Serape Blanket Giveaway – Teton Trade Cloth

Posted By Paul G March 19th, 2019 Last Updated on: March 25th, 2019

Our friends at Teton Trade Cloth have a new release – Serape Blankets!

Teton burst into the market just recently with their broadcloth.  Their wool has become very popular among Pow Wow dancers and craft people.  

Now they have Serape Blankets for sale!  

Keep reading for your chance to win one!

From Teton Trade Cloth

We have exciting news! Teton Serape Blankets are here! Over the past year, we have been working hard to develop these quality blankets. Knowing the importance of these blankets to the community for ceremonial dances, family obligations and giveaways, we endeavored to provide a high quality, visually attractive affordable alternative to the current market offering.  

Our blankets are 85% wool and 15% cotton (warp only) composition, along with a felt edge, these blankets are an instant classic and comparable in size and specification to the current market offering. Affixed in the corner is our satin woven Teton logo which boasts our ethos, “purveyors of distinctive trade goods”.

The inspiration for our design came from extensive research of historical examples of trade blankets. What we discovered is that many of the older blankets had wider, bold stripes throughout. If you look closely, you will see how our serape striping is an extension of our selvedge edge colors.

About Teton Trade Cloth

At Teton Trade Cloth, we are literally searching the world over to bring the finest in materials for the creation of heirloom quality American Indian artwork.  We are proud of offer textiles, raw materials, finished goods and antiques to our customers seeking the highest quality trade goods.  Our 100% wool trade cloth is offered in several colors.  We will make our best effort to always have stock of Red, Navy, Black and White and from time to time, various other colors.  In our attempt to offer a wide range of colors and textile variations, we cannot guarantee the availability of all colors all the time.  However, through our network of retailers across the country, we might be able to help you find the color your looking for if we don’t have it in stock. 

In some cases, we have “one of a kind”’ items, antique finds, old stock items that we were lucky to find as well as highly sought-after items that have been reproduced with the highest standards to provide discerning customers with the very best materials.  When the supply is limited, we will note this on the item.  While we encourage you to “take what you need” and leave some for others, be mindful that due to the scarcity of these items, you should not expect that we will have them for long or may ever be able to get them again.  – TetonTradeCloth.com

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toni jo syring

absolutely love the colors of these

Monique Fullowka

Beautiful looking blanket- would love to own one.


Dazzling to behold!

ROY Weaver


Judiann Edwards-Burrus

If won, it is to go to Pine Ridge, SD for a memorial give-a-way to honour Peter Catches.


These Blankets are beautiful. I would be so honored to own one (or two:)

Virginia Taylor

Absolutely fabulous and such kindness that you are offerring at no cost! It would certainly be an honor to receive one of the sarapes, it would be worn with pride!

Thank you for your generosity!!!!

Running Doe

would be honored to have one of these such beauty,

Brenda Shotwell

Yes I would be honored and cherish it.Thankyou

Gwendolyn Adams

It would be an no or to jzbe one and help spread your history to my generations.

Felicia McCullough

I would absolutely love one of the fantastic blankets!

Donnella Tilery

I would love to display this blanket. I am teaching my daughter about the importance of culture . The colors are so bright and tell a story.

Darlene Jilks

Blankets are beautiful-thank you for the chance to win one!!!

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