How Would You Respond If You Couldn’t Wear This at Your Graduation? Dress Code Won’t Allow Moccasins

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown August 29th, 2016 Last Updated on: August 29th, 2016

Dylan McCabe Mocs1

Did you hear about this girl's struggle for her moccasins to be accepted as approved footwear for her high school graduation ceremony? The dress code for graduation was to be flat black dress shoes or with heels of 2 inches or less, and nude stockings. Dylan McCabe wanted to wear her moccasins and leg wraps along with a ceremonial dress as an expression of her Navajo heritage.

See more about the fight in this video from PopSugar.

As school is about to start back up this year, we hope we have learned something from this past year's graduation ceremonies – Let the Native kids wear their traditional clothing! It's not just the latest fashion trend, it's meaningful to them and their culture.

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Nancy Paljevic Murphy

The dress code such leave traditional cultural outfits alone and worry more about the hooker outfits and heels. She looks beautiful!! I wish more people of diverse cultures and nationalities would wear their traditional dress outfits instead of those ugly over the top MTV wanna be sometimes questionable outfits.


She is a warrior! She makes her ancestors proud in such a time as this that her story can be shared through social media, with the world. There will always be those who make something out of nothing. Stand in the center.


I am in the blood line of Pocahontas, And quite frankly i would tell them to take their piece of worthless paper and make a roll of Hillery toilet paper out of it! You know where it goes from there “right,,,

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