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Category Name Place


Teen Boy's Chicken Wayland Mistickokat 1


Teen Boy's Chicken Kessin Thompson 2


Teen Boy's Chicken Cj Thundersprit 3


Teen Boy's Chicken Skyler Yellowhar 4


Teen Boy's Chicken Kimo Morn 5


Sr Men Chicken Sheldon Scalpock SR 1


Sr Men Chicken Brian Waskewitch 2


Sr Men Chicken Orville Morn 3


Sr Men Chicken Claude Friday 4


Sr Men Chicken Gordan Whitford 5


Sr Mens Traditional Kevin Haywahe 1


Sr Mens Traditional Charlie Favel 2


Sr Mens Traditional Jason Daniels 3


Sr Mens Traditional Patrick Monab 4


Sr Mens Traditional Elvin Nicotine 5


Sr Men Grass Ron Mcnab 1


Sr Men Grass Byron Goodwill 2


Sr Men Grass Darrel Paskimin 3


Sr Men Grass Oliver Mitsung 4


Sr Men Grass Sanford Tom 5


Sr Mens Fancy Luke Whiteman 1


Sr Mens Fancy Merle Thuderchild Sm 2


Sr Mens Fancy Rod Belanger 3


Sr Mens Fancy Oraig First Rider 4


Sr Mens Fancy Donnie Speidel 5


Sr Womans Traditional Andrea redman 1


Sr Womans Traditional Volet Naytowhow 2


Sr Womans Traditional Edna Bad Eagle 3


Sr Womans Traditional Ruby Watchmaker 4


Sr Womans Traditional Iris Mckay 5


Sr Womens Jingle Jolene Redman 1


Sr Womens Jingle Paila Weasel Head 2


Sr Womens Jingle Melissa Wuttunee 3


Sr Womens Jingle Sharlene Swiftwolfe 4


Sr Womens Jingle Tanya Tootoosis 5


Sr Womens Fancy Shrley Hill 1


Sr Womens Fancy Lisa Ewack 2


Sr Womens Fancy Diane Sutherland 3


Sr Womens Fancy Natasha Frank 4


Sr Womens Fancy Yvette Duguette 5


JR. Men's Chicken TjWarren 1


JR. Men's Chicken Sheldon Scalplock Jr 2


JR. Men's Chicken Lance Mcnabb 3


JR. Men's Chicken Colin Rane 4


JR. Men's Chicken Evander Thunderchild 5


JR. Men's Traditional Darius Isanana 1


JR. Men's Traditional Jared Buffalo 2


JR. Men's Traditional Vee Whitehorse 3


JR. Men's Traditional Bobby Hunter 4


JR. Men's Traditional Josh Bear 5


JR Men's Fancy Lance Yazzie 1


JR Men's Fancy Thunder Lovette 2


JR Men's Fancy Keny Pratt JR 3


JR Men's Fancy Patrick Mitsung 4


JR Men's Fancy Teddy Bison 5


JR Men's Grass Terrance Goodwill 1


JR Men's Grass Ira Mcnab 2


JR Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 3


JR Men's Grass Aj Redman 4


JR Men's Grass Terrance Mcnab 5


JR Women's Traditional Emery Rose Assinboine 1


JR Women's Traditional Tara White Horse 2


JR Women's Traditional Kayla Mcarthur 3


JR Women's Traditional Chelsa Bull 4


JR Women's Traditional Raylene Hunter 5


JR Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 1


JR Women's Jingle Mallory Oakes 2


JR Women's Jingle Cyraina Bull 3


JR Women's Jingle Crrina Bull 4


JR Women's Jingle Monica Bear 5


Teen Boy's Traditional Takota Stonechild 1


Teen Boy's Traditional Liam Buffalo 2


Teen Boy's Traditional Dane Sutherland 3


Teen Boy's Traditional Leland Frank 4


Teen Boy's Traditional Brendan Joeseph 5


JR Women's Fancy Laryn Oakes 1


JR Women's Fancy Tricia Albert 2


