Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

Posted By Paul G October 20th, 2018 Last Updated on: November 1st, 2018

Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

It doesn't matter if Elizabeth Warren is or isn't Native American, what matters is the President legitimized a racist slur.

Only a racist cur will use a racist slur!

But in the Trumpmosphere, if you blame the victim, then there is no crime. – Marty Two Bulls

This past week Elizabeth Warrens's heritage became a political issue again.

What are your thoughts?

Is calling her Pocahontas a racist slur?

Is 1% Native blood enough to be called Native American?

Pochantas Elizabeth Warren



The views expressed in the editorial cartoon are not necessarily that of PowWows.com.
PowWows.com publishes these editorial cartoons weekly to highlight issues in Indian Country.  We hope these cartoons will help start conversations about these issues.

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Korena Ortiz Byam

Why did you not post my comment which clarifies why the President was mocking Warren? Is it because you don’t want to have a two-sided conversation on the image you posted and Warren’s motive by falsely claiming her grandmother was Cherokee? Again, 40,000 people apply to 2000 openings for admission to Harvard annually. She claimed she was native to have an advantage over all others. Her spot should have been reserved for a true native. I’d criticize her too.

Coyote Poet

I’m no fan of either of these two people (Trump and Elizabeth).. One is arrogant white racist and the other is a fake..to tell the truth, it’s hard to tell the difference. If there’s any shine on this turd, thru his racism trump managed to dredge up old stereotypes and white people’s philosophy that if they say they’re part ‘Native American’ that somehow they’re legitimate in this country. It’s no secret in native culture we joke about how many Europeans claim Native ancestry by being a ‘Cherokee’.. its both sad and laughable. If they look into a little bit of history, they lied, cheated, killed, and stole every bit that was Cherokee and drove them out of their homelands. And yet they romanticize themselves at the thought of being Native American.
In various social functions I might find myself answering a question posed by a white person and once they find out what Nation I’m from, they suddenly go into this story that we are all familiar with..’ my grandmother is a ___________’ …. We all know what they say next. I then ask what Nation, where they’re from , who’s their tribal elders, etc… they are clueless.
I’m not sure where the ‘real Cherokees’ draw the line at what their blood quantum actually is.. I’m quite sure it then begs the question, what’s a ‘real Native American’?… But from I can tell you from experience, Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results doesn’t surprise me.. just a fraction of Native blood that would fill the belly of a mosquito is nowadays enough to claim Cherokee from many.. I often scoff when I was down in the South East and how many blond, blue-eyed hillbillies call themselves Cherokee… it was embarrassing.
These Europeans should just be proud of who they are and quit romanticizing themselves about trying to be Native American.. just being a fraction of Native blood and not knowing who your ancestors are is not Native to me..Why not claim the other 99% that says you’re from Europe? Get over it, Thanksgiving isn’t the happy picture you painted.. and Pocahontas isn’t a love story…

Korena Ortiz Byam

Elizabeth Warren was only claiming to be Native American so that she could take advantage of Harvard’s admission process which favors cultural diversity and minority populations over others because they get 40,000 applications for only 2000 available spots annually. So she claimed to be Native American to get in which is shameful because this rare opportunity should be reserved for someone who is truly Native American. What you fail to recognize is that President Trump is trying to defend Native legitimacy by mocking her farce and the fact that she has taken advantage of policy for her own personal gain over those who deserve such an opportunity more because they are culturally and yes genetically Native Americans who have been subjected to hardships historically imposed by society. It seems nonsensical to me that you would defend a politician such as Warren who has never defended Native American rights ever. The President’s frustration is directed at her character not at Pocahontas. Now if he drew a picture of Pocahontas and depicted her as a bloated pig as you have done to our President yes I would be offended. I would never represent a chief or tribal leader so disrespectfully. This is really stupid and shameful. Instead of defending Warren why don’t you instead solicit the President for a solution or assistance to address the crisis with 3x the national suicide rate with Native American youth or address the opioid crisis which is more devastating to such smaller tribal populations? Be constructive not destructive.

leonard colbu

Blah blah blah. Shut it

aurelia phillips

I think we should all be proud she even believed she was native – which her family told her………remember, this is called oral history! More to the point, the president was asked, by the heads of many tribes – to stop using that name as a slur. He did anyway. Plus, after she released the information – he said “who cares”……and then DENIED he even made a million dollar offer – until the film surfaced, showing he did. Last – she wanted that money to be given in support of abused Native American women……who suffer 2 and 1/2 times MORE than the other females in this country. I am Chickasaw – and I call her sister to me.


Because trump said Pocahontas in a derogatory way, he meant it as an insult. He called Warren Pocahontas to delegitimize her, so that people would not take her seriously. I agree with the editorial cartoon. Trump used the name Pocahontas as a racial slur. And he absolutely believes in blaming the victim, and anybody else for that matter, so that he never has to take responsibility for his actions.


My grandpa told one of my sisters (when she was little) that we had an Indian princess in our family history. Several years ago I submitted my DNA to ancestry.com to find out if it was true. The testing proved that the story was false; I had no Native American DNA. I was disappointed as I feel a connection with Native Americans. Sometimes well meaning adults make up stories to tell kids not realizing how it can affect them.
The story did end up having a positive affect. I am more aware of human history and how barbaric we as humans can be toward one another. I’m more inclined to voice my opinions about how we mistreat our fellow humans. My race unfortunately tends to dehumanize other races and dominate for greed and selfishness under the guise of Christianity. There is absolutely nothing Christian about that behavior. Some folks will never change their way of thinking and they will miss out on a fascinating life. The rest of us see that we are all human and have respect for one another.

Diane Oraif

Yes, 1% is enough to be called Native American if other factors exist. Those factors do not exist with Elizabeth Warren, however she never claimed anything other than Native American heritage.

Native Americans are part of the American landscape. We in the USA have been called a melting pot, and we have been called a salad bowl. We are a little of both. Native American essence blends into all those who live in this continent. Let it be seen as a compliment rather than an insult. Smile gently but knowingly at those who appropriate Native culture, because this is done only because they see the culture as beautiful and desirable, and of something worth preserving.

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