Sisseton Veterans Memorial Akicita Wacipi Contest Results

Posted By Paul G November 14th, 2011 Last Updated on: November 14th, 2011

Jr Girls Fancy
Emarie Ironhawk
Charlize Arcoren
Jaylee Recountre
Malia Jacobs
Tianna Wright

Jr Girls Tradtional
Izabella Chaboyea
Alexa Gabbard
Dessa Leftbear
Marice Seaboy
Mya Leftbear

Jr Girls Jingle
Jazz Arcoren
Alice Brown Otter
Lily Mae Smith
Isabel Morales
Sunny Hayes

Jr Boys Fancy
Quentin Cleveland
Tego Warrington
Nathan Lasley
Silas Whitebuffalo
Timmy Gabbard

Jr Boys Grass
Chaske Jacobs
Hunter Street
Quentin Abbey
Tyrin Lasley
Lincoln Kingbird

Jr Boys Traditional
Terran Williams
Micah Cozad
Terry Brown Otter
Ken Big Bear

Teen Girls Fancy
Shelby Morales
Sandi Phillips
Helyna Brinegar
Willow Eastman
Beverly Burshiem

Teen Girls Jingle
Kenna Quick Bear
Lilia Kingbird
Shaylee Pretends Eagle
Jordan Drapeau
Ahtnea Cloud

Teen Girls Traditional
Lelsey Tutalith
Gaby Brinegar
Shannon Hinton
Cante Heminger
Laney Runningwolf

Teen Boys Fancy
Jessup Yazzie
Kasen Street
Koy Bearstail
Sonny Means

Teen Boys Grass
Casey Smith
Nape Fox
Tom Red Tomahawk
Spirit Renville
Davonte Hislaw

Teen Boys Traditional
Cameron Cahaske
Anthony St John-Philbrick
Rueben Crowfeather
Truck Mesteth
Ranen Day Hayes

Womens Fancy
Nahmi Lasley
Kelli LeBeau
Pat Richards
Crystal Cleveland
Codi Highelk

Womens Jingle
Francisca Smith
Ashley Lee
Dianne Derosier
Winona Kingbird
Dionne Jacobs

Womens Traditional
Tosha Goodwill
Lonna Street
Amber Buffalo
Kellie Mae Downwind
Delores Gabbard

Golden Age Women
Donna Pratt
Andrea St John
Delores Hayes
Sandra Blackbear
Fern Cloud

Mens Fancy
Marquel Crawford
Shorty Crawford
Chaske Heminger
Clay Crawford
Dwight White Buffalo

Mens Grass
Wylee Bearstail
Joe Lafferty
Gabe Derosier
Wanbli Charging Eagle
Alfred Seaboy

Mens Traditional
Chaske LeBlanc
Jim Red Eagle
Donovan Abbey
Dana Warrington
Rueben Crowfeather

Golden Age Mens Traditional
Clark Zephier
Bob St John
Super Labatte
Doug Fuhrman
Joe Lufkins

Golden Age Mens Grass
Perry Bobtail Bear

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Kelsey Tortalita

LoL!i just now seen this! Way after the fact but yes my name is spelled really wrong on this site. Its Kelsey Tortalita! Auto correct is normally not my friend. ๐Ÿ˜›

LaRosa Greger

my Anthony St.John ilOveyOuu! and woop woop gO maan

Tracey Iron Road

Teen Girls traditional 1st place winner is Kelsey Tortalita


good evening Mr. fish. I miss erbvyeody. It’ s rain invietnam all day. But I’ m very happy with my grup. pak ka- pow. sorrow and ta pai. I miss you indeed. See you later. beng karn. jub jub.

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