Phenomenon: Caleb Hairston is a Guitar Hero!

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Caleb Hairston, Apache Artist!

Caleb Hairston, Apache Artist!

Caleb Hairston


Caleb Hairston celebrates his unique style!

Caleb Hairston celebrates his unique style!


Caleb Hairston of Blue Mountain Tribe

Caleb Hairston of Blue Mountain Tribe

Q) You're such a prominent presence on the music scene! Will you please introduce yourself to us? What do you want us to know about you?

A) I'm Caleb Hairston. I'm Native American musician that wants to inspire people, as we as my Native brothers and sisters, to help, care, heal and look out for each other.

Q) You embrace your Native culture and Identity in every aspect of your life and it shows in your positive attitude and approaches to music! Tell us about your journey in music?

A) After playing guitar for several years, and my dad being a professional harmonica player, he decided to get a band together with me. Not just any band, a Native American inspired band. We came up with Blue Mountain Tribe as our official band name. At the time and for a few years we were just a Blues and Classic Rock cover band. One day we were watching the concert channel and this all Native American Rock N' Roll band by the name of Xit started performing. As soon as we saw them we were in deep and emotional inspiration when we realized that is exactly the route we want to go to. So we went all Native and began writing more Native style original songs.

Q) How did you start performing? What are some of your favorite accomplishments? Please give us the highlight reel!

A) Me and my dad began performing as special guest stars for other band. That was until we started our own. My favorite accomplishments are getting more popular everyday and now having a worldwide following especially by other Natives around the continent.

Q)How does your Tribal heritage appear in your life as a way of life? How does culture impact the way that you live and the way that you make your music?
A) My Tribal heritage is a way of life in honor of my people and representing them in a good way. And most of all it's for the Creator.

Q) You're a star now, but everybody's got their something. What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in order to achieve the success you enjoy now?

A) I had to overcome some fears and insecurity. I knew that I had to be an optimist in order to be successful.

Q) What are the most important qualities of a performer? What are the most destructive?

A) The most important qualities of a performer are talent, lots of practice, good working equipment, and enthusiasm. The most destructive are lack of practice, bad unworking equipment and gloom personalities.

Q) Who are some of your favorite musicians? Why?

A) My favorite musicians are Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, Randy Rhoads, Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and many more… because they are all amazing guitarists and have inspired me.

Q) Where can we purchase your music and connect with you? What would you like us to know that we don't already know about you?

A) You can purchase my music on our website at bluemountaintribe.com as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store and CD Baby. I think I've cover everything about myself so far.

Q) How do you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it yet? What gives your music such a powerful sound?

A) My music is a hard driven blues and rock style added with a Native style flare. What makes it sound so powerful is the energy we put into it.

Q) When did you first perform for an audience? What are some of your best, performing memories?

A) I first performed for an audience when I was 14. There are so many shows that I played and most of them I get some great feedback so don't have any particular favorites.

Q) What do you know now that you wish you had known when you first started performing? What are you glad you DIDN'T know?

A) I don't have anything that I wish I could have known when I first started performing. However in my early days of performing I wish I could have had more confidence and more enthusiasm on stage because I later realized that people love that and I would get more attention that way.

Q) You have awesome CDs out! What are some of them? How can we purchase your music?

A) Our first album is called All Our Relations which we released in late 2014 and as of August 2015 we just released two singles called Oh Great Warrior and Silver Salmon. You can purchase on our website at bluemountaintribe.com as well as on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store and CD Baby.

Q) How did you know that music was your passion? Who taught music to you?

A)At the age of 12 I realized that I had a natural talent for music. After several months of learning the guitar I knew that music was my passion. I began taking guitar classes after my stepmom gave me one of her guitars as a birthday present when I turned 13. I had several guitar teachers teach me how to play. Afterwards I began learning on my own.

Q) How does Native American identity and culture appear in your music? How does Native tradition shape your songs?

A) We write songs about the Native American history and the struggles and persecution they endured over the years. We put in our music what we learned from our elders, the ceremonies we've been to and the drum circle groups that we were in for some time.

Q) What are some of the many accomplishments and awards you've achieved through your music? What do they mean to you?

A) The great accomplishments we've had were grabbing the attention of an enormous number of Native Americans around the continent. We hope to inspire them and encourage them to help one another and do for the greater good. As well as for the Great Spirit.

Q) Many thanks for visiting with us today!

A) Thank you!

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