Pendleton Blanket Giveaway

Pendleton Blanket Giveaway

Posted By Paul G September 11th, 2013 Last Updated on: September 11th, 2013

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We want to thank you all for your continued support of PowWows.com.

We are raffling off a Chief Joseph Pendleton Blanket.  Enter below to win.   The contest allows you to enter multiple ways.  Each method of entry gives you more chances to win.  And there is a way to get entries in the contest everyday!


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  • Contest open to US and Canada residences only
  • Must be 18 or older to enter
  • State and Local rules apply


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549 thoughts on “Pendleton Blanket Giveaway

  1. Weichafe says:

    It is an excellent product, I am an admirer and follower of the Lakota people, and from my distant country Chile, South Amercia, I can feel it in your videos, dance and music of drums … I belong to a family native of my country, and I share much of their ideology, and wise look, thanks for sharing your beautiful culture …!!

  2. So who won? I know I didn’t because I don’t ever win anything but I am just wondering who did. Somebody will stay warm this winter wrapped in that!!

  3. Clara Jo says:

    My dad got our first Chief Joseph Pendelton Chinook dancing back in 1972. He was supposed to be working as security but the other dancers insisted he join in. Well, the winds came up, it rained like crazy and I remember my mom saying to my sister and I,”Well, your dad must be dancing!” Sure enough, he came home with this beautiful blanket which I am proud to say, I still have. My dad was killed in the line of duty in 1973 so this blanket holds very special meaning for me, so much that my husband bought me a green Chief Joseph blanket about 12 years ago. Pendletons are beautiful, useful, and they withstand the test of time. They are of excellent quality.

  4. Donna McGoff says:

    This Pendleton Blanket is absolutely beautiful! I am a Makah Native and very proud of my heritage, This would be awesome to display with my Brother Dale’s beautiful Native Artwork. Thank you for giving us all a chance in winning this beautiful prize.

  5. frank bullock says:

    I would say humbly to who ever wins may our fore fathers give You all the blessings from above.

  6. Regena Story says:

    The chief Joseph Blanket is my favorite of all the Blankets. I love this side and color. But All the Native Series are great in their own way. You cant have just one.

  7. karen tagle says:

    I would love to win this beautiful blanket for my family. When I was young my great grandmother made us quilts and this would be so special to me coming from a native American who put so much love into creating this very special blanket.

  8. Stacy Phillips says:

    I would love to win this beautiful blanket!! I wouldn’t use it, my baby daughter would be!! She needs it more then I do and I know she will love and cherish it!! She will be born on Dec. 25th. So Yes I will be sharing this on Facebook!!!

  9. All the best of good wishes to the lucky winner of the Pendleton Blanket. Treasure it, for it will give you a lifetime of warmth!!

  10. Maria Isiaho says:

    I would be honored to win this blanket. It’s beautiful and I’m sure took a lot of time to make.

  11. Eric Selvidge says:

    My Queen & I watched the Live Streem of the Powow @ Morongo Casino. Food for the Soul. Muuch Needed. Thank for that

  12. connie lewendal says:

    My Grandma had one that looked similar to this, it brings back memories and would love to win it! 🙂

  13. Patricia Hughes says:

    This is a perfect gift for my Native brothers and sisters to be warm this winter at the Grafton Pece Pagoda which they helped build. Peace to all my relations.

  14. Barbara Rowe says:

    just started checking out some of these sites, helps keep me connected since I live far away from Indian country.

  15. Virginia Fox says:

    This beautiful blanket would make me feel more at home here. I may only have a small amount of my grandmothers native blood in me, but I am very proud of it. My family has had to move to Kansas from Pennsylvania. All my decor is in PA and I miss it. About 90-95% of my decor is native american. I also miss going to PowWows, I love the music and the dances. I use to go to any that were in driving distance. Now I am in an unknown area that, from what I’ve heard, does not have PoWows. So this blanket would really make my day.

    • That’s another one of our sites. The site gathers news from several different websites and aggregates it together for you in one place.

  16. I would love this blanket it would go great with the rest of my Indian stuff, plus keep me warm in the winter…:)

  17. Grace BlackBear says:

    This is a gorgeous blanket, rich in traditional colors and in a stunning pattern. Best wishes to the winner of this gift. It would be an honor to win this blanket but just being able to see the photograph is a joy. Peace and Blessings <3

  18. Chief Joseph is my favorite chief. I love the colors of this blanket. I would REALLY love to win it. Thanks!!

  19. Tony Salas says:

    This is Great! I have a couple of Cherokee and Navajo blannkets that are close to 75 years old in my collection.

  20. Crystal McKinley says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win a gorgeous Chief Joseph blanket!

  21. It’s a shame that international followers aren’t eligible but I’m sure that whoever gets the blanket will be a very happy camper.

    Hello from Australia!

    • Sorry, it’s the shipping that is an issue. Shipping a large blanket to some countries could cost us more than the blanket!

      We appreciate you tuning in. Look for other giveaways open to everyone soon!

