SHOCK N AWE: How The COUNCIL won this year’s Best Rap/Hip Hop NAMMY!

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Brand new 2014 Native American Music Awards winners for Best Rap/ Hip Hop Recording of The Year for their album “One Tribe One Nation” are THE COUNCIL! Their album features Snoop Dogg, The Game and T.I. in an award winning tour-de-force. We are really excited to be talking with The Council here at PowWows.com!



by Dr Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor

The Council won Best Rap /Hip Hop NAMMY!!!

The Council won Best Rap /Hip Hop NAMMY!!!

DK: Congratulations on your NAMMY!!!I'm so happy for you! I know how excited I was to win mine and so, I am thrilled to hear your good news! Will you please introduce yourself to us? What do you want us to know about you?

TONES: I'm Tones and this is Dreezy and we are The Council!
DREEZY: We are the 2014 Native American Music Awards winners for Best Rap/ Hip Hop Recording of The Year for our album “One Tribe One Nation” which features Snoop Dogg, The Game and T.I. and we are really excited to be talking with PowWows.com!

DK:Pleasure to meet you both!What brought you into the world of music?

DREEZY: Music has always been a part of my life since I was young, I grew up around music. It was just always there. For me, it was like a get away. No matter what was going on in my life, good or bad, I could always escape within a good song.
TONES: I agree fully. There is no feeling that can replace the feeling that listening to a great song gives to me. Music is like my life's blood. It has saved me from most of the negative stuff that Native youth face living life on the Rez.

DK: That feeling of “escape”….is that why you chose to express yourselves through rap?

TONES: Like I said, I was hooked on hip hop at a young age. Started rapping around 7 years old. Heavily influenced by all the great emcees like KRS 1, Nas, artists that said meaningful things. Accomplishments? It's been a wild, fast ride. Winning the Native Rap $25,000.00 Record Deal Contest that Culture Shock Original held and signing with them was a life changer. Also, having a single break into the American Top 40 was pretty amazing as well. Same with touring. Taking our music to places I wouldn't normally get to see has been a dream come true, but winning the 2014 Native American Music Award was awesome.

DREEZY: I started rapping at around the age of 9. I would just try to freestyle. I use to remember lyrics to songs from 50 cent and Nelly and rap along with them. My favorite accomplishments are probably being signed by Culture Shock Original. Winning their contest was the beginning of this dream. They are an amazing label that really cares about their artists and believe in our vision. I can't say enough good things about our company's CEO, Reuben Roman. He has been taking The Council to places I thought were unreachable and every goal achieved only adds another. Getting to work with artists like Snoop Dogg, The Game, TI, Akon and T-Pain was just awesome, but nothing tops winning a NAMMY. I still can hardly believe we are 2014 Native American Music Awards winner!

DK: Oh Congratulations! Such an important award! I think it means so much to win because it's actually being honored and appreciated by our own Native community! So, how does your Native heritage appear in your life as a way of life? How does culture impact the way that you live and the way that you make your music?

DREEZY: My culture is everything. It's who I am. I take great pride in my Native heritage.

TONES: It made us who we are. Every positive trait in me is because of my heritage.

DK:I feel the same way! So, how do you blend your heritage and music to share your message?

TONES: What our music does is give us a chance to give back to our community. To show others you can be whatever you want to be. All you need is a Solid Plan, Hard Work and Perseverance.

DREEZY: Yea, we are apart of an organization called One Tribe One Nation, just like our album title, and we do Mentoring and Community Invention Through Music. Our goal is to effect positive change in the lives of Native American and Indigenous youth.

DK:All across Native America, so many of our young people are hurting. How do you inspire them to make those positive changes you mentioned?

TONES: By talking openly about the problems our youth face. Native American and Indigenous youth living near or on reservations are infected and corrupted by such life cancers as drug abuse, teen pregnancy, violent crime and suicide. The numbers per capita are staggering of the young people in these areas that are headed to jail and/or prison or even worse, the grave, as opposed to college or the work force. I think hope comes from instilling pride in who they are and where they are from. Our Culture and Traditions should give us a sense of pride and honor and that pride and honor will help us avoid life's downfalls. So, we share our history within our songs.

DREEZY: We truly believe faith can move mountains. With the knowledge of who we are and where we are from a a people, Add faith to that, along solid plan, hard work and Perseverance and that is the key to a better life. We are a perfect example of that. Our Traditions are a link to our beginnings and those beginnings make us who we are.

TONES: Growing up on the Rez was tough at times. The temptation to do wrong was great, but music made me want more. Made us want more.

DREEZY: I agree with Tones.

DK:Since you brought up overcoming obstacles and both of you have overcome numerous hardships,what do you think are the most important qualities of a performer? What are the most destructive?

DREEZY: Most important qualities of a performer is love and believe in what you do. Most destructive, distractions. Whether it's bad influences, drugs, alcohol, whatever the distraction is. Whatever takes focus away from being the best you can be.

TONES: Dreezy nailed it.

DK: Dreezy, you mentioned influences.And both of you are striving to influence your fans to live life in a positive manner. So, who are the musicians that influenced you?

TONES: Well, like I mentioned, legends like Nas and KRS1. Being an emcee, I love their style and delivery and most important, they had something meaningful to say.

DREEZY: My favorite of all time is Nelly. I think because he introduced me to rap.

DK:Just think, there are now going to be artists that name you two as their influence! If you could offer any advice to someone who would like to learn more and possibly start performing,what would it be?

DREEZY: Learn everything you can about the music business… and remember it is a “business”, so always conduct yourself professionally.

TONES: And I would add, Just care about what you do.

DK:What does it mean to you, to “care about what you do?”

TONES: Like what Dreezy said. Learn all you can. It's a tricky business with lots of sharks in the water and the only way to defend yourself from them is knowledge.

DK:Well, while we are discussing “knowledge” what do you want to make sure we all know about The Council?

DREEZY: Our lives are an open book. We are just trying to do the best we can in hopes that God blesses that and up to now we are truly blessed. Also I would like to say we have just finished our second album, “American Made” and it features Akon, TPain and remixes of the songs we did with Snoop Dogg, The Game and TI. We are really excited about it.

TONES: If it's OK, I would like to mention that we are currently booking dates for upcoming One Tribe One Nation tour. Those interested in booking your 2014 Native American Music Awards Winners for Best Rap/ Hip Hop Recording of The Year, can do so by going to our website www.CultureShockOriginal.com

DK:Congratulations again and thank you for sharing your journey with us!

TONES: Thank you for having us. It's been an honor.
DREEZY: Definitely, Thank you.

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