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JR. Girl's Fancy Shawl   Eahtosh Bird 1
JR. Girl's Fancy Shawl   Wahpos Topsky 2
JR. Girl's Fancy Shawl   Landis Roan 3
JR. Girl's Fancy Shawl   Sugar Spoonhunter 4
JR. Girl's Fancy Shawl   Taya Laframboise 5
JR. Girl's Jingle Dress Chante “Daisy” Speidial 1
JR. Girl's Jingle Dress Alyona Spoonhunter 2
JR. Girl's Jingle Dress Abbilee Runsabove 3
JR. Girl's Jingle Dress Kaylen Topsky 4
JR. Girl's Jingle Dress Kadence Benson 5
JR. Girl's Traditional Sparrow Littlesky 1
JR. Girl's Traditional Rhiana Spoonhunter 2
JR. Girl's Traditional Shanal Onepenee 3
JR. Girl's Traditional Kianna Yellowhar 4
JR. Girl's Traditional Courtiney Spottedwolf 5
JR. Boy's Fancy Buster Cleveland 1
JR. Boy's Fancy David Cleveland 2
JR. Boy's Fancy Cactus Runsabove 3
JR. Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan 4
JR. Boy's Fancy Daven Madera 5
JR. Boy's Grass Peyton Whitebuffalo 1
JR. Boy's Grass Muh Jutheen Roberts 2
JR. Boy's Grass Elijah Poorman 3
JR. Boy's Grass Taymond Stiffarm 4
JR. Boy's Grass Zachary Jackson 5
JR. Boy's Traditional Ruben LittleHead JR 1
JR. Boy's Traditional Gianni Standing Rock 2
JR. Boy's Traditional Bayzeo Alexander 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Deo Topsky 1
JR. Boy's Chicken Isiah Kaswatum 2
JR. Boy's Chicken Makiya Denny 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Bear White 4
JR. Boy's Chicken Kwynn Yellowhar 5
Golden Age Women Madelynn Goodwill 1
Golden Age Women Linda Standing 2
Golden Age Women Joyce Spoonhunter 3
Golden Age Women Mary TopSky 4
Golden Age Women Elsie Wuttanee 5
Golden Age Men Royce King Bird 1
Golden Age Men Jim Redeacle 2
Golden Age Men Boy Lado 3
Golden Age Men Ronald Crane 4
Golden Age Men Andrew Windyboy 5
Teen Girl's Fancy Shawl Laryn Oakes 1
Teen Girl's Fancy Shawl Shoshone Eashappie 2
Teen Girl's Fancy Shawl Oke-Twisha Roberts 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Shawl Maya Many Greyhorses 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Shawl Kencia Tootoosis 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Dress Osa Roan 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Dress Kayla Henry 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Dress Kendra Roan 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Dress Vanessa Eriacho 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Dress Chloe Francis 5
Teen Girl's traditional Wamblie Littlesky 1
Teen Girl's traditional Askiew Roan 2
Teen Girl's traditional Jesse Kaiswatum 3
Teen Girl's traditional Maggie eastman 4
Teen Boy's Fancy Bear Cleveland 1
Teen Boy's Fancy Deland Cleveland 2
Teen Boy's Fancy Riley Spoonhunter 3
Teen Boy's Fancy Sincere Toto 4
Teen Boy's Fancy Dreamer White 5
Teen Boy's Grass Kebbeth Gadwa 1
Teen Boy's Grass Dake Gadwa JR 2
Teen Boy's Grass Dallon Yuzcapi 3
Teen Boy's Grass Serrain Yellowhair 4
Teen Boy's Grass Jonathon Matheson 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Lakota Littlesky 1
Teen Boy's Traditional Tommy Whiteplume 2
Teen Boy's Traditional Edmund Youpee 3
Teen Boy's Traditional Marlin Dickenson 4
Teen Boy's Traditional Phillip Taifeathers 5
Teen Boy's Chicken Skyler Yellowhair 1
Women's Fancy Tata Roberts 1
Women's Fancy Nadina Obey 2
Women's Fancy Amber Cleveland 3
Women's Fancy Michelle white 4
Women's Fancy Matilida Littlehead 5
Women's Jingle Dress Derian Yuzicapi 1
Women's Jingle Dress Cyrina  Bull 2
Women's Jingle Dress Mallory Oakes 3
Women's Jingle Dress Cherish Lonetree 4
Women's Jingle Dress Amanda Ironstar 5
Women's Traditional Gina Topsky 1
Women's Traditional Krista Marie Goodwill 2
Women's Traditional Lisa Ewack- Ndon 3
Women's Traditional Dee Ledoux 4
Women's Traditional Misty Blue Mesteth 5
Men's Fancy Warshield White 1
Men's Fancy Marcuel Crawford 2
Men's Fancy Spike Draper 3
Men's Fancy Walter Runsabove 4
Men's Fancy Eric Bird 5
Men's Grass Trae Little Sky 1
Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 2
Men's Grass Ron Loogepole 3
Men's Grass Charles Windy Boy 4
Men's Grass Terrance Friday 5
Men's Traditional Zane Tacan 1
Men's Traditional Chaske Lablanc 2
Men's Traditional Hunter Blessing Game 3
Men's Traditional Kenny Donaghey 4
Men's Traditional Marc Keka 5
Men's Chicken Nelson Baker 1
Men's Chicken Nugget Bull Bear 2
Men's Chicken Ocln Rane 3
Men's Chicken Todd Half 4
Men's Chicken Clay Goodstriker 5

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