  22. Tracie Lei says:

    This blanket would look great on my bed! I love all the blankets Pendleton makes been a fan for many years!!!Thanks for all the entries today! Good luck to all!

  23. Sandra More says:

    I love the Chief Joseph pattern and colors. I’m so glad I found your site, and that you decided to do a giveaway!

  24. Dena Russo says:

    I love your website. Growing up on the res and then moving away for a job left me very homesick for “home things”. Your website helps fill the void. Great contest, whoever the winner is will be very lucky.

  25. Marie Beckendorf says:

    Love the blanket,can see the love and care that went into the making of it. Glad to have a site to let me know when & where the Pow Wows are.

  26. Marla de Vries says:

    I would love to win the blanket, because it’s very beautiful, but I hope Dolores Lucas wins the blanket for her mother !

    (dolores lucas says:
    September 28, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    i blankeful for my mother who sleep in cold room it will her happy she is 80 year old she love pow,)

    Good luck !

  27. Sheryl Burnham says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful site. It is great to be able to look and see what’s happening.

  28. Martha Gallagher says:

    What’s a tweet? What is twitter? Sorry, I am older and not “hip” to all of this new stuff. Thanks. And thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful blanket. <3 <3

  29. Lindy Dawes says:

    This is a beautiful blanket. Thanks for sharing the chance to own it. I have wonderful childhood memories of going to Crow Fair in Montana, visiting family on the reservation, and camping in the Little Bighorn Mountains.

  30. dolores lucas says:

    i blankeful for my mother who sleep in cold room it will her happy she is 80 year old she love pow,

  31. LOVE YOUR PAGE!! Thank you for sharing with us, and good luck to all on this BEAUTIFUL blanket!!

  32. Felicia London says:

    I’ve always wanted to have a Pendleton blanket 🙂 Especially one that’s as gorgeous as this one!

  33. Gina Gamble says:

    I would be super excited,happy and proud to win this beautiful Pendleton Blanket from powwow.com….I love the life feed of the powwows…got to see my family dance as if I was in the stands..thank you for that amazing experience..I will certainly post on every native content group or site of my winning of the Pendleton Blanket.

  34. Pat Carleson says:

    What a beautiful blanket! I would love this and would cherish it! I do crafts and appreciate all the more hand made items of this sort!

  35. Carol Baize says:

    There is Nothing better then a Pendleton Blanket on a cold winter night! Thank You so much for the chance!!

  36. warren coachman says:

    Many Mvtos for sharing all that PowWows shares with those of us who like to stay at home and relax while catching up on the latest….

  37. Osiyo I would like to take this time and say we All would like to win this Blanket from Chief Joseph who is to be guided by Creator to bring it into the right home I said Wado for Pow Wow .com as it lets us know were and what is taking place with our native Brothers and Sisters and to share this gifts with us and give those who are not able to travel be with them as they dance as there songs uplift ours Spirits Aho .

  38. The blanket is absolutely beautiful. The calls are amazing to be so lucky to be able to see them is the greatest thing.

  39. Karen Saddleblanket says:

    I would be truly honored to have a Chief Joseph’s Pendleton Blanket, Chief Joeseph has always been a hero of mine.
    Best of luck to everyone. thanks PowWow.com for this chance.

  40. Marie Armstrong says:

    Thanks Powwows.com for posting live videos of pow wows so I can watch when I’m at home working on homework! I get to hear my honey singing when he’s traveling too!

  41. sylvain bullett says:

    i try to help powwow.com has best that i can ,to me ,it is a honor and pride for me becouse i am native and a proud one at that …..tank you powwow.com……

  42. This is such a great forum. I love how social media is bringing the Native community together.

  43. Love the site, so much information to keep the native people up to date! Good luck to all!

  44. albert mitchell says:

    I sure miss the pow wows they used to have here in salem they just do not have them anymore here miss it

  45. This is my first time visiting your page, but it will NOT be the last. I’m very interested in all I’m seeing here and would LOVE to have that beautiful Pendleton blanket in my living room.

  46. Such a huge fan of Pendleton and this blanket is just gorgeous. I would LOVE to win it and show off my Native American pride. Maybe even an awesome gift for my dad who has always supported me and got me into my culture to begin with 🙂

  47. How awesome it would be to win this beautiful Pendleton-Blanket ;);) I had one that was given to me bye my father-inlaw Haman Sr. at the end of a four day Sun Dance which would be his last one, that was given to him bye his mother Adia. so that I may give it to my son when he was older, and to let him know the history of the blanket, but in the May Tornado of this yr. The back of my home was flooded and some damage to it due to all the rain and Tornado that came through Oklahoma last May 31st. :(:( 6-days after May 20th Tornados hit Moore Okla. and other areas near bye, :(:( yes the blanket was lost in that flood :(:( I have replaced some of what I lost, but not that beautiful blanket :(:( I know it wouldn’t be the same one, but the meaning of the new one would be the same;);) it would be a beginning of a new story to add to the old one for many generation to come;);) this is why winning this blanket would be a blessing for my son and I ;)♥;)♥;)♥ Thank You All :)♥;)♥;)♥

  48. Nellie Richards says:

    I love the news about Native Americans my great grandmother was native American and she passed away before I was born and all the records have been destroyed in a fire so seeing your things on face book has been a blessing to me and having a true Native American blanket would mean a great deal to me

  49. Deborah Powell-Porrazzo says:

    This blanket is so beautiful. I have entered everyday, but my entries say I have only the same number I started with. It is a gorgeous blanket and thank you for having this contest. I must be doing something wrong, but hope it goes to someone who will enjoy it as much as I would. Thank you.

