Over 2,000 Native American bones recovered from a “Collector”

Posted By PowWow Articles March 4th, 2019 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

In an article released by CBS News, we learn about a man from Indiana, Don Miller, who was known to be a collector of “artifacts.” All of these artifacts were in fact stolen from native graves and other places around the world, in violation of many laws. The FBI recently raided the home of the now deceased Don Miller and recovered the bones of nearly 500 native ancestors. 

“This comes down to a basic human right,” said Holly Cusack-McVeigh, a professor of archaeology brought in by the FBI on the Miller case.

“We have to think about the context of: Who has been the target of grave robbing for centuries? Whose ancestors have been collected for hobby?” Cusack-McVeigh said. “And this comes down to racism. They aren't digging white graves.”

Experts determined the remains found at Miller's residence likely came from Native American tribes including the Arikara. In North Dakota, tribal official Pete Coffey is working with the FBI to bring them home.”

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Lupe Rodriquez Jr.

I know of a man in Floydada Tx that has dug up Native American graves and has a house full of crafts that once belong the the tribes here in west texas .This man was a pharmacist and he is how retired. I happen to work at his house one day and his wife showed me half of the things he had taken from grave sites.Some private land owner gave him permission to dig on his land ,she said . My name is Lupe Rodriquez Jr of the Yaqui Nation

Dianne Davidson

This is most inappropriate you wouldn’t dare do such everyday you live and you learn and yes why did they not investigate while he was alive so that he could be prosecuted hopefully the bones can be returned with the technology of DNA to be rightfully return to their resting place


I am sad and mad! Why didn’t people in his town question any of this? When is it okay to dig up graves? Oh, when it’s graves of Indians. And why wasn’t legal action taken when he was alive? Oh, because it was Indian bones!

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