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Posted By Paul G November 23rd, 2021 Last Updated on: March 16th, 2022

Today on the Pow Wow Life podcast Paul G talks about supporting Native businesses during the holiday season!



Hello, and welcome back to another episode of the Pow Wow Life podcast. I'm Paul G, your host from powwows.com. Thank you, thank you really appreciate you being here for this episode.

Today, I want to talk to you about shopping native, this is the biggest holiday shopping or the biggest shopping week of the year, it's going to be nuts, whether you're going out for Black Friday, or just going to stay in and do it all online. It is a busy week for shopping. And while we're doing that, I want to make sure that we are going to support our native businesses and we shop native. So we'll talk more about that in a minute. But first, I do want to remind you to stay tuned for the end of the show. I have another trivia question for you this week. And you'll be able to enter in win some great prizes if you can get the power trivia question right. And for Native American Heritage Month, we are doing a giveaway from our friends over at eighth generation, we're giving away 12 of their blankets as well as some other great prizes from them. And you can enter to win that over at www.powwows.com/win. But at the end of this episode, I'll give you an exclusive bonus code that only folks listening to this podcast will get. And that'll give you an extra 25 entries into the contest. So stay tuned for the end, and find out how you can get that bonus code.

This past weekend, I was very fortunate to head down to Florida and participate in a conference with other entrepreneurs, there were 50 of us in the room. And it was really exciting to hear from other people about how they're growing their businesses and their communities, the tools, they're using the techniques. I spoke a little bit during the conference, me and a friend Connor Brown, we spoke on email marketing, and how to really help boost your business using email marketing. It's not dead folks. It's not dead. And I'm really getting more into the speaking and business consulting. Because of all the stuff I've been able to do with you guys at powwows.com. So thank you for that. And as an aside, if you are interested in you're starting a business or trying to grow your business, please reach out, I'd be happy to talk to you and help you spread your business. But being in that room, it just reminded me how we all need to support each other. Too often right now that the competitive market people are trying to, to win or to beat other people out. And especially with indigenous businesses, I think we can work together and we can boost each other because together we will be greater. So I want to talk a little bit about some of the places I want to you know, give a shout out to, we have so many great artists and creators, craftspeople, and business owners doing some amazing things out there. So I just want to remember that we all should shop native this week.

Today, actually, I was invited here in my local area by a business group that was recognizing indigenous business here in South Carolina. You know, it been here a long time I grew up in South Carolina. I've been here all my life. And it hasn't always been a very friendly community for indigenous people, and especially in indigenous business. But Marcy Hayden, who works with Native Carolina, she was actually able to work with Governor Henry McMaster. And he declared this week, November 18th and you're listening to this a few days after that. But this week, November 18th, as indigenous Business Week in South Carolina, that's a huge development. It's exciting to see he even here in South Carolina, where we only have one federally recognized tribe that people are starting to recognize the importance and the impact that indigenous business has. So it's pretty exciting to be able to be in a room with some indigenous business owners and entrepreneurs and thanks to Marci she did recognize powwows.com for being a business leader here in the state for so long. It's exciting, you know, to celebrate our 25th anniversary and to get some recognition that other people have taken note of that. So that was awesome. But what I want to talk to you about today is this whole concept of shop native during the pandemic, I created a new part of palace.com and we're still working to develop it more and to get more listings on it. But we developed a new part of our site called shop native, and you can visit it at www.powwows.com/shopnative, and it is a free directory that we're helping and trying to promote other native business owners. And during the pandemic, especially, I knew that many artists and people that depend on shows and powers, and whether it's art shows, or all kinds of different things, they depended on those crowds to sell their goods, and they weren't able to do that, and online is such a great place to do that. So I really wanted to create that kind of resource for them. And here in the new year, in 2022, we're gonna continue to really push that and really promote that and help grow some of these native businesses. So today, I wanted to talk about that. And with Black Friday coming up, Cyber Monday, and all the shopping in between. For The Holidays, be sure that you go out and support our native businesses start over at shop native over how's that gone, that's a great place to start. And it's a good kicking off point. We also just put out our 2021 native Holiday Gift Guide. And which just lists a few of our favorite things maybe for this holiday, some particular items that you may like from companies like the natives, they've got some awesome stuff, cheekbone classics with their beauty products, native Candle Company, eighth generation, a good partner of ours, those are all listed out there on that gift guide. So check, take a look at that. But I also want to talk about some of the places, and this is not by any means, an exhaustive list is just some of the ones that we have in shop native already.

And by no means that you know, I know we're leaving people out, so I do apologize for anybody we leave out but I do just want to highlight some places that you may want to go and shop this weekend. First of all, you know I'm just clicking around shop native and looking at some of the companies out there in the clothing category that mean there are so many companies out there creating some amazing stuff like the natives NVTS, they are doing some awesome stuff. Smoke signals, they've been around forever with their awesome graphic T-shirts. They're doing some cool stuff. Salish designs, man they are producing some you know high end dresses with some awesome designs from the from the northwest native art style. Let's see who else we got in here? See dative gorilla they've got some cool shirts as well.

OXDX always got really nice designs. wearenate.com I love their stuff. I am an initial hobby man they ribbon skirts and other stuff are really, really awesome. Sailor styles and other Urban Native Era, She Native, B. Yellowtail, of course, I mean her clothing. Cool, man, she puts out some amazing stuff. So go check out those. Those are just and Beyond Buckskin another great clothing brand out there. And that's just a few in that category that we got on shop native, there's tons more over in jewelry.