  50. My apartment is freezing in the winter, I would love another warm blanket. Good luck everyone.

  51. Jennifer says:

    This blanket holds a special place in my heart as a Nez Perce tribe member. I appreciate the opportunity Powwow.com has given to all to enter this contest, and have always hoped to own one.

    Thank you!

  52. Running Fox says:

    I’m a big fan of PowWows.com so thankful to have the info available here for Natives and non-natives alike. I’d love one of these blankets- have always wanted one! Thanks! Running Fox

  53. The day is drawing closer Creator will see the right Brother or Sister to have Brother Chief Joseph Blanket as Creator will know who will Honor the work love in each string, I am Cherokee even it is not of my tribe I meant want I had said earlier in my first comment Blessing be with All as Creator watch over your homes and families Aho.I would like to say Powwow.com is a wonderful gift to know were and what is happening in the native world and I say ( Wado ) means ( Thank You ) in Cherokee for your Great website .

  54. Staci McClendon says:

    Who wouldn’t love a new Chief Joseph Blanket? My son graduates his welding training at the end of October- if I win, he would be getting this as a gift, to remind him of home and heritage as he moves into the adult world!!

  55. I really love powwows.com. It really helps me stay connected and lets me know when and where the powwows near me are going to be. I really love all the good work. Much love!

  56. ashe hoyt says:

    OH so upset!!!!!!! 🙁 because I cant win the Chief Joseph’s Pendleton beautiful Blanket cause I live in Australia. It will be an honour to have this Blanket. I love Blankets and native culture in All its forms. I’m Cherokee on my mum Side and anything from and my native cultures in general is an honour to me, I love it and learn about it and it is a passion of my and it is in my blood and heart. So having POWPOWs and native culture on Facebook, Internet to learn, see and get in touch with, is a Blessing and an honour for me. with love Ashe

  57. ashe hoyt says:

    OH!!!!!! I so upset 🙁 !!!!!!!! I cant win the beautiful blanket because I live in Australia. I love Blankets and it being from a Chief Joseph’s Pendleton will be such a honour. I’m Cherokee on my mothers side.(I’m Australia native too).But being in Australia (there are not much of us here) I long for things of my Native Blood and to be close to it in song, Dance, stories,life,Native American Arts and crafts, and not just from my Tribe but first Nations Tribe and Aboriginal people in general. I Love Native Culture!!!! and I’m very Passionate about it and learning about it And anything I learn and have of my/the culture is a great honour for me. with love Ashe.

  58. I’ve been out of the native loop for too long, I’m glad I went to the Gathering this past weekend, Now I’m back.

    This blanket would be a great reminder to never wander away again.

  59. PowWows is the best ever for doing such a wonderful job helping us all stay in touch with the great Spirit

  60. Will further blankets be available to purchase for the people who do not win. It is very beautiful.

    Thank you.

  61. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to like all the great fb pages. I love what they all offer. Congrats on your achievement.

  62. Linda Hardin English says:

    It would be a huge surprise to win..It’s such a Beautiful Blanket.. I would be honored and would always cherish Chief Josephs Blanket. I named my son Joseph after the Chief..I am part Cherokee and Choctaw..But all tribes have walked the same path..I Love you POW WOWS.. Nawuati..

  63. Anita Hernandez Andrade says:

    So excited to have access to your link. I collect Native American crafts, and artifacts. Would so love to win this beautiful Pendleton Blanket to add to my collection and to display it in my home. 🙂

  64. I am a proud Makah woman. The only time our family had a Chief Joseph blanket was when my Grandmother was gifted with one. We lined her coffin w/ it. That blanket was her most prized possession. I would LOVE to have a Chief Joseph Pendleton in honor & memory of my beloved Grandmother.
    KLEKO KLEKO (thank you in our language)
    I love this site, thank you for this raffle & good luck to each & every person that has entered.

  65. Dewianne Hall says:

    My son, Blu Thunder Hall crossed over last year. His baby daughter will be adopted outside of his family soon. I would love to give her this blanket to remember her Father as she goes through the rest of her life.

  66. Margaret Compton says:

    I love learning about the Native American ways. I don’t claim to have much Native American maybe 1/16 or less but i know it is there through my mothers father. She has taught me to have respect and love for the original people of this country.
    I pray more and more people will go to Pow Wow’s and learn so respect will come to a Beautiful People.

