Senator Elizabeth Warren Refuses DNA Test

Posted By PowWows.com March 13th, 2018 Last Updated on: March 13th, 2018

Elizabeth Warren is a politician and author. Since 1996, she is a member of the Democratic Party and currently a senator of the United States. Recently, the senator was asked to take a DNA test to prove that she is a Native American.

The Massachusetts Democrat talks about her ancestry on NBC’s Meet the Press, “I know who I am. And never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere.”

Many people expect Warren to run for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Instead of answering the question about the DNA test, she talks about her family story.

The senator said:

So let me tell you the story of my family. My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma. My daddy first saw my mother when they were both teenagers. He fell in love with this tall, quiet girl who played the piano. Head over heels. But his family was bitterly opposed to their relationship because she was part Native American.  They eventually eloped. They survived the Great Depression. The Dust Bowl. A lot of knocks. They raised my three brothers, all of whom headed off to the military, and me. And they fought. They loved each other. And most of all they hung together for 63 years. And that’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our mom and our dad, from our grandparents, from all of our aunts and uncles. It’s a part of me, and nobody’s going to take that part of me away.

On Sunday, the Donald Trump Jr mocked up Warren on Twitter.

Should she take the DNA test?

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Yes she should take the test. At this point in history authenticity is important especially from women in power. Pandering is an insult and we as women should be above it, if not how are we any different from the men in power. If your not insulted by Elizabeth warren now, then you cannot be insulted by anyone else ever, in the past, present or future claiming Native American heritage to further their agenda.

Sherri Turner

She should not take a DNA test! It’s her business and she and her family knows her story. I’m proud of her for saying something about it, but proving it to the world is unnecessary. Let #45 pick and fuss all he wants. He’s a baby and not all babies get everything they want!

Francine Poitras Jones

Those DNA tests aren’t 100% accurate, for one thing. I know that because people from my tribe who KNOW they are Native have taken tests for the heck of it. They didn’t show Native in spite of their ancestors – Northeast Woodland Natives.

To answer the survey question – she needs to prove nothing!! By the way, percentages is a British-imposed practice and should be done away with in my opinion.

Nyla Newville

I don’t blame her for not wanting a DNA test it doesn’t show all conections I think many have some but have been bred out so the little bit of Native and lots of Caucasian would wash out, depending on how far back.

Jonell Adams

So why does she have to prove herself? It was never an issue until she mentioned it in public. Why does she need to take a DNA Test? Her enrollment would show that. Let’s not turn this into what the Republicans did to our last president regarding his birth certificate. And if it proves that she is Native, does that mean she will get kicked out of Congress? I was happy that she claimed to be Native. More Natives are coming forward in high places. This should show the rest of us that we too can get up there to help our people. We need more Natives to be educated, with strong sound minds to speak up and fight for us. It always was imperative. If we don’t stand up for one another and separate ourselves, we are weaker. To become one, as Natives, we will be stronger.

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