Pow Wow Power: A Visit With Tiana Anpo-Win Spotted Thunder

Posted By PowWows.com November 24th, 2013 Last Updated on: November 24th, 2013

Powwow fans flock to round dances, powwows, performances and ceremonies to hear Tiana Anpo-Win Spotted Thunder sing. Her wide knowledge of a variety of songs and her eager, spirited vocals are earning recognition worldwide. Yet, this Lakota/Cherokee musical artists remains grounded in her powwow roots and cultural center.

DK) You're so popular on the powwow scene! Will you please introduce yourself to us? What do you want us to know about you?
TS) My name is Tiana Anpo-Win Spotted Thunder, and my Lakota name is “Tasiyagmuka Ho Waste Win,” meaning “Good Voice Meadowlark Woman.” I am an Oglala/Mniconjou Lakota and Wolf Clan Cherokee, and grew up in Oglala, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

DK) You need no introduction to your many powwow fans! Why do you think it matters that we all celebrate Native culture and traditions?

TS)I found solace in the pow-wow world because being around others who have the same interests with singing and dancing as I do, is such an esteem boost for me. I feel there's a positive vibe going around and it bounces off of everyone because there is so much moving talent out there. I would love for our youth to experience all the splendors of the pow-wow world as I have.
DK) You embrace your Native culture and Identity in every aspect of your life and it shows in your positive attitude and approaches to music! Tell us about your journey in music?

TS) Thank you Dawn! When I was 9 years old, my father sponsored a Lakota naming ceremony for me and he named me according to a vision he had before I was born. The story goes, that he was at a pow-wow singing with his drum group “Zintkala Cik'ala Singers,” and during a song, a meadowlark flew down and started singing and dancing in the center of the drum. He felt that the name would suit me, even though I did not sing at the time. Turns out, years, later, that I would be singing and I am truly grateful to have been given the name I have received.
DK) How did you start singing? What are some of your favorite accomplishments? Please share with us!

TS) I started singing in my hand game club in high school, my freshman year! As soon as I figured out that I could sing, I taught myself every kind of song I could, that pertained to my heritage. I gained courage to sing in ceremony, at pow-wows, and then round dances, and hand drum contests. I also sang hymns and gospel songs for my school in mass, as well as Native American Church (peyote) songs. As soon as I was out of high school, I started making hand game and round dance songs, and thus became my debut album, “Sunrise to Sunset.”
DK)How does your Tribal heritage appear in your life as a way of life? How does culture impact the way that you live and the way that you make your music?

TS) I grew up in a traditional way around my Lakota spirituality and in pow-wows. I see myself to be a spiritual person, and I love to pray in the Lakota way. I live it out every day with my fiance, Miyo One Arrow. I also carry the same values I've acquired in my spirituality in pow-wows and every other cultural affair that I happen to take part in.
DK) How does practicing our Native lifeways help those who are in need of help and grace? What do you hope your music changes in the lives of your listeners?
TS) I hope to have incorporated enough of what beauty I see in my life into my music, and passed it on to my listeners. It is always important to meditate and reflect on the beauty of life, find your inner peace. I hope to have helped my listeners with finding their peace through my songs.

DK) What are the most important qualities of a performer? What are the most destructive? How did you make it to this dynamic level of being a musical champion?

TS) I don't see myself quite as a “champion” but I appreciate the compliment! When I first started singing, I received a lot of hate and jealousy from peers and people who are older than I am. I did not know how to take being bullied and criticized; I just simply took it. I prayed in the meantime. I just kept singing and tried my best to turn all the negativity into something beautiful.
DK) Who are some of your favorite musicians? Why?

TS) Some of my favorite musicians as far as Native American music include: Fawn Wood, Nellie Two Bulls, Nitanis “Kit” Largo, and all other amazing wicaglata (women back-up singers). Because of their courage to sing, I gained the courage to sing!
DK) If you could offer any advice to someone who would like to learn more and possibly start performing,singing,drumming or playing, what would it be?

TS) I would say to study the music as best you could and practice every day as much as you can! The more you practice, the better you will be. Also, find role models to follow and gain advice from. Everyone has their own knowledge that could be vital to share with you. Most importantly, don't be discouraging to yourself. Work hard and it will pay off. ๐Ÿ™‚
DK) If you could offer any warnings to someone starting out in music, what would you caution them NOT to do?

TS) I can not say much about what “not” to do when it comes to music. Everyone had freedom of expression. I would say to be respectful and genuine. That's what is most important.
DK) What would you like us to know that we don't already know about you?Where can we connect with you and purchase your music?

TS) I am currently engaged to the love of my life, Miyo One Arrow. He has been my greatest support and my biggest fan, always pushing me to become a better musician and a better person. I follow his example from his previous band, “The Reddmen,” and his endeavors in the pow-wow world. I am blessed to have him in my life because he helped me come this far in life.

You can stream my music on Bandcamp and Spotify, as well as listen to different recordings on SoundCloud. I am also on YouTube.
My CD “Sunrise to Sunset” can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and CDBaby.
Here are the links:
Bandcamp: http://www.tianaspottedthunder.bandcamp.com
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/meadowlark93

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tiana-Spotted-Thunder/259395704084310

CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tianaspottedthunder

Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/tianaspottedthunder

Thank you for the opportunity Dawn! It was fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

DK) Thank YOU! Keep on Keepin' on!

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Melinda and joe foster

What Christian denomination are you ?melinda is eastern band cherokee and is catholic

Nevaeh Joy LittleWhirlWind

I love your voice. You are natural.
Your voice sounded so nice and powerful.
Keep it up.
Us Lakota woman are very POWERFUL.

Karen Saylor

love this version of Happy Birthday, sounded so nice, you have such a lovely voice!!!

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