  67. Tia Alexandria says:

    Thank You for this wonderful opportunity. Thank You for what you do! Good Luck to everyone 🙂 (Me Too!)

  68. Arlene Ogles says:

    I love reading your post and learning about the Native Americans….I would love to own this blanket and would treasure it always…

  69. Regina Marino says:

    I would be honored to receive a Pendleton blanket I love everything about the native American ,I feel we could learn from them as they respect mother earth and all living things ,Which the white man has no clue in how to do it .

  70. I would love to win, thanks for the contest and congrats on all the likes. Very happy I found this on facebook and am looking forward to going to a powwow in our area. i went to many as a child and want my son to experience the same

  71. Denise Darcel says:

    I would love to finally have a pendleton blanket. especially one this beautiful 🙂

  72. walkinturtle says:

    Thanks for the awesome entry for the pendelton blanket… i always look forward to my newsletters and now i have another reason to check in more often. thanks

  73. Syble Cranford says:

    The Pendleton Blanket is a beautiful work of art. I admire those native men and women who work so hard to produce such beautiful work. I would be honored to win this blanket for sure.

  74. Melissa D says:

    Love powwows.com! Keeps me up to date on happenings. The blanket is beautiful and I would love to win it. Good luck everyone!

  75. Dani Martin says:

    Powwows.com is AWESOME! Between hanging out on the forums, listening to wonderful music, and being able to watch various powwows and events from all across the country, this site has everything! Love this place ^_^

  76. Johanna Barker says:

    Beautiful blanket! Beautiful work of art! Love reading POW WOW site to stay on top of happenings and a great way to find POW WOW’s close to me!

  77. James (Laughing Eagle) VanEllen says:

    This would be an honor to be able to add this blanket to my bundle as an ever reminder of the past of my people that I.ve just found in the last 12 years.I go to as many POW WOWs as I can and take with me my Agent Orange Eagle Staffand if permitted carry it into the arena at Grand Entry. not only for my cancer fight but more for the native brothers and sisters who have fought this same battle and lost or are still fighting daily as well as al Veterans following this same road.This blanket would be added to my bundle of my ceremonial pipe and layed out with each use.

  78. Choctaw Keith says:

    I enjoy reading about Native American activities, sharing photos of beadwork and meeting other Native Americans.

  79. greenemily says:

    “… It’s just another one of the things I do not understand: all impressed by how unique you are, encourage you to grow your individuality while at the same time try to get you and all in the same form ridiculous squeeze to get it. really an artist is to rebel against the stupidity of the world. “

  80. Beautiful blanket! It would be my first Pendleton blanket if I win. I have a good feeling I will =)

  81. Every time a see this blanket I think of the Nimi’ipuu and Chief Joseph and how he fought to try to get his people to safety. These blankets are beautiful and a special reminder of the spirit of every tribe.

  82. Jo Oppenheimer says:

    I would love to win this beautiful blanket but first I would like to know how to enter the raffle.

  83. Jeanne Duchesneau says:

    I’ve never been lucky at winning things, but I do so want the blanket and would be so honored if I won it. Thank you!

  84. Pow wow.com has been wonderful for me in posting my powwows. I would love this blanket, BEAUTIFUL!

  85. opal Gallardo says:

    I just found this site but I am so glad i did. can’t wait to see if I’m a winner. but, if not at least I found this wonderful site.

  86. H. Raven Rose (@ChocolateVamp) says:

    Love PowWows.com and this beautiful blanket. Lucky stars to everyone who enters. #gratitude

  87. Barb Weaver says:

    This blanket represents the people and has lots to say about them. Many blessings to the one that wins it. Wado

  88. Barb Weaver says:

    I would greatly appreciate a blanket like this. What this blanket represents and has to say is wonderful. Many blessings to the one that wims this blanket.

  89. Virginia Tadrzynski says:

    My daughter taught for a year on the Navajo Nation, I would love to have this to give her to remind her of that work she found so fulfilling.

  90. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. It is a beautiful blanket! and I look forward to receiving more of your info..

  91. Drew Waepew-Awaehsaeh says:

    What a gorgeous blanket!!! Good Luck to everyone who enters!!! Hope it’s me!!!

  92. Love the site, keeps me up to date. And love the blankets, the one in the photo is actually really gorgeous.

  93. milissa bausch cerio says:

    What a wonderful giveaway i would love to win blessings powwows.com has picked me up many times when i needed a lift good medicine

  94. Sue Ellen says:

    I love your sight and look forward to the information that you share with all of us. Thank you for being here! <3

  95. Thank you for everything that you do and the opportunity to
    win this Beautiful blanket. 🙂

  96. Lisa Forrest says:

    This is a beautiful piece of art work it speaks to me in many ways of the love and dedication of the hand and the spirit of the soul peaceful .Heritage is an honor of ones worth never forget your journey .

