San Francisco’s Indigenous People Win Years Long Fight to Remove Racist Statue!

Posted By PowWow Articles September 16th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

For years, the indigenous people of the San Francisco area have petitioned, protested, and fought legal battles to have the racist statue across from City Hall removed.

On Sept 12th it was approved for removal after one last appeal to have it remain was denied. This morning, before the sunrise the statue was removed, and a crowd of people celebrated together as a crane lifted the statue up and away forever.

“This is what happens when people stand strong and they don’t back down,”DeeDee Ybarra said. “Anything is possible. Our day is here. Our time has come.”

The read the SF Chronicle click here.

Taking down the Pioneer Statue!

Posted by Take Down the "Pioneer" Statue in San Francisco Now on Friday, September 14, 2018

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I don’t know how a pioneer statue is racist. I’m not trying to upset anyone but a pioneer?

Phil Clark

Its a white guy statue. Has to racist, just has to be.(lol)

Ruben Cordova

Use Don’t Abuse….
I am a Navy retired veteran and living historian. I am of Lipan and Chiricahua Apache blood.
I don’t understand why people are trying to erase history when by erasing what people find offensive those atrocities will repeat itself.
Look at history and when people destroy history, usually by people like Hitler and ISIS, it is the beginning for the same atrocities to begin again.
I believe we don’t have to erase history by removing statues or monuments. What we should do is use them as a tool to teach people of why we find these statues and monuments offensive.
Use history to teach what happened to our People by these people considered heroes by some. Just like our heroes were considered murderers and savages, we too see them as such.
We just had a great Pow Wow down in Deep South Texas and we had the White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers do a demonstration dance. We believe this has United all the People in our area.
Use Don’t Abuse
Ruben Cordova
US Navy Retired

Elaine P

FINALLY!!!! I am San Francisco born and raised, and have always through that statue was disturbing and needing to come down. I am so glad that the Board of Supervisors have realized just how demeaning this statue is. Now, if only the Vatican would acknowledge their role in the atrocities committed against the California Native Peoples.


Pope John Paul II (Now, St. John Paul) issued an apology many, many years ago. It was published world-wide!

Richard Burden

There only true racial statue and that lady liberty a gift from the French inviting all the illegal immigrants to take this country like there were know people here already!!!

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