R. Carlos Nakai film set to release soon

R. Carlos Nakai film set to release soon

Posted By Corinne Rice July 23rd, 2018 Last Updated on: August 6th, 2018

People all over the world are familiar with the soft sounds of Carlos Nakai's flute. In a new documentary film, we learn more about the man behind the music. Snapshots Music and Arts Foundation had the following to say about the upcoming feature.

“Through his dedicated work, Mr. Nakai has kept the oral and song history of Native American music alive, while adding his own conception through his ensembles and compositions, heard on over 50 recordings. Our goal is to tell Mr. Nakai’s story and introduce new generations to his music and mission of spreading peace through music in a feature length documentary film.”


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2 thoughts on “R. Carlos Nakai film set to release soon

  1. Leslie Haggard says:

    I cannot understand why a Franklin Graham gathering is posted on the powwow site. His underlying agenda departs radically from his father’s which I believe is antithetical to First Nation’s interest.

  2. Leslie Haggard says:

    How will I be informed when the Nakai Documentary will be released?

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