Popular Powwow Personality Gabrielle Knife Releases New CD

Posted By PowWows.com October 22nd, 2013 Last Updated on: October 22nd, 2013

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima

1) What does the drum mean to you and to your life? Do you powwow?

The powwow drum has a very significant meaning to me as I was raised in the powwow circuit. I grew up as a fancy shawl dancer then later switched to becoming a jingle dress dancer. My dad was a singer for the Screaming Eagles drum group and my mother was a champion fancy shawl dancer. I grew up around the drum and powwows and because I grew up around these things, I learned to appreciate the drum and what it entails. I've realized that without the drum and singers there can be no dancing, celebration or ceremonies.

2)What are some of your favorite powwow memories? Share some good ones!

I have a lot of great powwow memories because I grew up in it my entire life, but a few I can think of off the top of my head are: Winning the title of Miss Black Hills Powwow Princess in 2004, When my husband proposed to me during the Black Hills Powwow in 2010 in front of the entire powwow, and debuting my first solo album at the Black Hills Powwow 2013. I guess you could say Black Hills Powwow is my favorite and most significant powwow!

3) How would you describe your music to someone who wasn't familiar with it yet?

My music is that of the powwow/round dance style with prominent effects that create a soothing listening experience.

4)How did you begin your music career?

Since I was a young girl, it has always been a dream of mine to become a singer, both contemporary and traditional. I began singing contemporary at church services, honorings, funerals and where ever I was called upon. Traditionally, I was inspired as a solo artist by Jackie Bird.

powwows.com pic5) What are the most important lessons you hope folks will learn from your music?

The most important lesson I hope people will take from listening to my CD is what is in the message in Track #1. This message basically speaks of how we all, as God's children, have a light within us to become great. We don't fear failure, but we really fear greatness and too often, this tends to hold a lot of Native American and Indigenous people back from God's great plans He has for us. If we only would get out of our own way then we can accomplish all the dreams, goals and desires of our hearts while inspiring those around us to do the same. No competition involved but just utilizing others' determination and accomplishments to achieve our own to its' fullest potential.

6) Who do you hope to inspire by singing?

I hope to inspire all Native American and Indigenous youth with my music as well as my peers and elders.

7) What is the most valuable lesson that an elder has taught you? How have these lessons impacted your life?

The most valuable lesson my grandparents have taught me was Prayer. Prayer has always instilled hope in my life and therefore has seen me through good times and bad.

8) Why should folks listen to your music? What do you hope will happen when they do?

My music is definitely trendy. It has been known to calm the mind and reflect the beauties of life. It has been known to be soothing, inspirational and uplifting. My hope is people will listen to my music and feel a sense of relaxation from the stresses of life and be inspired to continue to see the world in a positive light.

9) Who are some of your musical inspirations?

My musical inspirations growing up are: Jackie Bird, Darlene Young Bear, Sissy Good House, Nellie Two Bulls, The Blue Coat Sisters and all the young girls who look up to me.

10) Please list your CDs and how we can order them? Any YouTube videos or songs online? Contact Info?
My debut album is called, “Ohiya Ku Winyan” which is my Lakota name. It is translated as, ‘Comes Home A Champion Woman'. You may order from these websites:

I will also be traveling to various powwows throughout the coming year so listeners may follow me on Twitter or ‘Like' my Facebook page to stay updated of my potential powwows.

My most popular video is the Women's Back-Up Singing Contest in Rosebud, SD. This was my very first time competing in a Women's Back-Up Contest.

All my contact info will be on these sites.

11) What is on the horizon for you? What are your plans for 2014 and beyond?

My plans for next year will be to continue traveling to various powwows, performing, singing and dancing. I plan on coming out with a follow-up album in the near future as well as a duet album with my husband, Kevin Pederson Jr.

12) If you could jam with any artists throughout history, which ones would you choose?

There are many artists in which I would love to perform with it would be difficult to choose.

Thanks for sharing with us! See you on Powwow Highway!

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