Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

Posted By Paul G October 20th, 2018 Blog

Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

It doesn't matter if Elizabeth Warren is or isn't Native American, what matters is the President legitimized a racist slur.

Only a racist cur will use a racist slur!

But in the Trumpmosphere, if you blame the victim, then there is no crime. – Marty Two Bulls

This past week Elizabeth Warrens's heritage became a political issue again.

What are your thoughts?

Is calling her Pocahontas a racist slur?

Is 1% Native blood enough to be called Native American?

Pochantas Elizabeth Warren



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8 thoughts on “Pocahontas – The President Legitimized a Racist Slur – Marty Two Bulls

  1. Korena Ortiz Byam says:

    Why did you not post my comment which clarifies why the President was mocking Warren? Is it because you don’t want to have a two-sided conversation on the image you posted and Warren’s motive by falsely claiming her grandmother was Cherokee? Again, 40,000 people apply to 2000 openings for admission to Harvard annually. She claimed she was native to have an advantage over all others. Her spot should have been reserved for a true native. I’d criticize her too.

  2. Coyote Poet says:

    I’m no fan of either of these two people (Trump and Elizabeth).. One is arrogant white racist and the other is a fake..to tell the truth, it’s hard to tell the difference. If there’s any shine on this turd, thru his racism trump managed to dredge up old stereotypes and white people’s philosophy that if they say they’re part ‘Native American’ that somehow they’re legitimate in this country. It’s no secret in native culture we joke about how many Europeans claim Native ancestry by being a ‘Cherokee’.. its both sad and laughable. If they look into a little bit of history, they lied, cheated, killed, and stole every bit that was Cherokee and drove them out of their homelands. And yet they romanticize themselves at the thought of being Native American.
    In various social functions I might find myself answering a question posed by a white person and once they find out what Nation I’m from, they suddenly go into this story that we are all familiar with..’ my grandmother is a ___________’ …. We all know what they say next. I then ask what Nation, where they’re from , who’s their tribal elders, etc… they are clueless.
    I’m not sure where the ‘real Cherokees’ draw the line at what their blood quantum actually is.. I’m quite sure it then begs the question, what’s a ‘real Native American’?… But from I can tell you from experience, Elizabeth Warren’s DNA results doesn’t surprise me.. just a fraction of Native blood that would fill the belly of a mosquito is nowadays enough to claim Cherokee from many.. I often scoff when I was down in the South East and how many blond, blue-eyed hillbillies call themselves Cherokee… it was embarrassing.
    These Europeans should just be proud of who they are and quit romanticizing themselves about trying to be Native American.. just being a fraction of Native blood and not knowing who your ancestors are is not Native to me..Why not claim the other 99% that says you’re from Europe? Get over it, Thanksgiving isn’t the happy picture you painted.. and Pocahontas isn’t a love story…

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