  97. Teri (Poisoned Candy) says:

    My friends and I attend every local Pow Wow we can. I found out later in life that my birth father was Sioux. I have always loved Native culture

  98. I’m am totally in-tune with nature i go there to calm down from the week of turmoil…this blanket would keep me warm on chilly nights,

  99. Barbara Sokolow says:

    We’re getting ready for a traditional memorial and this would be a great item for the give-away. What a great promotional idea powwows.com has come up with in this.

  100. I’m am totally intune with nature i go there to calm down from the week of turmoil…this blanket would keep me warm on chilly nights,

  101. I can never afford a nice Pendleton blanket like this. I really hope I win! I would love to have this for sure!

  102. Cathy MorningHawk Dishon says:


  103. Deborah Powell-Porrazzo says:

    I would be so honored to win this; it is also my favorite colors. Thank you for having this contest.

  104. Dorothy Moore says:

    I love pow wow season. It is a time to gather with family and friends and renew relationships with our intertribal brothers and sisters. Good times!

  105. Sherri Ann says:

    Thank You for the opportunity to win this beautiful blanket <3 🙂 fingers crossed 😉

  106. Lois Caddell says:

    I bought a Pendleton at my last Pow Wow to give to my daughter. I would really like one for myself. Happiness to whoever wins this prize if it is not me.

  107. Noah: "Nea Wenta" says:

    I love listening Native Flute Music and I love playing the one I bought from Rainsong, Flute #3161.

  108. Vivian Moore says:

    would love to win this magnificent blanket and give to my daughter who is getting married soon. would make a wonderful wedding gift!

  109. sioux pingree says:

    Gorgeous blankets that are superbly made. Knockout colors of the Earth make it exceptionally beautiful.

  110. I’ve been reading about the Nez Perce for a few years now and have a deep empathy for them. Also made a couple of trips to see the country they used to live in – The Wallowa Valley in Oregon and the area from White Bird Idaho to Lewiston, Idaho. The blanket would mean a lot to me.

  111. would be a great first gift for my new grand child coming into this world.. good luck everyone 🙂

  112. Crystal sagon says:

    If I won this ..I would wrap my newest addition to the family when she arrives into this world !!

  113. Deb Clink says:

    Beautiful! I love my native heritage, my great grandmother was Cherokee and I have filled my home with native decor..proud of the people!

  114. I love Pendelton blankets, especially the Chief Joseph blanket. I have always wanted the Chief Joseph blanket! Good luck all!!!

  115. PowWows.com keeps us updated and now a possible chance to win a gorgeous blankie!! #WIIIIIINING

  116. tom mallard says:

    Such a gift should warm an elder in need so I’ll ask for help picking one if I get so lucky to win.

  117. Denise Adams says:

    The blanket is beautiful! It would be an honor to win it and I would cherish it always.

  118. Genny luna says:

    Love Powwows.com keeps me informed of the pow wows around where I live. Thank you for the chance to win this blanket.

  119. Kristine Stroede says:

    I used to have a blanket like this, it was blown away off my car in a tornado. Car was so packed coming home from a 3 month stay in Yellowstone, my suitcase was on the trunk! lol POW WOW’s are my church and I am proud to be Native and pass down everything I know to my son! AHO!

  120. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful blanket…i am sure it will keep me warm 🙂

  121. Deborah Powell-Porrazzo says:

    I would treasure a blanket like this for many reasons, not the least of which are the warm feelings I get from gatherings like powwows, or special times with those I hold in my heart. This blanket would allow me to hold those memories closer. Thank you for the opportunity to dream of it.

  122. Richene Johnson says:

    I’ve always wanted a blanket being Nez Perz an Tu Tu Nee it would give me something from my for father TY for the chance

  123. Meghan Harrison says:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Pendleton blanket, but never been able to afford one!! This website is one of my favorites and I think it’s awesome they’re doing this raffle!! 🙂

  124. Enjoy reading the blogs and having easy access to pow wow events. Keep up the good work! The blanket is gorgeous and I hope whomever wins it treats it with honour and respect.

  125. Djembe Jessi says:

    So glad I found this site. Keeps me updated on what’s going on, & coming up. The blanket is absolutely beautiful, no matter who wins. 🙂

  126. Harold Howell says:

    That is a beautiful &incredible blanket,I,m still in awe of talent The Native American People have,Igrew up in theFour Cornors area, inColo.with the UTE & Navajo People. The kids I went to school with could draw,free hand,beautiful penmanship,good in sports,just incredible people.Ijust wish I had taken more time to learn more from them an about them.I,m 66yrs old,my grandmother told me we were part Cherokee & Souix, how much, I don’t really know, I just know I respect the Native American People an Support Their efforts for their rights.

  127. stinkyluk says:

    I love the Pendelton blankets and the Chief Joseph has always been my favorite. I would be honored to own one!

  128. Phyllis Bruce says:

    Such a beautiful blanket – if I win it, I will give it to my 82 year old mother. She will LOVE it!!!

