Oh My Goss! April Brown Goss Beads for the Powwow Trail!

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These were a Secret Santa. The image was found online and I customized it to my SS. She's Mvskokee so that's for the design on the turtle shell. She loves turtles and the color purple is one of her favs :) This is what I love! Customizing to the person.--April Brown Goss

These were a Secret Santa. The image was found online and I customized it to my SS. She's Mvskokee so that's for the design on the turtle shell. She loves turtles and the color purple is one of her favs 🙂 This is what I love! Customizing to the person.–April Brown Goss

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April Brown Goss is truly talented. She meshes her talent with her Cherokee heritage in order to create stunning beadwork. Each piece is a unique blend of powwows and power, tradition and time.

“Some of my most favorite beading memories are when I would sit around with friends and we would craft into the early morning. I love being able to sit with others doing what we love and chatting away,” April Brown Goss muses as she works on her latest creation.  Her hands move with dexterity over the beads and string. “My beadwork is an extension of myself. I think that most artist feel the same way, in whatever way they choose to express themselves. We put our hearts, souls, sometimes blood into our work,” she laughs. “Because of this, I never bead when I'm frustrated or angry. Never! I don't want bad juju going into a piece someone might wear. Yes it is a means of relaxation, for me, but it can also be great medicine especially if you just need to mind of zone out for a bit and just go into your beads.”

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Goss makes pieces that whirl whimsy into unique patterns. Even though she chooses the stitches used by her Cherokee ancestors, her willingness to combine popular culture themes with exotic beads, daring colors and striking blends distinguishes her work.  She tugs a needle through beads, saying, “My personal favorite is lazy stitch. I need practice with my peyote stitch.  I can brick stitch, a little and I love working with my loom but, lazy is my favorite. To me, it gives me more ability to create pieces.” Her pieces are precise, intriguing in their excellence.

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When asked about her creative process, she smiles. “Sometimes, I'll put on some music, light some sage, get out my colors pencils and start coloring designs for a loom. Other times, I'll go to the internet. I get really inspired by looking at all the bead art my friends on Facebook make and are making. There are sooo many talented artist out here!” Turning her focus to her business, she states,  “Now, if I'm making a pair of earrings, which is what I make the most of, if I'm using center pieces, I pick my colors and I sit there for a moment. Usually an image forms my head and I go with it. Sometimes, in the middle of beading, that image changes. Roll with the punches. If I have to start over, so be it.”

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Flexibility is a friend to Goss, as she eagerly tests and tries new color combinations, non traditional subjects and new beads. “When I first started beading, which I've only been doing for six, maybe seven years, I focused on what I thought people would want to buy,” she recalls,  “plus my knowledge was limited so I beaded what I knew how to.” She smiles, slyly, “Now, I bead what I want to. If I get an idea, I bead it OR it goes in a box to be beaded later. Let me tell you, there's a lot in that box!”

“I bead what I love and enjoy,” she explains,”I beaded Nightmare Before Christmas medallions once. One Jack and one Sally. Those were SO much fun to bead and my favorite medallions to this day. I love me some Jack. I'm working on an Oogie Boogie one right now.” She holds up her work in progress. “I think that beaders need patience. If you don't have patience, you will definitely learn it,” she notes. Her patience shows in the intricate details of her work, as well as its tight weave.  “Also, an open mind, I think. If your mind is closed off to learning new things then you won't benefit. Don't be afraid to step out of your box and comfort zone every once in a while,” Goss smiles as she reflects on her own popular culture themes.

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Goss is eager to help other beaders begin to find their way.  “If you are new to beading and maybe you get discouraged…..don't stop! Keep going. Keep trying. Practice, Practice, Practice,” she encourages. “One thing that will ALWAYS stick with me is something a friend of mine said to me. He said, “it doesn't have to be perfect. It's not supposed to be. There is only one perfect that is perfect and that's the Creator.” She threads beads onto a needle, nodding, “I live by that. I used to drive myself nuts if something didn't turn out just right. We all do it, pick at it until we've torn it down and feel awful because maybe it's crooked or off center, etc. I try not to do that now. Don't get me wrong, if it's really bad, I'll fix it but, if it's not huge, I'll let it slide. I think that's a good lesson to be applied to daily living, ya know.”

If Goss' beadwork isn't perfect, it certainly seems so. Her pieces are sought out by collectors and pursued by powwow people throughout the USA. Many consider Goss a go-to maker of regalia beadwork. She remains humble, though, quickly citing the beading community. “We help each other out that way. That's another thing I love about the beading community. The willingness to help each other. Even if it's just a confidence boost. You know, hey, what do y'all think about this piece or what should I price this piece, and such,” she smiles. “You can find my work and the work of others on my bead page. I like to have a day of networking. A lot of us do this. We share other beaders pages and work. Help each out that way.”  Enjoy April Brown Goss' beadwork at https://www.facebook.com/beads.are.beautiful

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