Pow Wow Yoga

Posted By Paul G March 7th, 2018 Last Updated on: March 12th, 2018

Champion dancer Acosia Redelk has created a new way get in shape – Pow Wow Yoga!

According to Acosia:

Powwow Yoga Infusion is a Movement Practice that combines Native American Powwow Dancing with Yoga. The idea is to get your Cardio, Strengthening and Stretching all in One Workout. Add Breathwork and Meditation and you get an overall 3 Dimentional Workout. Powwow Yoga Infusion bridges the gap between the group fitness and Yoga worlds but also adds that Cultural Element.

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Our Native Drumbeat is an original language of its own. We feel a unique connection through that drum beat and we remember. The intricate footwork fine-tunes your precision and seriously gets your heart rate way up and burns major calories! Powwow Dancing is high energy, gets the heart rate up and the lungs working.

A great way to shed weight and build stamina. Powwow dancing is also a great way to Ground yourself. Through the Intentional steps and stomping with feet to Earth/Ground we can ground our Chakras and bring more balance to our spiritual body. A Vinyasa Yoga Flow is woven into each class with conscious breathwork. Which gives the body a well rounded workout and creates deep muscle toning and deep extension and flexibility. Also allowing students to practice mind control in challenging or uncomfortable situations. Powwow Yoga Infusion is the perfect Practice to bring balance to our Physical, mental and spiritual bodies .

Ready to get in shape to the Pow Wow beat?  Find out more at Acosia Redelk's Studio – Red Elk Studio.

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