Our Beautiful Future! Kiowa Cree Cuties Carry on the Powwow Traditions!

Posted By PowWows.com July 27th, 2014 Last Updated on: July 27th, 2014

“Let us put our minds together and see what  life we can make for our children, ” stated the indomitable Sitting Bull.  For two marvelous Native children, their lives consist of celebrating their culture and doing the dances of their people on the Powwow Trail. River David Johnson and Skye Ann Johnson are following in the footsteps of their father, popular Kiowa-Cree drummer and well-known dancer, Mark Johnson. This adorable brother and sister are talented dancers, singers and drummers themselves.

Kiowa-Cree Cuties are our beautiful future!

Kiowa-Cree Cuties are our beautiful powwow future!


River is 11 years old and honors his Kiowa-Cree heritage by dancing Men's Traditional.  Powwows are one of his favorite activities, yet he also enjoys skateboarding, martial arts and Science. Skye is seven years old and walks the path of her Kiowa-Cree grandmothers as a Women's Traditional Dancer. Skye is hoping to become a celebrity/model and is already honing her singing and showcasing her skills. She enjoys powwows, martial arts, singing and fashion design.

Spending their early years around the drum encouraged River and Skye to learn to dance.  They grew up watching relatives dance until they decided to enter the circle themselves.  River also sings with a Southern Style Drum.  Skye sings as well. Each child is a vibrant part of our beautiful Native Future!!!


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Jeanette Kirkham

I am so glad to be able to share these wonderful messages with friends. I was told that I am part Native American. Would love to be able to find out if it is really true. Even if I am not by blood. I am in my heart. I believe that all things are made by one creator, and a lot of times feel that I am out of place, and uneasy. But I am very much at peace when I am in the forest/woods/thicket. Out side wondering in nature. thinking on how things used to be before all the land was fenced, and animals ran free. Wondered what it would be like to live in peace with the animals. Only taking what is needed to survive. Aho my friends.

Joseph Bergeron

I feel the same here in Montreal, Quebec. Niawen for your thoughts.

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