Rez Dreams – Bringing Disney Magic to Native Children

Posted By Paul G September 18th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 24th, 2019

As many of you know, my family has a passion for all things Disney especially Walt Disney World. In addition to working with PowWows.com in my “spare” time, I also run a Disney blog and have produced several Disney related iPhone apps. I take almost as many photos of Disney World as I do of Pow Wows!

Recently while reading Disney related stories, I saw a headline with a logo that caught my eye! I actually had to scroll back up to make sure I really saw that–a dream catcher in the shape of Mickey ears? Really?

I quickly clicked on the story and discovered Rez Dreams.

I couldn't believe what I was reading! My two online worlds collided! I devoured their information and reached out to them to find out more.

Rez Dreams

Rez Dreams is dedicated to providing underprivileged, abused, or neglected Native American children the opportunity to experience the magic of “Walt Disney World Resort” in Florida. We not only feel that this time would bring happiness to the child, we also feel that it would bring healing to the entire family. For this reason, Rez Dreams prefers that both mother and father accompany the child we select so that the family can bond around this magical trip. We do know, however, that this can’t always be the case so we happily welcome another respected family member (preferably an elder) to experience this magical journey with them. Rez Dreams holds in high regards single mothers and we highly encourage them to apply.

The trip includes:

  • 4 round trip airline tickets
  • Tour Guide
  • 3 Day Tickets
  • Dining Plan
  • $100 cash per day for souvenirs

Know someone you would like to recommend?

Find out how to apply!

One of the reasons my family loves Disney World is the magical feeling that overcomes you in the parks. Walt Disney World is one of the few places in the world where you can leave everything behind and become a pirate, a princess, or just a dreamer.

Through Rez Dreams we have the opportunity to have others experience that.

Please consider helping making dreams come true!

Find out how you can help.

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How exciting for the children and what a beautiful way to create lasting memories and million dollar smiles! This will be a successful program for many years to follow…think of all the happy memories it will bring!

Jennifer Noonan

This does seem like a good idea but Disney owns Monsanto who patent gmo food which is destroying our land and causing diabetes, mental health issues and cancer all across the country. Supporting Disney land or Disney world by doing this tells them we as consumers and people of America don’t care how their company treats our resources.

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