Resilient Jingle Dress Dancer – 2015 Stanford Pow Wow

Posted By Paul G May 11th, 2015 Last Updated on: May 11th, 2015

Its officially Powwow season!!! This weekend in Palo Alto, California is one of the oldest college powwows in North America, Stanford Powwow 2015 !!! This dance has been attracting World Champion singers & dancers for a couple of decades! A big reason why this powwow is so popular is because it finishes on Sunday which is Mothers Day!

Friday evening kicked off the 3 day powwow! The Stanford powwow dance arena can be pretty brutal surface for dancers, over the years many dancers have sprained their ankles on the grassy dance floor, the powwow arena staff is always on hand with a big wheel barrel of dirt ready to fill any open potholes.

This evening, a jingle dress dancer by the name of Prairie Rose Jack (Dine) from Arizona found one of those potholes and sprained her ankle on the outdoor powwow arena, after twisting her foot, she immediately found a hay stack bench to sit down on. Prairie really does embody the spirit of a powwow dancer because she walked off the pain and returned to dance in the 2nd Sidestep song for Jingle Dress dancers! Heres her interview, I can only describe Prairie's return to the dance floor in one word: #resilient


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Running Doe

wado dear one you done well blessings


I am from the Abenaki tribe ( Mic Mak) I was wondering if anyone knows of any pow-wows that are around the Maine state? If you do could you please e-mail me and let me know. Thank You.

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