Regalia Tutorial: Bandolier Bag with Jared Thomas

Regalia Tutorial: Bandolier Bag with Jared Thomas

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown July 24th, 2017 Last Updated on: July 24th, 2017

He might be an ironworker by day, but boy can this guy sew a mean outfit!

Meet Jared Thomas, from the Bitter Water clan from the Dinè Nation. He's been sharing some great regalia tutorials on his Facebook page and folks have been getting a lot of great tips from him.

His latest video below talks about sewing on a strap to a bandolier bag.

So how did he get into sewing?

Well, it sounds like it was completely by accident.

“(My wife) was going to send out a jingle dress to get repaired. I saw she had a sewing machine so I told her I would fix it for her. One dress lead to the next and to different style outfits, bags and western shirts.”

Thomas said he was also inspired by mentor and jingle dress dancer Acosia Red Elk, who was very helpful in the beginning stages for showing him sewing techniques.

While he's not taking orders just yet, he does make special outfits for folks from time to time. Hopefully, in the future, he can take on more work and you guys can get one of his pieces!

In the meantime, definitely, check out his page for more great tutorials!


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Craig Apelbaum

Nice clothes.

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