Nova Scotia Native American Tribes

Nova Scotia Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 30th, 2011 Last Updated on: September 7th, 2018

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Acadia First Nation
Address Yarmouth NS B5A 4A8 Phone: (902) 742-0257
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Annapolis Valley First Nation
Address Cambridge Station NS B0P 1G0 Phone: (902) 538-7149
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Bear River First Nation
Address Bear River NS B0S 1B0 Phone: (902) 467-3802
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Chapel Island First Nation
Address Chapel Island NS B0E 3B0 Phone: (902) 535-3317
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Eskasoni First Nation
Address Eskasoni NS B1W 1A1 Phone: (902) 379-2800
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Glooscap First Nation
Address Hansport NS B0P 1P0 Phone: (902) 684-9788
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Membertou First Nation
Address Sydney NS B1S 2M9 Phone: (902) 564-6466
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Millbrook First Nation
Address Truro NS B2N 5E5 Phone: (902)-897-9199
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Paq\'tnkek First Nation
Address Antigonish County NS B0H 1A0 Phone: (902) 386-2781
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Pictou Landing First Nation
Address Trenton NS B0K 1X0 Phone: (902) 752-4912
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Shubenacadie First Nation
Address Hants CO NS B0N 2H0 Phone: (902) 758-2049
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James Halstrum

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Dori Anderson

I am searching for people related to Solomon Roberts, my GrGrGreat Grandfather. Census records state he was born in Nova Scotia. He moved to southern Ohio USA near the town of Urbana. I hope to find cousins and family history. Thank you.

Jasmine Vanderwall

Are these the native people?I am so last

Alana M

I do not see Mic Mac listed. I have my ancestry done and would like more information.


Mic mac is a French name. Our name is Mikmaq.

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