New York Tribes

New York Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Native American Tribes
Barry Snyder (President)
Seneca Nation of New York
Address Salamanca NY 14779 Phone: (716) 945-1790Fax: (716) 945-1565:
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Clint Halftown (Nation Representative )
Cayuga Nation
Address Versailles NY 14168-0011 Phone: (716) 337-4270Fax: (716) 337-0268
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Emerson Webster (Chief)
Tonawanda Seneca Nation
Address Basom NY 14013 Phone: (716) 542-4244Fax: (716) 542-4008
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Irving Powless, Jr. (Chief)
Onondaga Indian Nation
Address Nedrow NY 13120 Phone: (315) 492-4210Fax: (315) 469-1725:
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James W. Ransom (Chief)
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Address Akwesasne NY 13655 Phone: (518) 358-2272Fax: (518) 358-4519:
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Leo R. Henry (Chief)
Tuscarora Nation
Address Via: Lewistown NY 14092 Phone: (716) 622-7061Fax: (716) 297-7355
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Ray Halbritter (Nation Representative)
Oneida Nation of New York
Address Verona NY 13478 Phone: (315) 361-7633Fax: (315) 361-7619:
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42 thoughts on “New York Tribes

  1. Patricia Zaleski says:

    My great grandfather was Aaron Starr born 1861 his mother was Loretta M Conklin from the Ramapough tribe. My great grandmother was Isabella Conklin born 1871 in Pine Meadow ,New York also belonging to the Ramapough tribe. But I have been unable to find documentation stating so

  2. Buti kako says:

    Liz I am Taino boriken also family originating from family Rodriguez from Aibonito and later Guayama cacique of orocobix tribe, to answer your question we are still not recognized due to the issue of statehood unresolved to date and although our people voted for statehood we were denied so I’m sorry to say there is definitely more work to be done and due to the recent devastation caused by the latest hurricane we may have to wait even longer. I choose to commence in my language and culture studies and continue the search for others that stand with the cause. Investing my time with possibilities of finding activities involving other Tainos of the Caribbean or even our closest relatives who from what I can tell are lokono speaking Arawak tribes and later on intergrated Navajo Nation

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