President Trump Celebrates Native Heritage Month…Not Really.

President Trump Celebrates Native Heritage Month…Not Really.

Posted By Charlie Ballard November 6th, 2017 Blog


On October 31st, the White House proclaimed November as Native American Heritage Month, and then four days later our glorious Commander in Chief took to Twitter and bashed Hillary Clinton for rigging the DNC primaries, while advertently mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren's Cherokee and Delaware Native heritage.


Generally, when other communities celebrate the first people who, “helped early European settlers survive and thrive in a new land“, they don't turn around and use one of our most prominent historical figures to mock another person out of spite because well frankly, its just comes off as disingenuous, unless its Donald Trump.

Heres a twitter response from Ruth Hopkins (Sisseton Wahpeton & Mdewakanton Dakota, Hunkpapa Lakota), a contributing writer for Indian Country Today:

For all those concerned about Trumps deliberate and embarrassing antics, Indian Country will endure his Presidency, just as we've done with the many U.S. Presidents before him because it is in our blood to be resilient, so on behalf of, we want to wish everyone a true,

Happy Native Heritage Month!



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2 thoughts on “President Trump Celebrates Native Heritage Month…Not Really.

  1. As a white woman, all I can say is please don’t give in or give up. We need our first nations people to survive so that we retain their knowledge if how to live the right way on the earth and we can rebuild this world that is being destroyed by stupid white men. “My skin is white-my soul is a rainbow”. I stand with you.

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