Revitalizing the Blackfeet Language in Montana

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown July 20th, 2015 Last Updated on: July 20th, 2015

Inspiring story with an incredibly beautiful backdrop of Montana! In this video from the Montana Office of Tourism they spoke with Darrell Kipp, a Harvard scholar, U.S. veteran and member of the Blackfeet tribe who was well-known for his work revitalizing Native American languages. He was the director of the Cuts Wood School, a Blackfeet language immersion program for grades K through 8, which is featured in this film.

Montana Stories: Darrell Kipp from Montana Office of Tourism on Vimeo.

Sadly Darrell Kipp passed away back in 2013, but his work lives on through the many Native youth he taught. For more information on the Cuts Wood Academy visit http://www.pieganinstitute.org/cutswoodacademy.html

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The Blackfeet were the victims of one of the worst Army
massacres in the history of the Native American wars.
In 1870, Major Eugene Baker attacked a camp of Blackfeet
(which he had been ordered NOT to attack) and killed 173
people–140 of them women and children. He lost only one
of his own men. By contrast, Chivington killed 130
Cheyennes and Arapahoes at Sand Creek, but lost 24 of his
men; Connor killed 156 Shoshone at Bear River but lost
23 of his men; Forsyth killed 153 Lakota at Wounded Knee
but lost 31 of his men; Custer killed 103 at Washita but
lost 21 of his men. The Baker massacre of Blackfeet was
a far more one sided affair than Sand Creek, Bear River,
Wounded Knee or Washita. At least in the latter four
attacks, the Native People had the satisfaction that
they had taken many of their attackers down with them.


Think the native American came farrow the past.


Wounded Knee resulted in the death of 200 innocent woman and children, up to 300 were killed, Commander James W. Forsyth had lost 25 men.
As native peoples we have all suffered. And there was no “satisfaction” in the pain we went through. Please do not compare the loss of one to another. That aside, the restoration of the Blackfeet Nation’s Language is a beautiful thing. Pilámayaye.

– Lakhóta Oyáte

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