Powwow 101 with Teddy Bison and Justin Reeves

Powwow 101 with Teddy Bison and Justin Reeves

Posted By Corinne Oestreich May 22nd, 2018 Blog

On the First Nations University of Canada Powwow Facebook page, popular blogger Justin Reeves seeks out Men's fancy dancer Teddy Bison to give his viewers a rundown of what a powwow is, and what to expect if attending one.

Check out their candid conversation below to find a great video you can share with friends who may not know about powwows!


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Corinne Oestreich (Mohawk/Lakota) has been a writer with powwows.com since 2014. She lives in the state of CA, and enjoys attending and photographing many of the Northern CA powwows and events. She owns her own photography business and is also a Fellow with Changemaker Initiative in partnership with Ashoka.

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