Northern Exposure: Leanne Goose’s Tremendous Talent!

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Leanne Goose is a songstress from the north who pours her passion into her music that resonates from the heart of the MacKenzie Delta. She is a proud Inuvialuit and Dene woman who was born and raised in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, a place she still calls home.

 Ms Leanne Goose!

Ms Leanne Goose!

Interview by Dawn Karima, Native Culture Editor

"I'm thankful to be here."--Leanne Goose

“I'm thankful to be here.”–Leanne Goose

Q) You need no introduction but will you introduce your music to us please?

A) My music is wrapped in stories. The songs just happen to be vignettes. Music is all feel and I do my best to feel through the stories.My grandmother, father play music. It's in my blood as a legacy kid. Can't imagine what life would be like any other way. Refuse to imagine that alteration. My dad Louie Goose gave me everything he had and introduced me to the life I have now. If it were not for other creative souls, I would not be here. Music has saved my life, more than once.

Q) Oh, mine, too! Every day! And  with all the accolades and nominations and rave reviews talking about your talent, who do YOU say that YOU are?

A)My life is in the North. I am someone's grandchild, child, mother, sister, cousin. I have been fed, clothed and slept from the earth. I am thankful to be here. Yes, I am indigenous though my identity is music and that is universal. I've done music to share my gifts. The nominations mean I'm on the right path but that's not fuel to my fire. I just want to keep telling stories.

Q) Me too! What a gorgeous legacy! Your music is stunning! What's your earliest musical memory?

A) I was 12 yrs old and for some reason was moved by my dad's performance. He was on a flatbed truck at Delta Days playing his hits. Walked right on staged mid song to join him. He gave me the next tune ( Blue Moon of Kentucky) and I haven't stopped since!

Q) You're a blessing! Now, will you please tell us your favorite memories of performing?

A) Best performance memory was the last show..always is. The energy of my coproducer Jason Gordon and my brother Jared Sowan alway push me to new places. I love that!

Q) We love your energy! Any wisdom you've gained throughout your dynamic career?

A)I've learned to just be myself and everything in a performance will be just fine. I used to have terrible stage fright. Now I accept the good vibes from the audience and use it to fuel the show. It's always and will never be more then just one person that I am singing to that can feel me too. Wish I don't know about the business as much as I do know though. Takes away some of the magic.

Q) I feel you on that, but I do think that as Native artists, we must be familiar with the business aspects, too, even though the performing ones are more fun! So, share with us about your music that's out now?

A) I have three albums; “Anywhere”, the rock concept album, and the cherry breaker for me. “This Time” which was recorded in 4 hours on a lark, which caries stories from home. All the music,including my third album, is on iTunes or at LeanneGoose.com. Album 4 is in the works and it's got good roots. I wanna say more but I'll bite my tongue.

Q) Thank you for all that you have said to us and for all the music you share!

A)Thank you for asking me these questions. They have made me think and recall many good times. I wish you the best always.

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