Songs of Serenity: A review of PATHWAYS OF DESTINY by Louie Gonnie

Posted By PowWows.com August 1st, 2013 Last Updated on: August 1st, 2013

Indian Summer Music Award Winner Louie Gonnie dazzles listeners with songs of healing and contemplation on his recent CD, {Pathway to Destiny.  This 2012 release features Gonnie's unique blend of Native American Church prayer songs and his own Navajo tribal origins. “On the road of life, protect us, ” Gonnie sings longingly, “May our hearts be strong each and every day.” This CD evokes the type of  peace and serenity that empowers its audience.

Gonnie sings each part of the harmonies featured in his tunes.  This artist layers English and Navajo lyrics into multiple tracks, which makes each song a multi-layered gem.  Standouts include the title track, “Pathway”, an emotive prayer song that pleads for protection and grace.  Native American flutist Anthony Wakeman joins Gonnie on ” Swirling Smoke”, incorporating traditional flute playing with traditional singing styles.  The beauty of Autumn appears in “Falling Leaves” as Gonnie's mournful vocals stir long dormant thoughts and feelings.

Pathways to Destiny is a fascinating CD. The songs invoke an array of emotions through Louie Gonnie's intricate vocals and impressive singing.  Ultimately, this CD achieves its stated goal by providing thoughtful songs that minister to the soul.


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