New York Tribes

New York Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 29th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 29th, 2011

Barry Snyder (President)
Seneca Nation of New York
Address Salamanca NY 14779 Phone: (716) 945-1790Fax: (716) 945-1565: http://www.sni.org
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Clint Halftown (Nation Representative )
Cayuga Nation
Address Versailles NY 14168-0011 Phone: (716) 337-4270Fax: (716) 337-0268
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Emerson Webster (Chief)
Tonawanda Seneca Nation
Address Basom NY 14013 Phone: (716) 542-4244Fax: (716) 542-4008
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Irving Powless, Jr. (Chief)
Onondaga Indian Nation
Address Nedrow NY 13120 Phone: (315) 492-4210Fax: (315) 469-1725: http://www.onondaganation.org
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James W. Ransom (Chief)
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
Address Akwesasne NY 13655 Phone: (518) 358-2272Fax: (518) 358-4519: http://www.srmt-nsn.gov
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Leo R. Henry (Chief)
Tuscarora Nation
Address Via: Lewistown NY 14092 Phone: (716) 622-7061Fax: (716) 297-7355
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Ray Halbritter (Nation Representative)
Oneida Nation of New York
Address Verona NY 13478 Phone: (315) 361-7633Fax: (315) 361-7619: http://www.oneida-nation.net
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42 thoughts on “New York Tribes

  1. Patricia Zaleski says:

    My great grandfather was Aaron Starr born 1861 his mother was Loretta M Conklin from the Ramapough tribe. My great grandmother was Isabella Conklin born 1871 in Pine Meadow ,New York also belonging to the Ramapough tribe. But I have been unable to find documentation stating so

  2. Buti kako says:

    Liz I am Taino boriken also family originating from family Rodriguez from Aibonito and later Guayama cacique of orocobix tribe, to answer your question we are still not recognized due to the issue of statehood unresolved to date and although our people voted for statehood we were denied so I’m sorry to say there is definitely more work to be done and due to the recent devastation caused by the latest hurricane we may have to wait even longer. I choose to commence in my language and culture studies and continue the search for others that stand with the cause. Investing my time with possibilities of finding activities involving other Tainos of the Caribbean or even our closest relatives who from what I can tell are lokono speaking Arawak tribes and later on intergrated Navajo Nation

  3. I did not find my Tribe on your list. They still exist. I just cannot find an address for them. Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of America. I am a descendent of the Taíno Tribe. My grandmother, who died when my mother was a mere 10 years old was Taíno. My mom was raised by her father whom did not follow a Taíno lifestyle, neither did their other family after my grandmother passed away. No one in either side of the family will give me any information regarding our Tribe and who is still in the Tribe. How can I find information on my family Tribe without info from my family. I’m on my own on this one. My mother is 80 years old now and has dementia, so she cannot remember specifics from her deceased mother and father. She cannot remember their dates of birth nor death. So I’m really at a standstill. I have been trying with ancestry.com since 2016, and still at zero info. I get hints, but the hints do not apply to my family’s Tribe. I took the ancestry.com DNA test last week and mailed it. I don’t know how quick or slow they work to get DNA results to their clients. In the meantime, can anyone give me any tips, advice, anything on how to proceed and where to go being that I do not have the support of my family? Anything will be appreciated. Also, since I’m one to think of every possible scenario on earth, if by any chance the Tribe folded and theirs no one left in the family who is an active Tribe member, being that I’m a direct descendant of my grandmother, would I be able to claim my family’s Tribe and continue where the last family member took off? Would I be able to re-establish my family’s Tribe again if that were the case? If so, how? How does one direct descendent re-establish a debunked Tribe? What’s the process and how do I go about re-establishing our Tribe? Again, I think of every scenario. I’d like to think that they do still exist as my older sister suspects from overhearing other family members conversations. They won’t give us info, but my sister on occasion has overheard conversations, just not enough to give me something to go one. I hope someone here can help me. Thank you for your time. God bless you all.

  4. Michelle L. Cousino- Schwartfigure says:

    My Mother was full blooded Cherokee
    and she has passed way. How do I go about looking up her roll number that nobody in my family can seme to find?

  5. Hi. I am 1/4 Mohawk Native American. I have been trying to trace back my heritage. I was only able to get some information from the Canada Mohawk Tribe. Otherwise, they said that the churches were burned down and they can’t get anymore info. Can you help? Thank you, Alice

  6. I am 1/4 Mohawk Native American Indian. I have been through some past records, some in Canada and told the churches, where the proof is, have been burned down. Is there any other way to continue my search? Thank you.

  7. Donna Brown says:

    I am interested in joining a tribal group but do not know how to go about doing this….I am 1/4 Iroquois and would like to find a tribe to join. Thanks for any information.

  8. Donna Brown says:

    How come I do not see any Iroquois tribes listed.
    Just sayin………

  9. Suzanne Young says:

    How would I get registered at the government for being Indian? My mother never did it for us. I would love to do this to show my support and Heritage.

