread alcoholism followed, due to their supposed genetic susceptibility.

Study can be found here.

Check out the rest of the shared article with Rawstory.

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