  129. henry thompson says:

    I would love to honor and surprise my wife with this. I love her with all my heart and give in honor of being married to her almost 7 years. This comin Jan. 20th. This would be a special gift to her from me.

  130. Darlene Shook says:

    I would be so honored to receive this beautiful master piece . I would have to hang it on the wall to beautiful to use . Please pick me ….

  131. The generousity I keep seeing on this site is incredible! Thank you for making so much available-not only to our native community, but to people in general 🙂

  132. Jan Vukonich says:

    I love all things Native American! The Pendleton brand is excellent and I would love to win this! 🙂

  133. I love the blanket! It’s so beautiful! This is an awesome site…I’ll definitely keep this bookmarked!

  134. Patrycja says:

    I love this blanket. I love Native American Indian Culture. Reading a book now called ” The Native Americans”. I have learnt some new interesting things already. 😉

  135. Robin Strange says:

    I never been a Navajo but I am 1/4 of a full blooded blackfoot indian from my grandpa from his past. I always wanted something to remember him and his generation history of the full blooded blackfoot. I am also deaf. and rasied in florida also am deaf myself, thankyou

  136. Sandy Kilgo says:

    My request is only a “want.” There may be another who “needs” the blanket. It is beautiful and would be cherished.

  137. bluedog... says:

    Now this is a blanket for curling up with your dog & reading a great book! How great it would be to win it!

  138. I love this site. I have a small pendelton that was given to me many years ago during my reign. I treasure it. Would love to win this beautiful one.

  139. Serpentfire says:

    I love powwows.com..great for following the trail and information you are looking for! Great idea to have the pendleton blanket contest!

  140. Iris (Morningflower) says:

    At the local VA Medical Center where I work, I am the Chairperson for Native American Heritage Committee. I only recently found out through DNA that I’m part NA and I’m honored to share this. I woould love to win this blanket to help build up my collection to add to my newly found heritage. I’ve always been drawn to the spirituality and culture but never really knew why. I do now. Thank you for this site and all that you do to keep the traditions and cultures alive.

  141. Michael L Hayes says:

    It would be a great honor to win a Pendleton blanket that honors Chief Joseph! I would display it in the most prominent room of my house!

  142. Amy Dickerson says:

    I would love to have a pendleton Blanket to keep me warm in the winter time have always wanted to have one just can’t afford to buy it

  143. Teri Carroll says:

    This would make an awesome Birthday gift for my daughter who happens to be Navajo…It would help remind her of who she is and where she came from…Being Irish, I am sometimes at a loss in that department…

  144. derek howe says:

    I have never been to a powwow but would like this more than anything that I could be given exept the love of my granddaughter and family there is nothing more I could ever hope to have than chief joseph of the nez peace in my home I have a large detailed blanket of his picture on my wall

  145. Roberta Spotted Bear says:

    love this site, good luck to everyone whoever wins the blanket will be blessed. hope its me

  146. YellowHawk says:

    Enjoy your web pages and hope to enjoy this gift. If I honored with this blanket it will be a Good Day. If I don’t win it will still be a Good Day. As long as I can hear and speak to MotherEarth and Nature it’s a Good Day. Many every one enjoy a Good Day.

  147. Rena Riley says:

    I’ve always been into Native American Tradition, Spirituality, etc. About 12yrs ago… I found out that my Grandfather was full blooded Cherokee. Needless to say, I have been trying to Find Out More about my “Cherokee Family Heritage”! ~Lots of Love 2 U All! <3

  148. Courtney Allyn Brown says:

    breath-takingly beautiful blanket. Would be a wonderful addition to anyones home. Good luck to everyone 🙂 And Thank You for this opportunity!

  149. Mary-Kate says:

    WoW! I am thrilled to find your website as I have just
    been to an amazing Pow Wow on Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron,
    Ontario. I want to be able to travel and see many many more so yes, I am a fan and will promote you on my Facebook page! Migwetch!

  150. Nadema Agard says:

    It is the spirit of generosity that distinguishes our NDN folks from the mainstream society. Thank you!

  151. I used to live about 1-1/2 hours away from Pendleton, OR where they are made….miss the mountains.

  152. Debb Eleshio says:

    Love your page, Haven’t been to one in awhile, but I love attending pow wows, my great grandmother was Nez Perce

  153. One of the best ways to find Powwows all over!

    Their website is on my “speed dial” on the internet!

    Would be honored to accept this gorgeous blanket on behalf of everyone of my friends who need the warmth and hugs in their times of trial…it would be my prayer blanket, where I could send smoke and prayers to Creator for his blessings on my friends.


  154. Such a beautiful blanket, I would so love to win it. I will be attending our last Pow Wow of the season this coming weekend. Would’nt this be nice for the gatherings. Good luck to all that enter. Aho

  155. Tina Phillips says:

    Thank you for powwows.com, all info and updates, and for the chance to win a very special blanket 🙂

  156. Bernice A. Drake says:

    I’m very glad that I have this opportunity to learn and to connect. Thank you Pow Wow. ~Bea

  157. Milinda Houlette says:

    I have not been able to attend a pow-wow in awhile due to work. If it were not for Powwows.com, I would be in true pow-wow withdrawal, so I thank you for saving me from utter agony.

