New Brunswick Native American Tribes

New Brunswick Native American Tribes

Posted By Paul G July 30th, 2011 Last Updated on: July 30th, 2011

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Buctouche First Nation
Address Buctouche Reserve NB E4S 4G2 Phone: (506) 743-2520
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Burnt Church First Nation
Address Burnt Church NB E2G 2A8 Phone: (506) 776-1200
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Eel Ground First Nation
Address Eel Ground NB E0K 1B0 Phone: (506) 627-4600
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Eel River Bar First Nation
Address Eel River Bar NB E8C 1A1 Phone: (506)684-6277
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Elsipogtog First Nation
Address Big Cove NB E4W 2S3 Phone: (506) 523-8200
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Fort Folly First Nation
Address Dorchester NB E4K 3V5 Phone: (506) 379-3400
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Indian Island First Nation
Address Rexton NB E0A 2L0 Phone: (506) 523-4875
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Kingsclear First Nation
Address Kingsclear First Nation NB E3E 1K3 Phone: (506) 363-3028
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Madawaska Maliseet First Nation
Address Madawaska Maliseet First Nation NB E7C 1W9 Phone: (506) 739-9765
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Metepenagiag Mi\'kmaq Nation
Address Red Bank NB E9E 2P2 Phone: (506) 836-6111
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Oromocto First Nation
Address Oromocto NB E2V 2J2 Phone: (506) 357-2083
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Pabineau First Nation
Address Panineau First Nation NB E2A 7M3 Phone: (506) 548-9211
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Saint Mary\'s First Nation
Address Fredericton NB E3A 2V2 Phone: (506) 458-9511
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3 thoughts on “New Brunswick Native American Tribes

  1. Rhonda says:

    Whomever is responsible for the update of information, you are missing some bands for New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Only a few are listed. Might want to update your records to include ALL the First Nation communities.

  2. Bobey says:

    I know i am a Mi’kMaq Indian, how do i go about finding which Mi’kMaq tribe i came from as i was told there is more than one. One tribe from the East coast and one tribe from around the North Dakota area.

  3. Roger Pelletier says:

    I am a little confused by a census I was looking at. It was rumored in our family that there was native ancestry in our family tree. Low and behold I found Solomon Pelletier my great grandfather listed as a native in Canadian Census. They lived in the Madawaska area. His older siblings were listed as French Catholic but he and his younger siblings were listed as native. Adoption was also rumored. Is there a DNA test to find out what tribe I have descended from?


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