Short Film Focuses on Chemawa Indian School Football Team

Short Film Focuses on Chemawa Indian School Football Team

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown February 6th, 2018 Last Updated on: February 6th, 2018

NFL Films recently filmed the Chemawa Indian School football team in Oregon, and it was inspiring to see how a little perseverance and teamwork can payoff.

Watch the film and see if you're not inspired by these kids.

About Chemewa Indian School

Chemawa Indian School dates back to the 1870's when the U.S. Government authorized a school for Indian children in the Northwest. The official philosophy at that time was to integrate the Indian population into general society through education. Two Indian schools were in operation on the East Coast.

A site was chosen at Forest Grove, on four acres of land rented from Pacific University. Lt. Melville Wilkinson of the U.S. Army and secretary to General O.O. Howard was in charge of the project. $5,000 was provided to start the school. Lt. Wilkinson, with the help of eight Puyallup Indian boys began construction on the buildings in 1880. The initial class of students consisted of fourteen boys and four girls. All the students came from the State of Washington, seventeen of them from the Puyallup Reservation on the Puget Sound and one boy from the Nisqually Reservation. These students were taught blacksmithing, shoe making, carpentering, wagon making, girl's industries and advancement in studies.

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