New Eagle Feather Rules Coming – How Will You Be Affected?

Posted By Paul G July 10th, 2013 Last Updated on: November 1st, 2018

Changes are coming to how you can obtain eagle feathers.  New rules will go into affect this fall!

According to Indian Country:

Of the new proposed rules, major changes apply to American Indian prison inmates, who submit more than half of the applications for feathers, said Bernadette Atencio, Repository supervisor, who noted that changes in policy may “make more feathers available to non-incarcerated tribal members.”

The large number of inmate feather applications was a focal point for the new regulations, which would generally limit prisoners to one eagle order within their facility’s policy in order to halt constant re-orders. The FWS also plans to process feather replacement orders (not-reorders), generally received from prisoners with lengthy sentences with long-time use of the feathers.

The new set of rules will also change the procedures for requesting whole birds.  Approval by a tribal leader will be required.

Do you agree with these changes?

Will it affect you?

Will it make getting feathers quicker?

View Full Story – http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/07/04/new-rules-make-it-easier-natives-get-eagle-feathers-150243

Photo by Medicinehorse.

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Stephanie Cisneros

The link to the full article is broken. Can someone please provide a usable link for more information?


For those of us who have a permit for feathers we also have to keep strict records of who we give them to and why. I do not see any reason to deny our incarcerated brothers and sisters the right to their heritage if they are truly meaningful in their spiritual journey. I do know however that they may not be able to take proper care of their feathers through no fault of their own and for that reason other types of feathers may be a better choice. It is the thought behind the prayer not what you pray with that matters most. As for children having them on their powwow regailia I also think that “fake” eagle feathers would be a better choice as they do not know the proper care of their feathers at such a young age, and have not earned them as well.


Hello, I am the Nelly Woman (Grandmother) to a 1/2 Navajo Grandson who is 2 years old. I am very interested in finding out about any traditions that would involve his heritage. Should he have a feather and what are they used for and how would he earn one? Thank you for understanding my ignorance to the tribal ways I am learning and wanting to learn and keep his heritage and traditions alive in our home. Thank you.



There is an artist superiorregalia on facebook. They make some great looking imitation feathers.
They are real nice for Powwows and replaceable unlike Eagle feathers. Good for the kids too until they can earn Eagle feathers.


Where do i sign up or where can i get an application to get Eagle feathers? (for ceremonial purposes.)

neshoba cunningpig

I was awarded my eagle feathers for feats of honor I did for tribe, and for teaching traditional ways of life.

Christi Cox

Why in The Creators good Earth do we have to ask a white man permission for anything????????? The Creator decides who deserves a feather and who doesn’t.


where do we order eagle feathers from ?

Harlan Racine

I do not see where anyone in their right mind would believe that a tribal council person or any other designated individual would be fsir to the people it is well known fact the councils or so called leaders can not be trusted, The people will have nothing but they will have everything, it is just another governmental screwing for the people.


I do not think inmates should be able to have an Eagle Feather,they are incarcerated for whatever’and then they go to prison and become all native.if anything they should get one for not going to prison or for staying out!sad!

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