Offensive Pioneer Statue to Native Americans up for Removal!

Offensive Pioneer Statue to Native Americans up for Removal!

Posted By Charlie Ballard October 4th, 2017 Blog

A section of the, “Early Days”, a monument depicting San Francisco's pioneer history is up for removal because its considered offensive to Native Americans.

And rightfully so.

There are probably some Non-Natives reading this blog saying, “Oh, my history is being removed”.  Actually yes, your history is up for removal because it doesn't fairly portray or encapsulate the real historical point of view of what really happened.

Let's look at the photo again and see what we find, two patriarchal Westerners leaning over a California Indigenous man on the ground.  The statue pose is considered offensive to Native Americans because it doesn't represent the friendship & humanity that the Westerners were welcomed with, instead, this pose glorifies genocide and that old notion of saving the savage.


C'mon people get your facts right, when the Europeans first washed up on our shores, they needed our assistance to survive off the land, especially during their first Winters here and we obliged.   The Wampanoag were credited for helping the Pilgrims and also inspiring the first Thanksgiving.  So ask yourself again, who needed saving and who should be on the ground lifting who up?

Many of our tribes offered fellowship during Western encroachment.  Instead of removing it, why not replace it with a statue that accurately depicts how it really happened, like maybe a pose that says, thank you.

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  1. There are many sides to every story – and each side has just as much right to be seen and heard as the others. History should be written by all the people, not just some of them.

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