Medial Marijuana New Sponsor for Gathering of Nations – Good Fit?

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown July 11th, 2016 Last Updated on: July 12th, 2016

In a recent press release on PRNews, national medical cannabis provider Ultra Health announced they will be sponsoring the 34th Annual Gathering of Nations Powwow in 2017.


“The Gathering of Nations Powwow is a very spiritual and social celebration,” said Duke Rodriguez, CEO and President of Ultra Health. “At Ultra Health we believe such components are vital to well-being, and sponsoring the event was an obvious decision in light of the importance Native people have historically put on healing and natural medicine.”

KOAT Action News in Albuquerque took notice of the announcement and spoke with both Ultra Health and the Mathews family about this new relationship.

I've heard both positive and negative comments about the announcement. The positive is that there are people out there that legitimately need this type of medication to deal with their battles with glaucoma, cancer and other ailments. It's important for everyone to have access to the best healthcare available. This new sponsorship will also help get the word out about new business opportunities for the tribes in the area.

Ultra Health is committed to fostering positive relationships with Indian tribes. In 2016, Ultra Health broke ground with the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe to build two dispensaries and a major cultivation center on the Snow Mountain Reservation and near Downtown Las Vegas. Ultra Health is also in talks with tribes in a number of economic development projects in the cannabis industry including retailing, cultivation and cannabis event promotion.

Update – The name of the Pow Wow is still Gathering of Nations – there will be no change to the name for this sponsor.

Ultra Health - Gathering of Nations

So what do you guys think about the sponsorship?

Is it a good fit with Gathering of Nations and the Native community?

Is this selling out or is this the beginning of a fruitful relationship for all involved?

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Loyd Sidwell

Ultra Health, a national provider for the healthcare cannabis industry with operations and facilities in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, and retail dispensaries to commercial-scale cannabis production in New Mexico and Las Vegas, has become the title sponsor for the Gathering of Nations Pow wow for 2017.

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