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Interview by Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor


NITAZ CREATIONZ is the brainchild of Navajo artist Ednita Thompson. Patience, persistence and personality distinguish this Dine Beader's jewelry from many other creative artists. Ednita Thompson shares her talent with us in this candid interview!



DK: Beadwork seems to be a universal part of Native culture! What does beading mean to you as a Dine' artist?

NC: Beadwork is carried on within my tribe from other cultures. I believe it is a gift to have such talent to do beadwork or any other artwork. Although, beadwork is carried on from other tribes, I know there are many natives in my tribe that do plenty of beadwork. Most beaders have their own saying about how they think and feel about the beadwork they do. I'm still learning a lot from beading, and to where it originally started or came from.

DK: Learning? Wonderful! What are some of the lessons that you are learning as you bead?

NC: Lessons learned from my beading would be, making a living with what I do. Using my talent by showing others who want to learn. Also, teaching others that it's a way of representing your own life.How I support my own family and teach my kids the way of living life the right way. I came a long ways from being a single parent of three. But I made the right choices to be where I'm at today and to teach my kids the right way of living. I am thankful to all who believed in me and purchase my beautiful beadwork!

DK: Your work is lovely, where can we see more of your beading skills?

NC: You can come visit my facebook page @[email protected]

DK: Intricate designs and tight work seem to distinguish your art! Talent is a good start but how did you hone your skills?

NC: My fiancee and mother in law are the ones who showed me how to bead back in 2013. I got with my fiancee back in 2012, and was introduced to the powwow world. They are both dancers, my fiancee and his mother, and they have their own drum group. With that said, I was thrilled to learn how to do the beautiful beadwork. So, they gave me the time and day to sit with me and show me. Since that day, I have become known to many families that participate in the powwow, because of my awesome beaded creations. I am so thankful to them! I love to bead and I bead on a daily basis. They are also artist themselves. My mother in law is a very talented beader, and my fiancee is a talented floral artist. He makes imitation dance plumes, dance fans, and other pow wow regalia as well. Also, I taught my kids, so we are all artists in my family!

DK: Handing down the traditions is an integral part of preserving our dynamic Native ways! So, what would you say to someone who is inspired by you and would like to start beading?

NC: I would say, for someone who wants to learn how to bead, they have to have the heart and the patience. Also, to have respect for the talent that comes within. It is important to pass the beading down to the next generation, because it is a talent that shouldn't be wasted. Like I always say, its a gift.

DK:Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

NC: Thank you for the opportunity!

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