What Would Pocahontas Think of Donald Trump?

What Would Pocahontas Think of Donald Trump?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown September 12th, 2017 Last Updated on: September 12th, 2017

Sky News attempts to answer, what would Pocahontas think of Donald Trump by asking these two women: Debbie Porreco, a descendant of Pocahontas and Irene Bedard, the voice of Disney's Pocahontas.

I'm really surprised to see the descendant is okay with Trump using the name Pocahontas as a slur when talking about Elizabeth Warren.

Disappointed in fact.

How do you feel after watching the video?

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16 thoughts on “What Would Pocahontas Think of Donald Trump?

  1. Please do not bring politics into this Powwows.com.

    Many people come to this place to escape the everyday drum of who hates who or who is slighted by mere words.
    I come here to learn from the people before me and to be a good human being.

    Words are just words, over time they, and those who said them will float away on the wind. Great words will be remembered. Meaningless will always remain…meaningless.

  2. Ann White Owl says:

    I am convinced that Elizabeth Warren has no right to run for President- she used privileges she wasn’t entitled to in order to get into college. So as far as that goes, President Trump is correct. One has to wonder if a “President Elizabeth Warren would keep her campaign promises- somehow, I doubt it.

    • I support our President . I am 4 generations+Native American ( dna proven)
      E.Warren is the wrong choice , I’m not sure anyone I know can relate to her.
      We are Americans moving forward .

    • This is only my opinion:
      I support our President . I am 4 generations+Native American ( dna proven)
      E.Warren is the wrong choice , I’m not sure anyone I know can relate to her.
      We are Americans moving forward .

  3. Cindy Merrill says:

    At least Donald Trump is not a faker. I do know Elizabeth Warren clearly knows nothing about Native American culture. Yet she used a false heritage identity to get a tenured position at a university. And since when has any democrat elected President kept their promises? Were YOU better off when President Obama was President? No. You were not. So why would a President Warren be any different?

  4. Harold GossMan says:

    This woman that claims to be a descendant of Pocahontas should have to “prove” her claim just as every enrolled tribal member in the country. I find her self-proclamation as offensive as the European Immigrant Descendant she is defending. American Indian is as much in the heart and soul as in the blood line. I hope she can find a true identity to feel fulfilled instead of the self-proclaimed one she professes.

  5. Florence Richards says:

    I am of Salish Heritage by my Great Great Grandmother. I’m am not enrolled but I do have some documentation.” I am more upset with Elizabeth Warren using a false Heritage to get advantages in college and work than being upset with Donald Trump!

  6. Alice Arroyo Hartshorn says:

    I have a lot of heartburn with Pocahontas but I don’t know what was going on all those centuries ago. I do know Elizabeth Warren clearly knows nothing about Native American culture. Yet she used our identity to get a tenured position at a university. She walked in and just took it. I do not have enrollment in my tribe. But I have always identified just as every woman who came before me. But I have never been allowed to claim anything. I am community recognized but that would not suffice in an employment application. I am happy to die and go home to my Ancestors. They don’t have numbers.

  7. Eli Yellowhair says:

    This has already been established but I’ve never been able to get a good family tree of Debbie White Dove Porreco. Her tribe is from the Eastern part of the US and the head dress of the person she is standing with in the picture is not a part of their culture, it’s more of a plains Indian culture. So if someone could please clue me in on where her tribe and reservation is located and how is she related to Pocahontas. I’m an enrolled member of the SRST, so I would like to use any method to establish other natives ancestry.

    • hello i dont care for her ways ether i dont care for most of trumps ways did not vote for him as for Debbie white im surprised she as native would stand for him tearing up our forest drilling an giveing go ahead to kill the animals it rides under my skin for now it is what it is any way i know my heritage although my dna didnt grab it for me to see made me very sad dont get me wrong as my british Grandmother i Love deeply an thats what mostly showed up..she grew up on a reservation married a mixed bred he was creek native american an spanish i think his last name was francisco his mother was full blooded native American my great grandmother my mothers sidemy fathers side i also have a Great Grandmother she is full blooded Cherokee ..im so proud an happy to have learned this as i always ask my family and never got any answers growing up i think they were afriad to let me know i guess i had a big mouth maybe they werent told ether i can only guess since i never got answers but would love to learn how to get into my tribe oklahome is where i believe they are dont want to offend them but wish to learn more of the ways want my grandbabies to learn our ways please help if you can vickie lea brooks [email protected] kadi is native but not one of my tribes but means cheif an beast is a rockweller i had pleasure of knowing thank you for your time vb creeklady222

  8. Barry Eagle Feather says:

    I would be affended by what President TRUMP Said about Pocahontas. Because Pocahontas is from the Powhatan Indian tribe. Trump is stupid on the Native American Indian heritage. He only knows business ,stocks and bonds and how to make money. IF I WAS IN CHARGE OF THE INDIAN NATION I WOULD SLAP A BIG LAWSUIT AGAINST HIM FOR ALL THE INSULTS HE HAS SAID AGAINST THE INDIAN TRIBES. PLUS THREATHENING TO DESTROY THE SACRED MONUMENTS IN UTAH….SUED TRUMP FOR HIS BILLIONS

      • Yes he has, he has stolen public lands that are sacred to native people and turned them over to polluting coal, uranium, and mineral miners, many of whom aren’t even U.S. companies.

    • coyote protector says:

      Barry Eagle Feather – you are absolutely correct!
      he actually doesn’t even know business well- bankruptcy filings aplenty!
      he cares NOTHING about the Native Heritage, the land, the air, the water ….
      He wants to develop Bears ears for mining and drilling,
      he has taken back clean air and water acts
      he cares nothing about endangered species-wants to remove the Endangered species Act.

      All the sacred land, monuments across this land are NOT anything he cares about or respects. He ONLY cares about adding more $ to his corporate Greedy friends by destroying more sacred land, polluting the air and water to benefit their pockets already full of gross neglect, disrespect and lack of any consideration of the next generations.

      Him referencing any Native Indian is an insult to the culture and heritage because he cares nothing about what the Native Indian stands for. Has he made provisions for greater access and resources to Native communities for Health, education and vocational training?? NO

      Pocahontas- by the stories written– sought peace

      Trump LIES every single day.

      She died a young woman… and would have made a better president than either.
      Its time a Native Indian took the oval office!

  9. Two levels of assimilation at it’s finest. We do to ourselves what they couldn’t hope to do: we assimilate into mainstream society and embrace it as if it is us. We have all been assimilated to a point, the key to balance is to remain focused on our individuality and not meld into any of the molds created for us by others. Stay grounded in our unique culture and educate others when possible. Live and let live.

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