Sneak Peek: The Jingle Dress Movie

Sneak Peek: The Jingle Dress Movie

Back in October we talked about a movie that was in production called The Jingle Dress, with an expected release date of Fall 2014. It looks like the movie had a debut screening this past weekend a sold-out crowd at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival!

Here's a quick synopsis from William Eigen about the movie:

John Red Elk hears from his relatives down in Minneapolis that his Uncle Norton is dead and vows to go to the big city to find out what really happened to him. At its heart, “The Jingle Dress” is a contemporary story of a Native American family that moves from their rural home on the reservation in northern Minnesota to the faster paced urban environment of Minneapolis. We follow the Red Elk family as they experience city culture through their unvarnished perspective, as well as gain insight into their Indigenous culture and traditions.

Martha Fast Horse recently sat down and spoke with some of the actors from the film on her radio talk show. Special Guests included Thomas Cain (Red Lake Ojibwe), Stacey Thunder (Red Lake Ojibwe), Kasa Del Rey Hohenstein (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe), S'Nya Sanchez-Hohenstein (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe), Mauricimo “Mo” Sanchez-Hohenstein (Standing Rock Sioux Tribe), Kim Walsh (Minnesotan) & Diesel the Pit Bull (Canine/4 legged nation)

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There's no word yet on future screenings, so check back at Jingle Dress Movie on Facebook for more information.

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  • Avatar for Jim McClure

    Jim McClure


    Will this be available on dvd? Nowhere around me shows these type of movies. Most of the native themed movies I have seen I had to purchase, and there are not that many available that I have been able to find.

    • Avatar for donna nesset

      donna nesset


      Try the library. the one I went to .Had a good selection. Of real Native movies. Like Smoke Signals,Hiawatha..

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