  158. I enjoy the information that I receive from powwows.com It is nice to still have some connection with that part of my life.

  159. Nicole Salsedo says:

    I really appreciate this website. I have used the ads, the powwow calendar, and the videos. You even featured one of my fancy shawl ensembles in your Ebay finds of the week which I really appreciated! Blessings to you!

  160. eunice hoftender says:

    I would love to win this beautiful blanket. I love all the pics that are posted. I hope someday I can take my family to a pow wow.We went to one many yrs ago and haven’t had the chance to go to any more that are close to where we live. many blessings.

  161. Barefoot Mick says:

    The power of the drum strengthens our minds and bodies. Modern music weakens the mind and spirit. The Ancients knew what they were doing with the beat of the drum prior to a hunt, war or celebration. Wonderful site. So pleased that I discovered it.

  162. Laura Ayala says:

    I love Pendleton Blankets. To win this beautiful blanket would keep my family warm during our cold winter months. I am a big fan of PowWow.com.

  163. Diana Gillenwater says:

    I would so treasure such a beautiful and meaningful blanket. It would go so well with all my other Native treasures. Love the site. Love getting the Email newsletters. Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at winning such a gift. Good Luck to everyone!

  164. Teri Wall says:

    It would be awesome to win this. My Birthday is the 26th, would make a great gift and I’ve always wanted one.

  165. Laura Seal says:

    Love the warmth of Pendleton blankets during cold winters! They are durable and sturdy in addition to being a great showpiece.

  166. DeAnna Rice says:

    i have learned so much from all of you. Nuwedi (Thank you) Who ever wins this beautiful blanket will be very lucky indeed. i would so love to learn how to weave on.

  167. tonya trites says:

    i was adopted when i was a baby. i found my mom and she is native from new brunswick, canada. i am very proud to be native. my birth last name is sanipass.

  168. kyle laforme says:

    I am unable to attend such big powwows like hunting moon, manito ahbee, and gathering of nations. So I stay home put it live on the tv and dance with everyone. With powwows.com I would be bored all the time.

  169. Love PowWows. Been a follower for years now. Keeps me informed. And oh I would cherish this blanket so much.

  170. Dallas P says:

    I used powwows.com to promote my Powwow last year and it was a huge success. I will definitely be using it again this year!

  171. Beautiful blanket I would display with honor and pride should I be successful in winning this work of art!

  172. Stephanie McCalister says:

    Love the blanket, would be a lovely item to gift to my brother’s family for giving me a home while I’m going through medical problems & couldn’t remain on my own any longer.

  173. Wendi Bromlie says:

    I would love to win this to give as a gift to my Grandmother for Christmas! Fingers crossed I win! =) Aho

  174. I would LOVE to win one of these blankets. It will be the only way I will ever be able to have one.

  175. Tsisqua Agiya says:

    Pendleton blankets are heirlooms, to be handed down and cherished. And that is exactly what I will do when (thinking positive) I win! Wado!

  176. Karen Brantley-Hernandez says:

    I really enjoy looking at your website and reading the news. I really like the blankets and would love to win one. Thank you for allowing me to enter.

  177. Chrissie says:

    I enjoy learning more of my people and teaching my children. Thank you for helping me in providing information for them!

  178. wanda mckenzie says:

    I LOVE going to POWWOWS..My family attended the Naples Maine Pow Wow last weekend ,My two daughters ..11..and 6 ,,were in the Blanket Dance in the Sacred Circle with two of other little girls..We all were very proud..My little girl said she was honoured to be a part of such a beautiful dance!!!

  179. mkuisi8mo says:

    I have a Pendleton blanket on each of the beds in my home…one Chief Joseph Robe is over 45 years old and still going strong!

  180. Dee Anna says:

    Beautiful Pendleton Chief Joseph blanket. What a blessing it would be to have it. Love your website and posts.

  181. Glenda Sampley says:

    Have a green Chief Joseph blanket and would love another one. An appropriate design for me as I live in Idaho. Can’t ever have too many Pendleton blankets.

  182. crystal autumnrain coleman says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeee powwows!!! and this link!! love hearing native news!! i am blackfoot i am very proud!!

  183. love Pendleton blankets, can be used for so many things beside a blanket. Jackets, purses, boots, wall hangings, we also us to cover caskets at funerals……

  184. Cheryl (yakotsani) says:

    I get the up-dates and the pow-wow calender,,,when there is a big pow-wow going on i look at you tube to watch it,,,,thanx for letting us out here on what is happening,,,,would love to win the Beautiful Blanket,,,
    Great Spirit Willing,,,that is,,,,

  185. Margie Beard says:

    I really appreciate PowWows.com. I like being able to check if there are any powwows close enough to me when I have the time/finances to go. Thanks for everything you all do!!!

