Quebec Native American Tribes

Quebec Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 30th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 30th, 2011

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Abitibiwinni First Nation
Address Pikogan QC (819) 732-6591 Phone: (819) 732-1569
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Barriere Lake First Nation
Address Parc de la Verendrye QC J0W 2C0 Phone: (819-824-1734
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Betsiamites First Nation
Address Betsiamites QC G0H 1B0 Phone: (418) 567-2265
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Champion Lake
Address Nemiscau QC J0Y 3B0 Phone: (819) 673-2512
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Chisasibi First Nation
Address Chisasibi QC J0M 1E0 Phone: (819) 855-2878
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Eagle Village-Kipawa First Nation
Address Kipawa QC J0Z 3R0 Phone: (819) 627-3455
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Eastmain First Nation
Address Eastmian QC J0M 1W0 Phone: (819) 977-0211
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Essipit First Nation
Address Les Escoumins QC G0T 1K0 Phone: (418) 233-2509
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Gaspe First Nation
Address Gaspe QC G0E 1H0 Phone: (418) 368-6005
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Gesgapegiag First Nation
Address Maria QC G0C 1Y0 Phone: (418) 759-3441
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Hurons-Wendat First Nation
Address Village-des-Hurons Wendake QC G0A 4V0 Phone: (418) 843-3767
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Kahnawake First Nation
Address Kahnawake QC J0L 1B0 Phone: (514) 632-7500
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Kanesatake First Nation
Address Kanesatake QC J0N 1E0 Phone: (514) 479-8373
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Kitcisakik First Nation
Address Louvicourt QC J0Y 1Y0 Phone: (819) 824-1914
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Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation
Address Kitigan Zibi Indian Reserve QC J9E 3C9 Phone: (819) 449-5170
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La Romaine First Nation
Address La Romaine QC G0G 1M0 Phone: (418) 229-2917
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Lac-Saint Jean First Nation – Reserve Indienne de Mashteuiatsh
Address Mashteuiatsh QC G0W 2H0 Phone: (418) 275-2473
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Lac-Simon First Nation
Address Lac-Simon QC J0Y 3M0 Phone: (819) 736-4501
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Listuguj First Nation
Address Listuguj QC G0C 2R0 Phone: (418) 788-2136
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Long Point First Nation
Address Winneway River QC J0Z 2J0 Phone: (819) 722-2441
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Malecites of Viger
Address Montreal QC H1N 1H5 Phone: (514) 251-1454
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Manawan First Nation
Address Manawan QC J0K 1M0 Phone: (819) 971-8813
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Mingan First Nation
Address Mingan QC G0G 1V0 Phone: (418) 949-2234
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Mistissini Lake, Baie-du-Poste
Address Chibougamau QC G0W 1C0 Phone: (418) 923-3259
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Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach
Address Kawawachikamach QC G0G 2Z0 Phone: (418) 585-2686
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Natashquan First Nation
Address Natashquan QC G0G 2E0 Phone: (418) 726-3529
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Obedjiwan First Nation
Address Roberval QC G0W 3B0 Phone: (819) 974-8837
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Odanak First Nation
Address Odanak QC J0G 1H0 Phone: (514) 568-2819
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Ouje-Bougoumou First Nation
Address Ouje-Bougoumou QC F0W 1H0 Phone: (418) 745-3228
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Pakua Shipi First Nation
Address Saint-Augustin QC G0G 2R0 Phone: (418) 947-2253
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Schefferville First Nation
Address Schefferville QC G0G 2T0 Phone: (418) 585-2601
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8 thoughts on “Quebec Native American Tribes

  1. Claire houle says:

    I am looking for a médecine man to help my son with severe pain in the neck that prevents him from working. He has some indian blood that comes from his paternal grand parents on both mother and father,s side. Conventional médecine has not helped very much. Would appreciate if someone would help.

  2. Christy DeRidder says:

    I am searching for my mothers family history in Canada I know we are Indian cause I have found our band number My g.g.grandfathers name was John Vincent Causley born in St. Clair River on the Canada side and his fathers name was Ignance Cazelet any help would be most great full Thanks for your time
    Christy D.

  3. Jessica Calvin says:

    I was told that I was from the Algonquin Tribe and was wondering how I can find out if i’m part of this tribe or another tribe, my grandparents are from Quebec.
    Jessica Calvin

  4. Marcel Coeur de Hibou says:


    511, rue Murielle
    Trois-Rivières QC G8T 8J5

  5. Skyler Taylor says:

    She:kon (greetings)

    I am writing to request a change of information for the Kahnawake First Nation. The number for the Council office is 450.632.7500 to contact a local representative.

    Nia:wen (Thank you)

    Skyler Taylor
    MCK Communications

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