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Posted By Paul G May 3rd, 2012 Last Updated on: May 3rd, 2012

We wanted to thank everyone for their support during the 2012 Gathering of Nations!  The number of visitors for our webcast increased over 70% from 2011.  We appreciate your support!

Here's a chance for you to win a prize with PowWows.com.

Enter our raffle below for your chance to win.

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jennifer taylor

thank you its always fun when you live stream a powwow , the flat screen monitor i have is the portal we view all the dancers and look at the head gear and look for old friends watch the dancers see the different styles thank you so much for what you do

debra cloudt

I went to my first pow wow with another couple who invited us. She is half native american and was able to teach us a lot about what went on in the pow wow itself. I am Cherokee, but not a lot, and I was mesmerized. I am also an artist and would like to go back again soon and get permission to paint them in their beautiful outfits. It made me take time and think about the Indian way of life. I have much respect for their ways.

Donna Melville

I want to thank you for everything. I love powwows.com and will always.When I hear the music it just puts me in another world no worries and I’m with my brothers and sisters.

grandmother guiding hawk

you brought the pow wow into my home,thank you,I enjoyed watching it whenever I wanted to.Keep the videos coming. thank you,It was amazing for me.

jennifer taylor

hi and thank you for streaming the powwow it was fun to see and nice to be able to do so Thank you powwows.com

William Cohen

Extra driver next year-will be there

Veronica Remus

I visit Pow Wow cite every day and enjoy all the pictures and drum music. I have attended a few Pow wows but only in Northern Michigan and like seeing other Tribes and dancing and beautiful Regalia of the men and women.

so thank you for providing this sight.

Elsie Faetz

I watched the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow because I knew my niece would be dancing, I watched the rest of it because it was awesome! Humor, beautiful costumes, fabulous dancers etc everything was great!

Virginia Harvey

Will be attending the Oroville Pow Wow 16 th annual this year, I have been to 15 of them, love the people and pagentry.

Mary Garrity

I always took my children to all the Pow Wows when they were growing up. Can’t wait to take my grandchildren to this coming Saturday’s event in Brownsville, PA. Mary G.

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