  186. Such an amazingly beautiful blanket. It would be an honor to receive it. Thanks so much for your website and the chance to win such a warm beautiful blanket.

  187. Pauline Escudero Shafer says:

    Good way for us urbans to be reminded of our ties! Powwows are life sustaining!

  188. Wanda Jameson says:

    🙂 Today is my birthday. I love my heritage and enjoy all native fb pages. Thank you for allowing me to enter.

  189. Christine says:

    I LOVE PoWWoWs, the newest best discovery, and I don’t even have to travel to watch!!! Thanks so Much for Sharing such a Great Tradition!!!! Beautiful and Fantastic, Please Don’t Stop! <3

  190. Wow… A real Pendleton… I’ve never been honored in such a way as to be given a Pendleton blanket… It would be amazing just to be able to display one in my home…

  191. Jeanne Dearing says:

    Thank you very much for all you share both here and on FB. Such a beautiful blanket. Blessings! Wado!

  192. Malo Machichi Fimbrez says:

    It’s is great honor to have someone to keep a great culture alive and sharing with the world!

  193. Angela Larson says:

    Always love to see the talents of my NDN brothers and sisters – I would be honored to have a blanket such as this…. it is beautiful workmanship and colors and I thank you for the opportunity

  194. mar rothgeb says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter multiple ways. Pendleton is beautiful and soft and colors are outstanding. May not be rough (?) like the originals but it is never the less a beautiful blanket

  195. penni king says:

    The colours in this one is absolutely amazing, would love to be honored with such a beautiful piece.

  196. Toni Staerkel says:

    I love being part Native American. I embrace my heritage with all of mt heart. I am Ojibwa and belong to the Crane Clan.

  197. Nelda Laliberte says:

    When I first seen your Posts and Status on Facebook I have been sharing with friends and family, I find these very Interesting and History has always been my Favorite. I have done Research on Traditional Land Use and the Stories told by the elders were interesting and also emotional. it is sad as to how some of the elders lost or were Discharged from Treaty years back. I will keep sharing the Posts and Status that comes up on Facebook, I am proud of my Culture and the Cree language I still use, I will never be ashamed of the above.

  198. I love powwows.com an enjoy everything I see posted by it! Welalin, and good luck everyone!! 🙂 Beatuiful blanket!

  199. Doreen Caswell says:

    Preserving our Native Culture and Heritage has and should be a huge pride for us Original Peoples and for this Country. Please let’s always keep this close to our hearts.

  200. Penny Michaud says:

    I really would love this blanket! I have been wanting one for my daughter to dance with!! Would be awesome to represent pride with a pendleton!! <3 Thank you for this chance!!

  201. Gigi McQuilliams says:

    Would love to have. Reminds me of my grandma and how she loved the Powwows. Love u lots grandma girlie.

  202. Melissa Kenneth says:

    What a beautiful blanket! It would be a loving gift to my daughter and my first grandchild. Good luck everyone!

  203. Alan Hutchinson says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. I’d also like to know if there will be a Pow Wow on Blossom Road in Hebron, NY again. I could not get to the last one.

  204. Bram Loeb says:

    I love Powwows.com. Fire Thunder Trading Post uses powwows.com regularly to find all the best pow wows for selling Native Arts and Crafts.

  205. Woundedpaw says:

    Beautiful blanket. Good luck to all our people. Da shegoosdo Iheedn A warm thank you for this opportunity. Ajo

  206. Pat Carleson says:

    This is the most unique giveaway yet!! squeeee!! I would love to win this. This might not be any relation, but my mom used to work at Pendleton Woolen mill in omaha, NB!

    I love the design and handywork in this blanket. I would treasure it!!!!

  207. Priscella says:

    I would love to add this to my Native collection for my grandchildren. It’s nothing grand or worth a lot of money but it’s things I’ve made and things I’ve bought through my life that show the pride we Natives take in our culture and that of others. Shows I’m proud to be Native American!!!

  208. Joan Adolf says:

    OMG,,,, I want this blanket real bad. I love Pendleton blankets and blue is even my favorite color.

  209. Cathy Liebgold says:

    I love to watch the videos! The calendar keeps me informed of all the happenings coming up. That blanket is beautiful!!! I would love to win it!

  210. Cyndi Hernandez says:

    I love this blanket. I grew up near Pontiac Michigan and can still remember the statues and the buildings in downtown Pontiac with Chief Pontiac’s likeness on them.

  211. Melissa Sappier says:

    Always enjoy seeing posts from Pow Wow. I think it’s really great that you are doing this contest with such a great prize to give away. If I won it, I would cherish it FOREVER!

  212. Victoria Burns says:

    Being part of Native american culture is a wonderful thing..My grandmother is in heaven and she looks over me everyday. I miss her very much.

  213. Kimberly Weinfurter says:

    I LOVE PowWows.com! Helps me stay informed about what’s going on in NDN Country! <3

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