“Spunky Squaw” refuses to change boutique’s racist name despite outcry!

“Spunky Squaw” refuses to change boutique’s racist name despite outcry!

There is an account on Instagram that is causing a lot of pain and emotional labor in Indian country.

Yes, there are major issues we are dealing with, but this one is also important because it is targeting Native Women specifically to profit, and uses a term that is dehumanizing and hurtful.


This one hits me personally, several of my friends and I worked very hard trying to educate this woman about why her choice of Boutique name was not ok.

Hours and hours of careful conversation (because if she got too mad, she'd block us..) to try to help her to see why the term that may have started as an Algonquin word for “woman”, had transformed into a racist slur equatable with “Redskins.”

The request was NOT for her business to be shut down, but that she would consider a name and logo change.

The owner Brooke Adams has taken to social media multiple times to defend her brand and has even accused Natives of harassing her.

She states:

“I have been targeted by a hate group because they are offended by the name of my boutique, The Spunky Squaw. When I came up with the name, I took so much time in making sure it was different, not trendy, and something I appreciated,” Adams said in her statement on Facebook. “There is absolutely no derogatory meaning in the word ‘squaw.’”

This despite being informed by hundreds of people that the term was IN FACT very offensive.


To read more about the recent development you can read an article from Patheos here.

Update – November 2, 2018

The Navajo nation has issued a cease and desist order for all references to their trademarked material.




11 Comments on ““Spunky Squaw” refuses to change boutique’s racist name despite outcry!”

    • Avatar for Christopher Smith

      Christopher Smith


      Somebody step up and confront this issue. Reporting to facebook or whatever doesn’t do a damn thing. All the publicity has only increased her sales and name.
      Another case of cultural appropriation

  • Avatar for carol craig

    carol craig


    The term used by the newcomers and what it meant to ‘them’ is what she is!

  • Avatar for Sea



    Keep reporting her for her use of any and all native designs and keep the attention on the fact that she is deliberately using an offensive and discriminatory term which in this day and age is equal to banning of “the -N-word” during the time of the Civil Rights movement in the States. She NEEDS to get her ducks in a line or theres going to be serious consequences to her stubborn and idiotic attitude. She is obviously too young and stupid to know whats best for herself.

  • Avatar for Irene



    Can we find real issues to argue about? Stop this racist crap, we all have hearts that beat the same, the color of our skin does not define who we are. We have elderly and vets that need help, we have homelessness, we have hunger, we have crime…pick a fight for something that matters…who cares about the name of her business, people who don’t like it can simple not support it, eventually she’ll get the hint or go bankrupt.

    • Avatar for Shana Siddle

      Shana Siddle


      Wow your disgraceful

  • Avatar for mary mcgregor

    mary mcgregor


    it is a disgrace she is using the word “Squaw”..it was a White Man`s word for Native Women.and she is actually calling them a “Whore”!!!!!

  • Avatar for Rachel Panther

    Rachel Panther


    I’m with a Osage man and it doesn’t matter what tribe you are in. By calling someone a Squaw is very rude and wrong. I watvhedy better half punch his own friend in the face for calling his grandma a “Squaw” and to this day my better half doesn’t talk to this frienda cause of that. The Najavo is doing the right thing.

  • Avatar for Shelley



    The use of the word Squaw is like calling a Native American woman a whore ! Highly insulting !

  • Avatar for Brooke Grimes

    Brooke Grimes


    I think it is sad that this young “lady” sees nothing racial/offensive in this term.
    It is also sad that she thinks that our voicing our concerns /hurt to her is equivalent to “being attacked by a hate group”.
    At one point I believe she stated that she made sure she used a name that wasn’t offensive & how much she cares for our culture.
    Personally, I don’t think she cares one bit about how anyone feels! Which is why this country will always be divided & hate will continue…people who JUST DONT CARE!😔

  • Avatar for Project TANASI

    Look – if she wants to be known as the Sexually Attractive (yes, Spunky means that in Australia and New Zealand) Vajay-jay… Let her.

    I think the Navajo Nation is doing the right thing by pursuing her through the court system. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have to face the consequences.

    With a lack of $$ coming in and a lot of $$ going out due to the courts – it won’t belong and she will fold.

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