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Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2013 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2013

Tâpwê Production Projects is pleased to present the first episode of its new premiere web series NYC NDN. This new webisode series explores the lives of Native American Indians living in NYC. Yes, there are approximately 80,000 Native American Indians living and working in NYC…but who are we? Where do we come from? What do we do? How do we maintain our traditions here in NYC? There are hundreds of stories to tell and NYC NDN lets them tell you their stories.

The Tâpwê website, currently being revamped and under construction, will host NYC NDN on a regularly scheduled basis when it is back online. Each NYC NDN webisode on the Tâpwê website will feature a more detailed biography of each guest. Until then please enjoy our “pilot webisode” featuring NYC NDN Artist Joe Kabance.

Tâpwê Production Projects, a fully Native-owned multimedia production services company has been a part of the New York City scene since its incorporation in 2005.

As Native American Indians and other Indigenous minorities continue to maintain their historically rich traditions through art, music, dance, storytellers, and keepers of native languages, we safe-guard these multi ethnic cultures especially here in the “concrete jungle.” Tâpwê Production Projects promotes and assists this time honored tradition by offering services that showcase and assure these stories and traditions reflect the cultures as they actually are in this age of modern technology. Tâpwê’s new webisode series is a reflection of this – telling our own stories.

Tâpwê Production Projects is honored and very pleased to announce that award winning singer/songwriter/musician, poet, artist, dancer, actor and teacher, Pura Fé has joined the Tâpwê family as Vice President of Music Projects.

This “Renaissance woman” from the Tuscarora Nation is recognized not only for the founding of the Internationally known a cappella group Ulali but for also creating a new genre and bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of music industry‘s mainstream audiences. Pura Fé currently tours worldwide with her new group, the Pura Fé Trio.

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