Newborn Daughter of Slain Native Woman Finally Returned To Family

Posted By Jazmyn Espinoza-Church September 14th, 2017 Last Updated on: September 14th, 2017

People all over Indian Country are rejoicing over a recent court ruling regarding the Savanna Greywind case.On Tuesday September 12th a judge ruled to dismiss the need for protective custody for Haisley Jo, daughter of the slain Native woman.The father, Ashton Mathney, had been fighting tooth and nail to get legal custody of the beautiful baby girl. Even after establishing the child who had been found in a neighbor's apartment was in fact his, the legal system was taking it's time returning her to her family. “It's been the toughest month of my life.” Ashton commented after the month long battle. Savanna Greywind disappeared August 19th, 8 months pregnant. She was last seen in a neighbor's apartment, leaving the safety of her apartment to model a dress the neighbor had been making. Days after, the 24th, authorities raided said apartment discovering a newborn child. After being taken into custody the woman and her boyfriend admitted the child belonged to the 22 year old who had gone missing. It is not yet known exactly how the child ended up there.

“There are some suspicious items in that farmstead that lead us to believe that that may be a crime scene.” The police Chief commented.

Three days after locating the child, a body wrapped in plastic was found by a kayaker in a nearby river. Police later announced they had  confirmed it was Savanna.Ashton was not allowed to see his daughter until September 4th, nearly 11 days after she’d been located.

“It feels amazing, it's finally over.” Mathney said, ready to begin the healing process and move forward with Haisley by his side.

Both Mathney and Greywind are members of the Spirit Lake Tribe. Prior to the tragedy Mathney had been residing with his father on the North Dakota Reservation.

Ashton Matheny gives a kiss to his daughter, Haisley Jo, on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2017 in Fargo.David Samson / The Forum

Newborn Daughter of Slain Native Woman Finally Returned To Family

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Connie meza

Happy she is Bac with family
Take care of her DaD
Talk to her abt her mother so she can always keep her in her heart

Wm. A. "Bill" Fisher

I’m happy he has his daughter back.
Whoever had a part in murdering this young lady, upon being found guilty, should be publically hung before any who choose to witness the enactment of justice.

The guilty should not have years of frivolous appeals, and none unless thereiz evidence of falsified testimony or physical evidence.

If the proof of their actual, physical crime is irrefutable, they should be executed before the public.
Just because they might have been loaded on drugs they chose to take, or even mentally ill or mentally retarded does not make their deeds committed with malice and intent any less reprehensible or demanding their “lives” in forfeit.
And the public should not have to live in fear of them doung it again. The guilty need to die in Justice.
And it doesn’t matter WHAT tribe you’re from- Cherokee, Welsh, Algonquin, Celtic, or Tutsi, justice is justice and if those creeps in the pictures can be proven to have done it, they need to swing.
No matter WHAT Tribal group the victim came from, nor how beautiful she was or she was not, in her Earth-suit.
Justice has been ignored for too long in our peoples.

Cheryl Bird

I’m sad that this precious beautiful little girl lost her mother and will never know her and so very happy this family is finally together. I know this young father will move mountains to give his wonderful daughter all the love he has. May they have a long and happy life. Let everyone who knew her mother share their stories and memories with her little angel.

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