  10. georgette says:

    hi I just found out my moms father was native American . and don’t know what tribe or so dose that makes us kids 1/8 native American how does that goes.

  11. Tiffany says:

    My mother tells me that we have NA blood in our family tree. I would like to know which tribe I come from. What do I need to know to begin my search?

    Thank you

  12. Josephine says:

    The Shinnecock Indian Nation of Long Island, NY was officially federally recognized on October 1, 2010 having met all 7 criteria.

  13. romanrob51 says:

    I would like to know how I can find out what tribe my family is from? It is my dad’s side of the family. The only thing I was told was my grandfather’s name and that it was a tribe from upstate NY called the Redman.

  14. spirittmaker says:

    I heard there’s a library in Quebec Canada’s Hall of Record
    the Mormen’s kept records of the movement of the eastern tribes. My next stop
    hope this helps

  15. miriampena says:

    Does anyone knows of any tainos living in canada? if so, let me knoe im going to canada next week and i will like to attend/visit them. thanks

  16. spirittmaker says:

    If you notice that tribes that aren’t listed are the tribes US Military called trouble tribes so many aren’t considered Tribes… there are over 500 known tribes listed, an there are so many forgoten.
    I do have alot to say of this matter, it just upsets me so, how a goverement can HELP people overseas in finding clean water, farming and sending them money for solar power plants.
    Here in are own country there a tribe in mideast, that has been fighting for water rights on land owned by this Tribe for many many years, Land they were put on by this same goverments military and yet this same goverment not interested in finding a way to make it work for both sides.

    And yet it’s easy to forget the Native American People of this land of the free! I guess here it dosen’t apply.

    Keep us in Feathers an Rags, thruogh a few bucks on a blanket and that will make them HAPPY! SORRY ( !$#*&^%?! )

    Aho many friends we work/walk the path of our fore fathers we carry on the teachings of our culture to our childen and yet, We’re still call Savages! They write books about The Native American prople with no turth to back their findings, any body that spook the kings english can say they sat with Chief Joseph and clam they know all there is about the Nez Perce Tribe.

    Whats even funnier all the books ever written of the Tribes of this country have been wrote like they wrote there own history. ( lies ) To tell a falsehood?

    Sorry about my rambling

    • To Sprittmaker,

      Read the book “American Holocaust” Auth. Prof. Stannard and
      “1491” by Mann. You will read how bad it was and it still exist today. I am only part NA, yet on my first day in Kindergarten at age 5 in the Fall 1938, this is what happened.

      The teacher asked everyone “what are you?” I didn’t know, so I asked my mother, she said “Tell her American”

      The teachers asked me the next day, same question. I said American. She screamed at me until I got hysterical. I never went back until the first grade. Years later my mother would whisper to me “I think we are Indian”. It wasn’t until her passing that I got into Genealogy and found she was right. I even found written documents from the Dutch and English records from the 1600s. Still remember that day in class 73 years ago. I have a copy of Deed for 6000 acres of land on Long Island NY. It includes part of what is Huntington NY. Too bad I can’t get a 100 by 100 plot!

      • Linda Kohler says:

        this also includes the Paumanock and Poospatuck. i also am part Native American on my father’s mother’s side and since my grandmother’s passing my father has our paperwork (He lives in Florida and i now live in California. It is very hard to get or find information on a lot of the Long Island Indians, but the Shinnacock has officially been recognized by the U.S. government since 2010.

    • Sunil Gharbharan says:

      Dear Chief,

      Maybe the Great Spirit woke me one time, but i dont know.

      I want to help you Sir,
      I live in The Netherlands also known as Holland.It is a very small country in Europe.
      My name is Sunil Gharbharan. My race is Hindu.I was born in Surinam, South-America.
      Born on 16 april 1968. So being soon 50 years old, i decided to help people .
      I would like to meet you some day soon.
      I would like to meet you Sir and .
      Not to listen only to your true History but also to do something about it.
      What that will be i dont know. But at least i can open my heart.
      But i need some medicine man to heal my heart first.
      Could WE meet sometime..?please, Sir grant me an invitation.
      I was planning to visite the US this year for my holidays. I would like to attend a POWWOW
      festival. If there is anything i could do, i would. Cause nothing feels better than to help the

      In my country, i am also CHIEF. But different. I am different of all the people that you ever met
      in this world. Arent you curious by now? I also got stories to tell. So maybe WE can help each other.
      Hope to hear from you Sir.
      With Friendly Regards,
      Sunil Gharbharan

    • Don’t know. The Shinnecock have been recognized by NY and the last I heard were waiting for the final recognition from D.C. I understand they were approved by D.C. but the official notification was lacking. This info is about 8 mo old.

      BTW does anyone know a representative of the Matinecock on L.I. NY?

  17. Kent D. Whatley says:

    I didn’t find any listing of the RAMAPOUGH TRIBE why is this
    thought I would ask.

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