Offensive Pioneer Statue to Native Americans up for Removal!

Posted By Charlie Ballard October 4th, 2017 Last Updated on: October 4th, 2017

A section of the, “Early Days”, a monument depicting San Francisco's pioneer history is up for removal because its considered offensive to Native Americans.

And rightfully so.

There are probably some Non-Natives reading this blog saying, “Oh, my history is being removed”.  Actually yes, your history is up for removal because it doesn't fairly portray or encapsulate the real historical point of view of what really happened.

Let's look at the photo again and see what we find, two patriarchal Westerners leaning over a California Indigenous man on the ground.  The statue pose is considered offensive to Native Americans because it doesn't represent the friendship & humanity that the Westerners were welcomed with, instead, this pose glorifies genocide and that old notion of saving the savage.


C'mon people get your facts right, when the Europeans first washed up on our shores, they needed our assistance to survive off the land, especially during their first Winters here and we obliged.   The Wampanoag were credited for helping the Pilgrims and also inspiring the first Thanksgiving.  So ask yourself again, who needed saving and who should be on the ground lifting who up?

Many of our tribes offered fellowship during Western encroachment.  Instead of removing it, why not replace it with a statue that accurately depicts how it really happened, like maybe a pose that says, thank you.

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i find it in poor taste & offensive, i am not N.A.


There are many sides to every story – and each side has just as much right to be seen and heard as the others. History should be written by all the people, not just some of them.


This is Bullshit. I am Apache and Irish, no B’S my granny daddy sisters Cousin. Maybe ya Bitch to the Spanish they sold Cali, although I want a refund.you got Screwed HA.

Katsy Ann

I am about as white as one can be, and I find the statue deplorable. I am also from the south where statutes are being taken down left and right that some deem offensive. I say, take this offensive thing down and replace it with a statue that is true to the history of the west ward expansion by whites. Oh please don’t get me started on the atrocities committed by the whites!

Dana Boucher

I truly understand the argument that by removing the statue, we miss an opportunity to educate people about our history. However, I feel that point is being made through idealistic, rose colored glasses. Most people walking by a statue do not bother to read the words attached to said statue. They let the art speak for itself. There in lies the need to remove this sculpture. This sculpture portrays a Christian & conquistador perspective of what occurred when European’s landed on American soil. It does not reflect our actual history – only a perspective of said history. People are visual by nature and public art speaks loader than most words can. If you want to embrace the notion that we should not repeat our past and teach people about our nation’s history, then push for local legislation within your own community to require that it be taught in our nation’s elementary schools history classes. Since 1539 there have been countless horrible atrocities that were done to Native American people throughout our nation by the Europeans (especially the Spaniards & Christians) and yet none of those said atrocities did I learn in school. Let’s teach our children the true history of the United States of America….not the white-washed version we were all taught in years past. Ultimately, shaming a community for wanting to stand by their Native American brothers and sisters for their civil rights to be upheld under the guise of preserving history is down right wrong. We need to unify as a country and we can only do so by upholding every members civil rights equally. Actions always speak loader than words.

Drew Waepew-Awaehsaeh

I agree with You 110% Dana!!! Very well stated!!!

Flemming Bordrup

It is about time the Native Americans are heard. They came long before the white settlers. Their history and great culture should be treasured forever. Stop ignoring the proud Nations. The white people stole their land and still have no respect for the proud Native Americans.
My deepest respect to all the Native Americans.
Flemming Bordrup, Denmark

Craig Apelbaum

On one has hand. I do see history being removed. But on the other hand. I do see where the offense is.
That a pioneer and a Christian man standing over the Native American man, like he’s nothing. The Native American man is a person too.
But sign should explain what this monument means. But I really don’t know if it should be taken down.

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