There is a company and I've talked to them before and in detail about their product. Trying to find the name of them now. It's Candace Rule, and she is up in Canada and she has designed this jewelry that as you put it together it's almost like a charm bracelet but it's a necklace. And as you put the pieces together you can kind of build your own totem pole with different charms, really cool and she's a native designer they're in a silversmith and they they're making this jewelry themselves really cool stuff so go check that out. That would be a great gift for somebody in your family. See birch bark books they've got some awesome products too. Just flipping through here manages so many in shop native already and we're just scratching the surface with this let's see I'm in the beadwork category now simply indigenous, proudly indigenous craft the silver moccasin off the rez arts so curiosity all these people are putting out some amazing stuff.

In Pow wow supplies me you guys if you're a pow wow dancer, you know there are just tons of companies out there doing some amazing stuff. That's another good one Lakota Sioux Arts. They've got a ton of craft supplies and jewelry. I mean they've got tons and tons of beads. Wandering Bull another good one. Crazy CRO another great place for that kind of stuff anything you'd want they've got, but the point of this and I don't want to go you know bore you with just a list of places to shop. But the point of this is there are there are indigenous businesses in every category out there so if you're looking for something go check these out too before you start your shopping. Another couple I do want to mention though, bison star naturals, they are doing a lot of lotions and soaps. They've sent me some samples we've given them away on pals calm before their products are amazing. Cheekbone beauty and indigenous cosmetics doing some great stuff with makeup and the beauty products. So check those out. Those are really, really cool. Boy chief is also doing blankets like eighth generation. Both of them produce some awesome, awesome products. Crafts also is a retailer for some of these blankets. They actually have some custom made jackets and coats as well out of Pendleton's and other blankets, 49 design they got some awesome stuff too. As far as shirts and T shirts, that kind of stuff hoodies

Trying to see just scrolling through here. These are TP Mocks, they've been a part of how's that comma for really producing some cool mocks out there. I think I mentioned urban Native era, Bedri Fine Chocolates. They are from the Chickasaw Nation out in Oklahoma. They produce chocolates and they've got all kinds of gift bags and holiday gift bundles and baskets. So that's a really cool one to check out for that chocolate lover on your list. Native Coffee Traders there's some native coffee companies check them out. Red Lake Nation foods while somebody sent me a group I was working with up in Minnesota sent me a gift basket from these folks. And I'll tell you that I've still got and I'm going to be really upset when I run out of it. They sent me, it is a jalapeno salt mix that I put on some of my food. Man, that stuff is so good. Got a little bit of kick and a nice flavor to it. A love adding that to some of the dishes we do around here. I'm about halfway out of that I'm gonna be really upset when that's gone. But Red Lake Nation foods they also sent me some of their jams and jellies and just awesome stuff that that was really cool. Definitely one I want to order from. Tonka bar, we don't know about them. They are owned by the Oglala Lakota shows up on Pine Ridge and they produce a sustainable foods jerkies made out of bison, Thunder Island another coffee roaster, you can check them out. And of course don't forget our music. Whether if you just go to Amazon and buy it directly from them or go right to the music houses, there's Kenyan records, there’s Indian house, tribal spirit music, be sure to support you know our some of our drum groups and the flute players and all of them don't forget them on the holidays. Anyways, so that was just a short list of some of the places that you can shop native for the holidays. Now, if you are shopping on Amazon do want to ask for a favor. Before you go shopping in Amazon please consider supporting powwows.com by just simply typing in www.powwows.com/amazon. Amazon will give us a small commission from everything you purchase after you go to that link and it costs you nothing extra. To really great program that Amazon has and it can really help support powers calm. If you're going to do a lot of shopping on Amazon. We get a small percentage of that and but it does add up and can mean some big revenue for us to really help set us off right for 2022. So I appreciate that www.powwows.com/amazon everybody so that is just what I want to talk about today. I hope I gave you a little bit of inspiration to go jump out there and during your holiday shopping, support an indigenous company and as far as powwows.com goes, we are going to have a sale if you're if you like some of our shirts, whether it's our native strong or our we're going to Turtle Island shirt or skirt and shirt a stewardess shirt. All that stuff and hoodies and long sleeves and stickers, we are going to have a big Black Friday sale. If you're subscribed to our newsletter, www.powwows.com/newsletter we will send the coupon code out on Friday. So don't miss that it will be the biggest discount that we offer during the year. I hope if you'd like our shirts and stickers and hoodies and all that other stuff, be sure to jump on our newsletter before Black Friday. So we'll send it out Thursday. And have you all set up ready to be shopping on Friday. The sale will only last that one day. So be sure to be on our newsletter before them. Alright everybody again, I'm Paul from powwows.com. Thank you so much. But before I go, I do have one more or two more things to give you. First, a promised a trivia question. I'm gonna make this one really easy. I'll take just about any answer as long as it's not crazy. Tell me where your favorite place to shop native is like I said, we're trying to build out the shop native directory. So I'd love to hear from you, tell me some of your favorite places to shop, whether it's online-offline at powwows.com whatever. Tell me where that favorite place is. So everybody that fills that out over at www.powwowlife.com. You'll be entered to win, some stickers from powell.com. And I'll draw a winner before the next show. And the other thing I did promise too, was a bonus code for our Native American Heritage Month giveaway. Remember, we are giving away 12 blankets from eighth generation as well as some tumblers and other products they've got. They've got some awesome stuff. So don't miss entering that contest. You can enter daily up until the end of November to get as many entries as you can. It'll be a random draw, but the more times you enter the better your chance is in that draw.

Alright, so your bonus code for this week is 67164. Enter that over at www.powwows.com/win that is 6716 for everybody. I hope you have an awesome weekend with your family. Whether you're shopping going out in the craziness of Black Friday, or just going to have a nice weekend at home or heading to a Pow Wow I hope you spend it with your family and make some memories. I'll see you next week. I'm Paul G from powwows.com. Thank you all, see you soon.

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