JR Women's Fancy Katelynn Mcarthur 3


JR Women's Fancy Tishana Baptiste 4


JR Women's Fancy Nadine Obey 5


Teen Boy's Fancy Darrell Brerton 1


Teen Boy's Fancy keanu Noon 2


Teen Boy's Fancy Pita Thunderchild 3


Teen Boy's Fancy Asa King 4


Teen Boy's Grass Cj Thompson 1


Teen Boy's Grass Jamal Qunney 2


Teen Boy's Grass Treian Whitehead 3


Teen Boy's Grass Aiden Daniels 4


Teen Boy's Grass Cj Kaiswatum 5


Teen Girl's Traditional Kaliegh Starblanket 1


Teen Girl's Traditional Tanisha Daniels 2


Teen Girl's Traditional Faith Good Striker 3


Teen Girl's Traditional Jesssica Friday 4


Teen Girl's Traditional Jesse Kaiswatum 5


Teen Girl's Jingle Taylor Fineday 1


Teen Girl's Jingle Kanses Thompson 2


Teen Girl's Jingle Kyla Henry 3


Teen Girl's Jingle Jolene Oreely 4


Teen Girl's Jingle Domnique Kaiswatum 5


Teen Girl's Fancy Jayda Gadwa 1


Teen Girl's Fancy Paire Rose Littletent 2


Teen Girl's Fancy Chereese Mckay 3


Teen Girl's Fancy Nicole Larson 4


Teen Girl's Fancy Cheyenne Finday 5


Men's Golden Age Traditional Jonathan Windy Boy 1


Men's Golden Age Traditional Mke Laliberte 2


Men's Golden Age Traditional Roy Crazy Hose Bison 3


Men's Golden Age Traditional Henry Pitchow 4


Men's Golden Age Traditional Royce King Bird 5


Junior Boy's Chicken Isaiah Kaiswatum 1


Junior Boy's Chicken Sheldon Scalplock 2


Junior Boy's Chicken Jayden Mcadam 3


Junior Boy's Chicken Mark Sewap 4


Junior Boy's Chicken Cody Bear 5


Women's Golden Age Irene Oakes 1


Women's Golden Age Diane Goodwill Mckay 2


Women's Golden Age Elsie Wuttunee 3


Women's Golden Age Karien Pheasant 4


Women's Golden Age Lilian Gadwa 5


Junior Boy's Traditional Isiah Mcnabb 1


Junior Boy's Traditional River Wind Chef Bear 2


Junior Boy's Traditional Jordy Genereaux 3


Junior Boy's Traditional Hayden Mcarthur 4


Junior Boy's Traditional Lennon Buffalo 5


Junior Girl's Fancy Kisa Chamakese 1


Junior Girl's Fancy Tayley Fineday 2


Junior Girl's Fancy Landis Roan 3


Junior Girl's Fancy Harmony Speidal 4


Junior Girl's Fancy Junay Tooyoosis 5


Junior Boy's Fancy Vicet Obey 1


Junior Boy's Fancy Dawson Gamble 2


Junior Boy's Fancy Skychild 3


Junior Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan 4


Junior Boy's Fancy Nathaniel Swiftwolfe 5


Junior Boy's Grass Raynen Mcnab 1


Junior Boy's Grass Randell Stronarm 2


Junior Boy's Grass DJ Wajunta 3


Junior Boy's Grass Timothy Keenatch 4


Junior Boy's Grass Brayden Mcnab 5


Junior Girl's Traditional Jazel YN Tootoosis 1


Junior Girl's Traditional Shund Whitehorse 2


Junior Girl's Traditional Jacy Chamakese 3


Junior Girl's Traditional Danisha Harris 4


Junior Girl's Traditional Eagle Dreaver 5


Junior Girl's Gingle Yanasah Whitehorse 1


Junior Girl's Gingle Kadence Benson 2


Junior Girl's Gingle Daisey Spediel 3


Junior Girl's Gingle Tashana Redman 4



Junior Girl's Gingle Kodi Weasel head 5

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