Sacheen Littlefeather Breaks Her Silence

Sacheen Littlefeather Breaks Her Silence

Posted By March 20th, 2018 Blog

Sacheen Littlefeather is an American actress and activist. A few years ago, she gave her political statement for the first time at the 45th Academy Awards.

The former actress said, “If I was an intelligent woman, and I had a voice, and people might listen to me. Then I was a big treat,” she added.

Her career as an actress ends after sharing speaking and sharing her statement to the public.

Sacheen said, “Here I am, a woman. I’ve borrowed this body for a few years while I’m here on earth. I come from the spirit world, and I will go back to the spirit world. And hopefully, while I’m here, I’ll be able to impart the lessons that I have learned from my personal sufferings that I will give them in a good way to people, that I will teach them in a good way to people. That I will open people’s hearts like can openers to a close can,” she added.

Watch the Sacheen’s full video below.

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One thought on “Sacheen Littlefeather Breaks Her Silence

  1. Facebook is attempting to silence us. They will not acknowlage Cree names (I have lost my account over using my name in Cree) or our language. Also every video about the attrocities we endure I tried to share were blocked and I was forced to share them privately (through private messages). I have contacted The Assembly of First Nations about this, they replied that this isnt new, actually lots of various Cree people have lost their accounts for the same reason.
    This must stop. I cant even share the great words of Sacheen Littlefeather due to this racism against us

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